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How Kelly Kelly Achieved a Net Worth of $ 4.5 Million

Kelly Kelly

Born on January 15, 1987, Kelly Kelly is one of the most celebrated WWE Divas. Other than being a WWE diva, she is a woman of many careers; she is an actress, a reality television personality as well as a model. It is her involvement in several careers including modeling and WWE wrestling that has helped her accumulate so much wealth.

Net Worth$4.5 Million
NameBarbara Jean Blank
BornJacksonville, Florida
Birth DateJanuary 15, 1987
Source of WealthAmerican Model, Actress, and Professional Wrestler
CountryUnited States

Her Early Career

Like any teenager out there her dream career graph started at high school. She was so much inclined towards sports and vigorous activities, unlike so many women. She pursued gymnastics for close to ten years and participated in many contests. Due to a neck injury, she diverted her energy to cheerleading as she could not continue with gymnastics.

After high school, Kelly Kelly attended Florida Community College at Jacksonville where she studied broadcast journalism with the hope of becoming a television anchor. This has helped her appear in several TV roles and appearances. According to Wikipedia, between the years 2007 and 2017 she has appeared in eight television series such as WAGS LA, The Price Is Right, Days of Our Lives and Soccer AM just to mention a few. In all these roles she has appeared as Kelly Kelly except for Days of our Lives where she made an appearance as a waitress with information. Her acting career was not on a full-time basis as she was involved as a wrestler as well. Since her face was not new to the screens as she was known to model before, she made a good click with her audience and they adored her throughout her career.

Acting and WWE Achievements

The acting appearances might have been few but they also contributed to the growth of her net worth a great deal. For example, in WAGS LA she was one of the lead actresses. As mentioned earlier, Kelly Kelly is a professional model. She was modeling for Hawaiian Tropic as well as Venus Fashion. According to Wealtholino, she accepted an offer from Maxim magazine to pose wearing a red triangular swimsuit which was revealing much skin but was professionally done. This might not have brought her to the height of her career, but it was the best stepping stone as it is at this juncture that she was discovered by a WWE top official and her career took an upturn.

She was recruited to Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky which is an independent wrestling promotion where she learned a lot on wrestling that came in hand in the molding of her career as a wrestler. She would not have made far without passion in wrestling but luck was on her side as she was a WWE fan since her childhood days. She has on many occasions been quoted saying that Stone Cold Steve Austin was her idol while growing up. The beginning of her career as a wrestler which as well marks the beginning of her stardom was in 2006 when she signed her first contract with WWE. At first, she started as a referee and announcer but later on got into wrestling.

Salary and Net Worth

Kelly Kelly’s career in wrestling has greatly contributed to her wealth. Wrestling alone pays her an annual salary of $30,000 up to date. To get to that figure it was not through magic; it took sweat and blood literally. The ups and downs were many but through it all, she made it a winner as we will dive through it match by match. Her first major match was on September 6th the same year where she participated in Women’s Battle Royal but unfortunately lost.

Her career in WWE was rocketed by her striptease which she did weekly famously known as Kelly’s Expose. She would dance and strip on the ring every other week till her then-boyfriend Mike would stop her. Knox became jealous and would drag Kelly with him to his matches making her his de facto valet. WWE Women’s Championship is the most lucrative title for women wrestlers. Kelly Kelly got her first shot at the title after a win in Battle Royale. She kept wrestling with no significant title on her name. After feuding for several months, her victory came in the form of Battle Royale again in the year 2009. This win made her the first contender for WWE Divas Championship.

For Kelly Kelly, more titles to her name meant more career growth and more net worth growth. It was not an easy task as she lost many matches but the good thing is that she never gave up. In 2010, she got transferred from Raw to Smackdown and on April 30th she won a tag team feud with Beth against Michelle McCool and Layla. The WWE audience loved Kelly Kelly such that even after losing the WWE Championship title against Brie Bella in Over the Limit they still voted her as the first contender for the shot at the title. Kelly scooped the title and still retained it after another match with Phoenix at Summer Slam. She did not live long as a champion as she lost it at Hell in a Cell match. She failed to regain her title in two matches the rematch and Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.

Her contract ended in 2012 and was not renewed. She put the reasons out as some injuries and the desire to concentrate on her modeling career. She made a comeback in WWE in 2017 but not as a wrestler but as an ambassador. According to Celebrity Worth, Kelly Kelly makes an average of $6,089.74 per week. She might not be the female wrestler with most titles as Trish Straus still holds that. She might as well not come anywhere close to top ten female wrestlers with the most titles but she is the richest female wrestler in WWE. Kelly Kelly’s net worth journey has been a growth from scratch. Modeling and acting might have contributed to her wealth accumulation but wrestling broke the back for. She is a self-made millionaire. And her net worth stands at $4.5 million. Even after a break of six years, she still ranks as the highest-paid female wrestler.

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