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How Trish Stratus Achieved a Net Worth of $3 Million

Trish Stratus

Fans of the lovely Trish Stratus and there are many, can tell you that she's known best for her body, but not the way you might think at first. Sure, she was a model, but only for fitness magazines. Most of her fame comes from her time as a professional wrestler. If you happen to be a Netflix fan too, then you've at least seen the ads for GLOW enough to know that women had a tough time fighting their way into the spotlight as wrestlers. Fortunately for women like Trish, those early spandex-clad women managed to make enough of a spectacle out of their skills to open up the field for all the amazingly athletic women who came after them.

Net Worth$3 Million
NamePatricia Anne Stratigeas
BornToronto, Ontario
Birth DateDecember 18, 1975
Source of WealthCanadian Fitness Master, Fitness Model, Professional Wrestler, Actress and Television Personality

The Story of Trish

The Canadian future fitness star and drop dead gorgeous diva Patricia Anne Stratigeas (Trish Stratus) was born in Canada, back in 1976. Some of you will already be rubbing your eyes and hunting for current pictures, but she really is in her mid-40s. By all accounts, not much out of the ordinary happened to her as a child. She grew up normally and was presumably happy with her sisters Christie and Melissa to play with. She played soccer and field hockey for fun. After high school, she went to York University to study kinesiology and biology. Clearly, health always mattered to her. Though she eventually earned her degree, it was here that her career in a very different end of the sports field would begin.

Paying the Bills

During a strike at the school, she picked up a job working at a gym. The gig wasn't tough. She was a receptionist. However, she must have done an outstanding job because she very shortly after that caught the eye of a publisher for MuscleMag International. They asked her to do a shoot as a fitness model, to which she agreed. By 1998 she'd signed a two-year contract and made the cover and her time as a fitness model was beginning to get her real attention from other sources.

Being Heard

Trish is notoriously good with people. She's known for her outstanding personality. For some fans, she's also remembered for her voice. Not long after she began modeling she was picked up by Toronto Sports Radio to work live on the air. She hosted a show known as Live Audio Wrestling. She wouldn't be there very long before the wider world of wrestling discovered her. It's no surprise that with her charisma and knowledge, she kept getting attention. People would have been looking at her anyway with striking good looks of her Polish-Greek background.

Wrestling With a New Career (Spoiler Alert)

Most of Trish's fans know her from her time wrestling for the WWF, which later became the WWE. She signed on in November of 1999, and on the March 19, episode of Sunday Night Heat the next year, she wrestled in her first match as a 'heel.' Moreover, she started out managing other 'heels,' as well. For those who don't know, a heel is a villain.

We hate to burst any bubbles, but the truth is that pro wrestling is (mostly) staged. People do interact physically, and they certainly can get hurt 'fighting,' but most matches are more choreography like a dance than brawling like a bar dust-up. Obviously, this means that the performers are acting out parts rather than living their lives under camera scrutiny.

Trish Stratus managed the storyline for T&A (Test and Albert) for a while. Later she also managed Val Venis. However, as herself, Trish quickly gained popularity. She was as good at being bad as she was at modeling, sportscasting and kinesiology/biology. In her time wrestling, she had many achievements and plotlines. Though at first, Trish did mostly romantic rile-up pieces. She feuded with famous wrestlers like Stephanie McMahon, Mickie James, Jazz, and Molly Holly.

Her most famed love-polt involved an affair with Vince McMahon, which certainly explains why she fought Stephanie McMahon, While it made for incredibly steamy screenplays, it was, like the rest of her career, just the role they wrote for her. It makes for great dramatic tension, and we know that telling believers that their favorite wrestling stars are all show is like telling kids about Santa. What we find most extraordinary is the believability of some characters like Trish.

The real game changer for her was during Wrestlemania X7 when she slapped the chairman on live TV. After that, the fans lost it for her, and she started winning.


In her incredible career, she won seven WWE Women’s Championships. Until last year she technically held the record for most wins. However, in 2018 Charlotte Flair tied her record. After her seventh win, she retired officially to focus on her business. She opened Canadas largest eco-friendly yoga gym The Stratosphere and won awards for that as well. In 2009 she got Top Choice's Best New Business Award, and again in 2013 Top Choice awarded her for Best Yoga Studio. As though she wasn't busy enough, Trish also served as the World Natural Sports Association spokesperson and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Final Thoughts

With all that fame and her own booming business, it's not hard to see where she made her millions. With a salary of around $200,000 a year from wrestling, Trish must be as good with money as she is with... everything else to have saved so much while still building her own business over the last decade. It's never easy for a businesswoman, but Trish found a fantastic road to parlay one skill into the next until she was finally able to go into the business she wanted for herself. If you ask us, that's her most significant win.

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