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How Natalie Neidhart Achieved a Net Worth of $5 Million

Natalie Neidhart

Natalie Neidhart is good at putting the smackdown as a WWE Diva, but she comes by her talent honestly. She's one of the beauties who knows her stuff when it comes to professional wrestling. Being born into a family of wrestlers means that it's something that is in her blood and she knows the ropes, so to speak, in the industry. She's had a successful career so far in WWE and we were interested in learning more about her. We discovered that she has built a net worth of $5 million so far, which isn't bad at all, but how did she manage to accumulate this small fortune? Was it from her involvement in WWE or does she dabble in other business ventures? It didn't take long to find out where the bulk of her estate was built as she's one of the more prolific Divas on the circuit.

Her early life

Natalie was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada on May 27, 1982. Her parents named her Natalie Katherine Neidhart. Her father Jim Neidhart is a retired professional wrestler, and her uncles are Bruce and Ross Hart, who are both brothers of her mother Elizabeth Hart. She had some pretty amazing role models for an aspiring WWE Diva around her when she was young and in her formative years. They would later serve as mentors when she entered the world of wrestling herself.

Her career

Natalie began wrestling under an international status as Canadian-American. She was born in Canada, but is a resident of the United States with her current home in Florida. She is married to professional wrestler Tyson Kidd. Natty was trained by Bruce Hart, Tokyo Joe, her husband Tyson Kidd and Clive Lewellin. She began her WWE Career in the early 2000s and competed in the 2007 Floria Championship Wrestling as well as the Ohio Valley Wrestling arenas. Her career received a big boost when she merged as the victor of the WWE Divas Championship in 2010. She was number four in ranking among the top female wrestlers in 2011 and won the Stampede Women's Pacific Championship on two separate occasions as well as winning the WWE Divas Championship once and the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship once. She spent over a decade of her life in the ring as a professional wrestler, where he has made a huge impact on younger female wrestlers. She was a third-generation wrestler and a member of the Hart family Dynasty in the industry. Natalie has multiple cousins who are active in the industry as well.

Building her fortune

Natalie began to see her net wealth grow as she toured in Japan and England. Her salary went up, hitting a high of $300,000 per year as of March 2018 after winning the Smackdown women's championship in 2017. She is the fourth highest-paid female wrestler of all the Divas on the roster. She doesn't bring in income from wrestling. She is married to Tyson Kidd, who's real name is TJ Wilson and he is a producer backstage for the WWE and he brings in a high annual salary, boosting their net worth as a couple who has been married since 2013. Natalie's husband is also a former professional wrestler from Canada. They were high school sweethearts and they have one son together.

Natalie has come a long way in her career, winning the SuperGirls Championship with Big Time Wrestling in 2006, then signing a contract joining WWE in 2007. Within a year she was put on the main roster and the rest is history. She was inducted into the Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2011 and she stands as a role model for Divas for follow behind her.

Other interesting facts about Natalie Niedhart

Natalie Neidhart-Wilson is an interesting Diva, raised in a family of pro wrestlers. Surrounded by the sport, it seems only natural that she would turn to this activity for her professional career. Aside from her professional side, she is a normal person like many of the rest of us. Her favorite foods are Fast foods, but she also enjoys Chinese and French cuisines. When it comes to her favorite actor, she's a fan of Rachel McAdams and Dan Aykroyd. She's a little more upscale when it comes to her favorite cars through. Her collection includes Ferarri and Audi models. She grabbed the affections of fans when she defeated Mandy Rose and has become friends with Nikki Bella. She has earned her place as one of the top four Div.

Final thoughts

Natalie Neidhart is an amazing woman who began her career in professional women's wrestling with some of the best in the industry as her trainers as well as her family members. She has proved her mettle in the ring and has taken the advice she's received and put it to good use. She and her husband are both staples in the WWE who established solid professional connections as well as friendships within the business. They both bring in a handsome salary and their estimated net worth as of July of 2019 stands at around $5 million. They've done well for themselves in the sport but they're a long way from being through. Neither of them has reached the age of 40 yet and they don't show any signs of slowing down. It will be interesting to check back and see how they're doing five years from now. Our best guess is that they're likely to double their current net wealth if everything continues on its current trajectory. It's fair to say that the bulk of her fortune has been made in the realm of professional wrestling.

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