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How Nina Dobrev Achieved a Net Worth of $11 Million

Nina Dobrev

Lupita Nyong’o said that every dream is valid. It is also said that being born poor is not your choice but dying poor is. These sayings have probably fueled Nina Dobrev’s success because, despite her humble background, she now sits on millions. Getting to be a millionaire was not an easy journey, and even if it is not much compared to what other actors have accumulated, it still is quite a significant sum. Let’s take a look at how the actresses net worth reached $11 million and if there are any chances of the amount increasing.

Getting a Footing in the Entertainment World

Nikolina Kamenova Dobreva, though some sources list her middle name as Konstantinova, is popularly known as Nina Dobrev, after she shortened her name to make it easy to remember. The actress was born in Bulgaria to Konstantin, a computer specialist, and Mihaela, an artist. She has an older brother, Alexander, and when she was two, the family moved to Toronto, Canada. The young Dobrev attended J.B Tyrell Senior Public School and Vradenburg Junior Public School. Her time at J.B Tyrell was mainly spent in ballet, gymnastic competition, jazz, art and acting classes.

Although her parents tried their best to give her a good life, it was still quite a challenge, and they had to work extra hard, she told Harper’s Bazaar that her family had to share a one-bedroom apartment with another family when they first moved to Canada. Dobrev’s friends would shop in high-end stores while she and her mother went to thrift stores. The actress would immerse herself in reading self-help books to help boost her hope for the future.

Luckily, her parents noticed the girl was talented in arts and sent her to Wexford Arts School. She excelled mainly in acting hence her decision to pursue an acting career. She even went to Dean Armstrong acting studios but maybe the fact that she was yet to get any serious roles pushed her to think of pursuing another career. According to Many Good Tips, Dobrev enrolled at the University of Ryerson, but once she began getting more roles, juggling between books and acting became difficult; thus she dropped out of college.

Modeling and Acting

Her beauty, grace and photogenic face facilitated her rise to becoming a model. She first became a commercial model, and the job pays well depending on the number of days worked and the agency. Usually, one can make $100 to $1,500 per day, which is quite a reasonable sum, especially for Dobrev, who was young back then without many responsibilities. The actress also got to be in two music videos, the most recent one being Drake’s “I’m Upset.” Random people can earn at least $200 for a 12-hour shoot, and dancers get $500 per day. Dobrev is no regular person, and neither is Drake, so her hourly rate must have been lucrative.

Her acting career is, however, what has facilitated her current net worth to be as high as it is. The role she must attribute her massive wealth to has to be Elena in “Vampire Diaries.” Dobrev auditioned for the role, and the audition went so badly that she was sure she would not book it. Dobrev and co-star, Ian, tanked their first auditions; she was so bad that none of the people who were auditioning her remembered her.

Luckily, she got a second chance after explaining that she was sick on that first day and would appreciate a second chance which she got and landed the role. Since 2009 to 2017, Dobrev played the character, making $40,000, though it seems at first she was making $30,000. The amount is relatively low considering that “Riverdale” actors reportedly get paid $200,000 yet “Vampire Diaries was a hit, and still is. With that paycheck, she accumulated almost $3 million for the eight years before deciding to focus on her film career.

Dobrev has been a guest star in certain television shows, and it has been worth her while. In 2011, a half-hour show would help an actor make $4,500 while an hour-long show paid $7,260. Since that was almost ten years ago, a lot must have changed for the better, and the amount that Dobrev has garnered should be substantial. Besides, she has starred in films and also as a regular character in certain television shows. Although she is not in the same class as Jim Parsons and Jerry Seinfeld who make $1 million for their respective series, Dobrev still earns good money.

Brand Ambassador

Dobrev is a celebrity in her own right with her Instagram account commanding over 21 million followers. As such, any brand looking to have a significant influence on the masses knows that the actress can reach a lot of people. Reebok certainly thought so when it made her the brand ambassador for the Les Mills. The actress has been a fitness enthusiast and bagging that role was well deserved. As published in Female First, Dobrev encouraged people to take up the Les Mills since they only last for 30 minutes and one gets a sense of accomplishment once done.

Her beautiful face also captured the attention of Dior that made her their brand ambassador. The partnership was announced in November 2019, and the actress could not hide her excitement saying she has always looked up to Dior for its elegance, class and timeless nature. The partnership is worth it, considering that other celebrities rake in millions for being brand ambassadors. For instance, Kylie Jenner became the Puma brand ambassador and was paid $1 million. Penelope Cruz got $2 million every year as L’Oreal’s spokesperson while Jessica Simpson made $2.5 million as Proactiv’s brand ambassador. For Nina Dobrev, the sky is the limit. Her beautiful face and popularity will get her more endorsement deals while her acting skills have already landed her more jobs with a few movies already in line to get her a lucrative paycheck.

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