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How Rosa Mendes Achieved a Net Worth of $3 Million

If you love wrestling, you must have come across the beautiful Rosa Mendes although most people do not know that her real name is Melina Leticia Roucka. Wrestling is a profession that had long been reserved for men, but women like Rosa have revolutionized our thinking into appreciating that what a man can do, a woman can also do and at times even better. Rosa Mendes net worth now stands at $3 million, and here is how she has managed to reach such a figure.


Parents will go to school breathing fire when they are called by the principal, informing them that their children were involved in a fight. The funny thing is that the children could be displaying their talent at such early an age. Although we cannot encourage them to keep fighting their classmates, maybe getting them into a karate class might help hone those skills and who knows it could be a start to their career. Rosa has become a popular female wrestler, and it all began in her days in school when she was once suspended for fighting. While other girls dressed themselves up in high heels and skimpy dresses, Rosa was comfortable being a tomboy. However, her love for wrestling never earned her a dime until years later when WWE signed her into a development contract. Although her contract gets her $220,000 per year for professional wrestling. Rosa did not get in the ring immediately. At first, she was a planted fan showing support for Beth Phoenix in November 2008, and maybe Rosa knew that the best way to be noticed is to take matters into her own hands. Therefore in the last week of December 2008, she pounced on Melina who was attacking Beth and pissed off Stephanie McMahon who banned Rosa from WWE Events. Rosa is not one to sit back and relax, so she attacked Melina again, and it is this show of being relentless that attracted Beth's boyfriend enough to hire Mendes as an intern. Rosa then became a wrestler and professional manager for fellow wrestlers.

WWE correspondent

The moment you become a parent, you will do anything to protect your child, and even if they are just a fetus or embryo, they still are part of you. Rosa announced to the world that she was expecting a baby on August 6, 2015, and of course, since wrestling would be impossible in that condition, she became a correspondent for Smackdown. According to Glassdoor, a WWE correspondent can earn anywhere from $69 grand to $75 grand. Rosa began working as a correspondent from October 2015 and retired from WWE on February 13, 2017, a year after giving birth to her daughter. Once you have tasted success and the hype that comes with it, especially when you reach celebrity status, then leaving it all behind becomes a hard decision and it seems like Rosa already regretted retiring. After one year of being out of the ring, Rosa realized she might have jumped into the retirement phase too soon and seeing her father in his deathbed made her wish to live her life with no regrets. Consequently, since she has always loved being in WWE but had never gotten the chance to be in the championship, Rosa announced she would be returning to the ring. It will translate to a hike in her net worth when signs another lucrative contract instead of relying on being independent; guaranteed money at the end of the year will not hurt her a bank account.


If there is one thing that could have become a motto for the entire nation because of how frequently parents kept repeating it, it has to be "education is the key to success." So often did we hear it that we believed unless you set your foot in a classroom, chances of ever making it in life were slim if any. Fortunately, some people are not made to follow the crowd, so they chart their path and help us see that there is more to life than books. Rosa must have listened to the advice about getting an education because she enrolled in the University of Columbia ready to study a degree in business. However, she realized that her passion was somewhere else, so she dropped out to pursue a career in modeling. She went on to win many competitions and even made history by becoming the first North American to win a major Latin America modeling contest dubbed "Piel Dorada," in 2004. "Piel Dorada" is Spanish meaning "Golden Skin" which Rosa has the finest of undoubtedly. Although the much a model makes depends on the experience, according to Recruiter the amount ranges between $32,000 and $48,000.


Rosa is a woman of many talents, and she knows how to use her gifts to the benefit of her bank account. She has acted in several commercials, and commercial actors make more than any other type of actor in their hourly wages with the most successful earning millions per year. It is safe to say Rosa is not a rookie in the profession, so her paycheck has to speak to that fact. Additionally, Rosa is among the female professional wrestlers who have been cast in "Total Divas," a reality TV show. Although we are not sure how much each cast members gets from each episode of the show, Diva Dirt revealed that WWE increased its revenue by 23% all because of the reality television show as well as its spin-off "Total Bellas." If at all the women are raking in such figures for WWE, we have to assume that they are being rewarded handsomely for their efforts. Rosa put her talents to use again by being featured in a video game by WWE named "Need for Speed: Most wanted" where she portrays Isabel Diaz. The video game is about racing to outrun cops and become the best by defeating your finds and Isabel is the 12th racer on the Blacklist who keeps her circle small. Voice actors in video games make at least $800 per day depending on the size of the project, therefore, Rosa must have made a fortune being that WWE already knew she could deliver and it was more than just lending their her voice to the game.

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