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How Stacy Keibler Achieved a Net worth of $4.5 Million

Stacy Keibler WWE

Stacy Keibler is a retired professional wrestler who has also worked as a dancer, model, cheerleader, and actress. She is best known for her work with World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment. As a result of a professional career in wrestling, she now has an estimated net worth of $4.5 million. So how did Stacy Keibler get so rich? Kebler was born in Maryland on October 14, 1979. As a child, she was a keen dancer and she won Miss Maryland Pre-Teen in 1990. After leaving school, she studied mass communication at Towson University, and she was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens football team.

Net Worth$4.5 Million
NameStacy Ann-Marie Keibler
BornRosedale, Maryland
Birth DateOctober 14, 1979
Source of WealthAmerican Actress, Dancer and Model
CountryUnited States

Her Career

Kebler took a rather unusual route into the world of professional wrestling. She enjoyed watching wrestling on the television with her then-boyfriend and entered a competition by World Championship Wrestling to find new Nitro Girls in 1999. Although 300 women entered the contest, Stacy Keibler won a place in the dance troupe after receiving the most votes online of all the eight finalists. Not only did she win a place in the troupe, but she also won prize money of $10,000. Not long after becoming part of the troupe, she was promoted to the position of valet and was given the stage name Miss Hancock. She became known for her sexy business suits and her seductive dancing. She was also known for her trademark move, which involved sliding her legs into the ring to give a glimpse of her panties.

She made her in-ring debut in 2000 at the Bash at the Beach. At the beginning of her career, she had a brief feud with Kimberley Page but this ended when Page quit. Keibler also began an off-screen relationship with David Flair and this led to an on-screen storyline involving the couple. She was next involved in a feud with the Misfits. During a match against Major Gunns, Keibler was kicked in the stomach and then revealed that she was expecting a baby. WCW tried to write new storylines for her and Flair to accommodate her pregnancy. She then said it was a false pregnancy which led to her relationship with Flair ending and her being taken off television. She returned to screen the following year using her own name.

Her New Life

Between 2001 and 2002, Keibler became known as the Duchess of Dudleyville and she was in an on-screen feud with Torrie Wilson. Keibler lost her first lingerie match against her opponent. She then made her debut with WrestleMania X8 with The Dudleyz, but the relationship with them was short-lived as she cost them a match and they powerbombed her through a table. Next, she faced Trish Status at the WWE Women’s Championship but lost. In the weeks following, she made repeated attempts to defeat Stratus but lost every time. Keibler moved to the SmackDown! Brand in 2002, and was involved in various feuds and on-screen relationships. In the same year, she moved to Raw and remained there until 2003. She was paired with her real-life boyfriend for her main storyline during that period.

Her career with WWE took a slightly different turn during 2003 because she recorded the song ‘Why Can’t We Just Dance?’ for the WWE Originals album. Between 2003 and 2005, she was involved in many of the best storylines and she often played the villain. By 2006, Keibler had decided to take her career in a different direction and announced her retirement from professional wrestling in July of that year. However, since leaving WWE she has since made sporadic appearances. In 2011, she made a special guest appearance on ‘Tough Enough’, the WWE reality series. Her role was to help contestants prepare for a performance. She was chosen because of her cheerleading experience. Keibler then made a surprise appearance in 2019 to induct Torrie Wilson to the WWE Hall of Fame. This is an honor that Keibler herself has not achieved.

Her Net Worth

Stacy Keibler now has a net worth of $4.5 million, although there are some estimates that her net worth is even higher than this. She has made most of her fortune from her work as a professional wrestler. However, this has not been her only source of income. Some of her fortune comes from her work as a dancer, model, and actress prior to becoming a wrestler. After leaving university, she had worked as the fitness editor for a magazine called ‘Stuff’. As part of her role, she wrote her own column for which she also modeled, and she appeared on the cover of the magazine on two occasions. She has also appeared in Maxim magazine on several occasions and has often ranked in high positions on their Hot List. She has refused to pose for Playboy twice. However, she has posed for a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

Kiebler’s first television appearance was in a commercial for AT&T, in which she appeared alongside Carrot Top. The young actress also successfully auditioned for a part in ‘Big Momma’s House 2’, but her scenes were cut. During her wrestling career, she was a contestant on season two of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and finished in the third position with her pro partner Tony Dovolani. On two occasion, she has appeared in the MTV prank series ‘Punk’d’. Keibler has had a recurring role playing Brian’s love interest in ‘What About Brian’. Her other television appearances include ‘The Comebacks’, ‘October Road’, ‘Bubble Boy’, ‘Pecker’, ‘Psych’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, and ‘Supermarket Superstar’. In her personal life, Stacy Keibler started dating Jared Pobre in 2013 and they married in Mexico on March 8, 2014. Pobre is the CEO of Future Ads. The couple has a daughter, Ava Grace, who was born in 2014. They also have a son, Bodhi Brooks who was born in 2018.

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