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How Eva Marie Achieved a Net Worth of $2.5 Million

If you love WWE, you must adore Eva Marie. She is one of the most successful WWE wrestlers, and she is widely loved due to her achievements in the ring. Besides her achievements, Eva has an impeccable character that attracts many. The Ex-wrestler turned actress may not be among the wealthiest women in America, but she has managed to gather significant wealth for herself. Through her wrestling career, Eva enjoyed a good pay contributing to her personal wealth. She also enjoyed public attention which gave her the chance to earn from endorsement deals. Eva is currently an actress, a fashion designer, and a fitness model. With a net worth of $2.5 million, the ex WWE wrestler has done pretty well for herself. But how exactly did she achieve her net worth?

Eva Marie Career, WWE

It is no secret that Eva has enjoyed a successful WWE career. Most of her money and wealth must have come from her WWE career. Although no one can tell for sure, her career was well-paying and she enjoyed a lot of endorsement deals at the prime of her career. Eva becoming a wrestling star is something she did not dream about or wish for. For her, it was a matter of luck as she happened to stumble upon a casting call for WWE and decide to take the opportunity. Eva was passionate about TV and had hoped to be a movie star in the future. Her auditions for the WWE role turned out well and the young girl decided to take on the opportunity. She was given a chance for a four-week try-out, and she turned out to be the perfect match for the job. However, it was not an easy journey as you may think. Being found fit for WWE did not give her a straight chance to start wrestling. Eva was required to sign a developmental deal which required her to acquire more training. She was sent to Florida for training at the WWE performance center before she officially joined WWE in 2013.

The Diva Eva Marie

On joining WWE, Eva was drafted into her trademark bright red hair. She was set up to feature in the Total Diva group, which was a new group at the time. The show was designed to look into the personal lives of some WWE divas. It was this show that caught public attention through airing behind the scenes footage. When Eva made her first step to the ring, it was clear that she was destined for more. Forget about her wrestling prowess, the wrestling queen was oozing with confidence. As a WWE wrestler, character plays an important role. Eva understood that she had to be at her best game if she wanted to earn some respect. On her debut, Eva defeated a wrestling star Naomi; this made her a darling to many. She was given a chance to feature in six women teams. One of the matches turned dramatic, with Eva causing an upset and eventually beating the most feared WWE woman at the time- Tamina Anuka. It was clear that Eva had made a mark and many WWE fans wanted to be on her side.

To gain more popularity, Eva learned the art of creating dramatic scenes in her fights. As a member of the Total Divas, Eva seemed to enjoy creating Feuds with other groups such as True Divas. In late 2013, the Total Divas managed to defeat their nemesis, True Divas. Eva took a short break from wrestling before returning with a bang. On her comeback night, Eva defeated Alicia Fox, one of the most celebrated WWE fighters. This was her first singles match. It saw her popularity rise, and she started featuring in many WWE matches. The big break in her WWE career came when she got the chance to feature on the WWE NXT. Eva had talked for long about featuring on NXT before she finally got the chance to make her debut. She wrestled against Cassie and walked away with the victory.

To top up her victories, Eva started a feud with the respected WWE fighter, Carmella. The feud eventually led to a widely watched ring fight which Eva won. She had established herself among the best WWE fighters. She became a feared fighter and continued to win more fights against the big names. Her popularity ensured that she always had a match to fight. This continuous feature on top WWE fights gave her the opportunity to earn huge commissions from fights. For 5 years, Eva enjoyed showing up at the ring and taking on some of the toughest fighters. In 2017, Eva announced her retirement from WWE.

Eva's Acting Career

Besides her success in the fighting field, Eva has also been featured in various films. Even before she announced her retirement from WWE, Eva had already appeared in several movies. She played a major role in "Inconceivable" and has since then continued to pursue an acting career. She is now pursuing her modeling and fitness careers too.

Eva Marie Net Worth

Eva Marie has managed to accumulate a net worth of $2.5 million through her career. Although she only had a salary of $250, 000 per year during her 5 years career. Eva also enjoyed a lot of endorsements from top fitness magazines. In August 2014, she got married to her current husband Coyle Jonathan. Although Coyle has his wealth, little is known about his net worth. However, it is believed that their marriage gave Eva the freedom to save and invest more.

Bottom Line

Besides enjoying a long WWE career, Eva Marie also enjoys modeling and fashion design. She has already featured in several movies and her acting career is picking up. Through her career at WWE, acting, modeling, and endorsements, Eva has managed to accumulate a net worth of $2.5 million. Thanks to her popularity, Eva will probably enjoy her new acting career and take over the fashion world.

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