The 10 Richest Male Models in the World

Tyson Beckford

Beauty, they say, is skin deep, yet some people have carved careers based solely on their looks. Although the wealthiest models in the world are mainly women, men too have embraced modeling; hence we shall take a look at the ten richest male models in the world. Most dabble in acting thanks to their attractive features, while others have become Instagram influencers. Still, their efforts would not mean anything if they were not well rewarded, so let’s rank the wealthiest based on their net worth.

10. Noah Mills Net Worth – $1 Million

You might have seen him on “The Enemy Within” or on “The Brave”, and his good looks have landed him far more than acting gigs. He is among the top male models worldwide, and as he told The Glass Magazine, Mills was discovered while in Canada. Life was not going well; he worked at Best Buy and tried to get enough credits to study psychology. Thankfully, he was scouted, and the first job paid him so handsomely that he knew he wanted to become a model.

9. Lucky Blue Smith Net Worth – $1 Million

Smith attended his first fashion week at the age of 16 but was not nervous about being in the presence of already established models. By then, he had appeared in a Gap campaign three years earlier and was in “Ellen DeGeneres Show;” a moment he still regards as the highlight of his career. The model has discovered the benefits of maintaining a social media presence and says it is the most important thing for an aspiring or established model because it has replaced the traditional portfolio.

8. Ryan Burns Net Worth – $1.5 Million

There’s no love like that of a mother, and this model could not thank his mother enough for helping him discover his modeling talent. Burns disclosed to Daman that he was scouted by his mother when he was 17. She took him to Ford Models, and since then, he has appeared in adverts by H&M, Massimo Dutti and Hugo Boss. He also was named the new face of Uomo, Ermenegildo Zegna’s fragrance, in 2013.

7. Johannes Huebl Net Worth – $2 Million

Huebl grew up in Germany and was constantly reminded that fashion is superficial. Still, he entered a modeling contest while in boarding school. He was excited after winning a contract with a reputable modeling agency and got addicted to fashion. Therefore, after mandatory military service, he returned to modeling in college but was afraid to tell his parents that he had fallen in love with the fashion industry. Consequently, he juggled studying with modeling and graduated at 26, but by then, he was an international model

6. Tobias Sorensen Net Worth – $3 Million

Sorensen was 18 and working in a clothes store when he was discovered. One of the customers asked if Sorensen was interested in becoming a model. It took the teenager by surprise because he was conscious of his facial scars, but still, the customer, who happened to be a modeling agent, left his card, and a few weeks later, Sorensen was in Paris for his first runway show. Ironically, when the model was 14, he had tried his luck as a model but got turned down by every agency he approached because of his scars.

5. Sean O’Pry Net Worth – $8 Million

In 2013, Forbes, named O’Pry the most successful model in the world after he raked in $1.5 million in that year alone. The model was discovered when he was 17 by renowned fashion stylist NolĂ© Marin. However, if O’Pry had followed his dream, he would have become a professional athlete; he loves sports so much that whenever soccer takes a break, he gets depressed. All the same, he might have still become rich from playing football, seeing the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo are reaping millions from the sport.

4. Simon Nessman Net Worth – $10 Million

Forbes listed Nessman as the world’s third-highest paid male model in 2013 when he earned $1.1 million, quite an impressive amount for someone who never planned on becoming a model. According to National Post, he planned to become a professional surfer after high school. However, things did not turn out as he had hoped because his friend’s sister saw potential in him as a model. Therefore, when Nessman was a senior, she asked him if he could send some of his headshots to a talent scout for Calgary’s Mode Models International. The model ended up in New York a few weeks later and is now one of the richest in the industry.

3. David Gandy Net Worth – $20 Million

Gandy grew up in Essex, where his parents had to work extra hard to put food on the table. He never got an allowance because they could not afford it, so he had to work for it. His fortune changed in 2001 when his friend entered Gandy in a modeling contest without his knowledge. Gandy won, and part of the prize was a contract with Select Model Management. His break out moment was in 2007 when he did a Dolce & Gabbana commercial for Light Blue Fragrance, and until today, he has been the face of that fragrance.

2. Tyson Beckford Net Worth – $23 million

Beckford was bullied in school because of his features; he was a late bloomer, so by the time he was a teenager, he looked like he was 6. The model wanted to become an actor, so he moved from Jamaica to New York to work on his acting career. He then got into modeling, which took over acting and today, he is proud of his success, saying it is the best revenge against the bullies.

1. Jon Kortajarena Net Worth – $82 Million

Kortajarena hoped to become an actor one day, although he did not know how it would happen. Due to financial challenges, he could not relocate to Madrid. In 2003 while vacationing in Barcelona, he accompanied his friend to a fashion show, and a booker spotted Kortajarena. The booker convinced the model to try modeling, and Kortajarena debuted in a Fashion show for Roberto Verino in Madrid. Still, he got to fulfill his wish by acting in “A Single Man” alongside Colin Firth, who complimented the model on his incredible face.

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