How Robin Givens Achieved a Net Worth of $2 Million

Robin Givens is a model and actress who began her career in 1978. She is probably best known for playing Darlene Merriman in ‘Head of the Class,’ although she has appeared in multiple other television series and films. Given is also known for being the ex-wife of boxer Mike Tyson. Due to the success of her career, Robin Givens’ net worth is estimated at $2 million, and here is how she became so rich.

Robin Givens’ Early Life

Givens was born in New York City on November 27, 1964. As a teen, Given occasionally worked as an actress and a model. Some of her modeling jobs included appearing in magazines such as Mademoiselle and Seventeen. As a teen actress, she had cameo roles in films including ‘The Wiz’ and ‘Fort Apache: The Bronx.’ At school, Givens excelled academically, and she enrolled at the Sarah Lawrence College at the age of just 15, which meant she was one of the youngest students at the college at that time. She graduated with a pre-medical major in 1984 when she was 19. While at college, Givens continued to model and act, including appearances in daytime dramas.

Her Career During the 1980s and 1990s

Although she had small roles in television throughout the early 80s, Givens got her break when she went for an audition for a guest spot on The Cosby Show in 1984. Not only did Givens land the part, but she was also offered the support of Bill Cosby, who became her mentor. He suggested that she drop out of school for two years to give acting a shot and that if she was unsuccessful after two years, he would pay for her tuition fees to attend medical school.

Fortunately, Givens continued to land roles throughout the latter half of the 1980s. Just a year after appearing on The Cosby Show,’ she appeared in both the television series ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ and the TV film ‘Beverley Hills Madam.’ Later in 1986, she landed the part of Darlene Merriman in the ABC sitcom’ Head of the Class’. It is a role she played for five seasons until the series ended in 1981, and it is possibly the role for which she is still best known. While appearing in this series, Givens also appeared alongside Oprah Winfrey in ‘The Women of Brewster Place.’ Givens’ first significant role of the 1990s was in the 1992 romantic comedy film’ Boomerang.’ She continued with her modeling work and posed nude for Playboy in 1994. Two years later, she had a role in ‘The Face,’ which was a television movie starring Yasmine Bleeth. Between 1996 and 1998, Givens co-starred in the sitcom ‘Sparks.’

Her Career Since 2000

Givens began her career in the new millennium with a cameo role in the music video for Toni Braxton’s single ‘He Wasn’t Man Enough.’ In a change to her previous television career path, she also hosted the talk show ‘Forgive or Forget’ in 2000. She replaced TV personality Mother Love, and initially, the ratings were boosted. However, they soon dropped lower than previous figures, leading to the cancellation of the talk show. She then took a six-year hiatus from the entertainment industry, returning in 2006 in ‘Saints and Sinners.’ Unfortunately, it was not the big come-back Givens had hoped for, as the series was a flop and was quickly canceled. Over the following year, she made appearances on ‘Praise the Lord’ and landed roles in television movies. She also released her autobiography, ‘Grace Will Lead Me Home.’

Givens had not appeared in any feature films for several years, but she made her return to this element of the entertainment industry in the 2008 film ‘The Family That Preys.’ At the same time, Givens had a recurring role in ‘Tyler Perry’s House of Payne’ and was playing a fictionalized version of herself in ‘The Game.’ Around this time, Givens began to diversify her career options, including appearing on stage rather than on television or in film. Her first stage role was appearing in an off-Broadway production of ‘The Vagina Monologues’ in 2001. In 2006, she played Roxie in ‘Chicago,’ and a year later, she toured the United States performing in ‘Men, Money & Goldiggers.’ Most recently, Givens’ career has returned to television performances. She appeared in three episodes of ‘Chuck’ in 2011. Her most recent role was starring in a section of the anthology romance horror film ‘Fear Files.’

Robin Givens’ Net Worth

According to Latest Celeb Net Worth, Robin Givens’ net worth is $2 million. She has predominantly made her money through her work as an actress, although she has also made money through modeling. Givens has also made money from releasing her autobiography. She is still active in her career, so Givens has the potential to continue making money and to increase her net worth.

Her Personal Life

During the 1980s, Robin Givens dated several high-profile people. First, she dated Eddie Murphy for a year in the early 1980s when she was just 16, and she then dated basketball player Michael Jordan from 1986 until January 1987. Later in 1987, Givens met boxer Mike Tyson, and the couple married in February the following year. During their turbulent marriage, Givens suffered a miscarriage. Givens filed for divorce in October 1988, and then a legal battle between the two ensued. The divorce was finalized in February 1989. Following the end of her marriage, Givens briefly dated Brad Pitt. Givens became a mother for the first time in 1993 when she adopted her son Michael ‘Buddy’ Givens. Four years later, she married Svetozar Marinkovic, her tennis instructor. However, the marriage ended after just a few months, although the divorce was not finalized until 2002. In 1999, Givens gave birth to a son, William ‘Billy’ Jensen. His father is Givens’ ex-boyfriend, tennis player Murphy Jensen. A year later, Givens was in a brief relationship with radio presenter Howard Stern.

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