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How Jamie Lee Curtis Achieved a Net Worth of $60 Million

Jamie Lee Curtis

We've all seen Jamie Lee Curtis in one blockbuster or another, her time on the big screen beginning in the late 1970s.

She has been a household name for so many decades and her time working in the industry has allowed her to generate a significant net worth of $60 million dollars currently.

Below are the different ways that she has generated and maintained that net worth as her career progressed over the years.

American Actress

Her breakout role in Hollywood was in "Halloween" when she helped build the horror movie craze that would span decades. Over the years, she continued to take on several of these roles before branching out into other types of roles.

Oddly enough, the movie that initiated her career only paid her $8,000 for that role and she was allowed a $200 stipend to purchase costumes.

When later sequels of that Halloween movie were released, Jamie Lee Curtis reported earned several million for each role she played which is a significant jump from the modest salary in the late 1970s.

Throughout the 180s and 1990s, Jamie Lee Curtis took on roles in movies like "My Girl" and "Freaky Friday" that would give her a salary of nearly a million dollars each.

As she continued to grow as an actress and become more popular, she started to receive higher salaries to match her talent. In addition to movies, she has also held television roles that gave her a substantial salary for several years.

She has also worked recently on a few television shows in the last decade, allowing her to bring in a substantial income over time and maintain her presence in Hollywood.

Guest Roles

Guest roles on shows like NCIS allowed her to bring in a high salary of $40,000 an episode, which is more than she earned in some of her first television roles decades ago.

Jamie Lee Curtis is an actress that takes on roles she is passionate about and has a deep connection with. She has actually turned out high paying roles in the past because of her own values and lack of interest in playing those roles.

In 2018, Jamie Lee Curtis took on her latest role as Laurie Strode when they did a reboot of Halloween. It generated so much success that Jamie Lee Curtis salary for this money far surpassed any of her other roles in the movie series.

This movie became the most successful of the group and earned over $250 million just in theaters. Jamie Lee Curtis also broke several records with this, being the highest-earning actress over 55 for her role.

Her salary was estimated to be around $40 million for that role with the base salary and box office earnings. This role generated significantly to her overall net worth.

Children's Book Author

In addition to being a well-known actress, Jamie Lee Curtis is also a children's book author, something she is truly passionate about. To date, she has authored 13 books and they stem around positive stories for small children to enjoy and help with their reading skills as they progress through school.

While it is expected she has earned nearly $5 million dollars in sales from these books, they have had a significant contribution to Jamie Lee Curtis net worth overall.

She released her first children's book in the early 1990s and has been releasing them periodically since then.

In addition to writing children's books, Jamie Lee Curtis has generated a salary as an author for the Huffington Post blog, where she covers a variety of different topics and reaches readers who subscribe to the blog. Much of your content surrounds children, their needs, and the protection that is required.

S he does not write with them full-time, but she does generate earnings from her readers and writes enough to keep herself an active contributor to the blog.


In addition to writing and acting, Jamie Lee Curtis has also supplemented her net worth with several diaper inventions that were meant to improve the lives of moms everywhere when trying to transport their babies and ensure they have all the items they need.

One of these inventions is still opened by Jamie Lee Curtis and has had a small contribution to her net worth. One of her inventions is still being held and could potentially add to her net worth once it is picked up and goes into production.

Real Estate

Over the years, Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband have owned several properties that add to their net worth.

After purchasing a $2.2 million dollar property that is adjacent to their own home, it is expected that they will eventually blend the two properties and build a larger estate than the $4.5 million dollar mansion that they currently reside in.

Their current Santa Monica home was purchased over twenty years ago and they have been one of the few couples in the area to stay in their home without making significant moves.

In addition to their home, Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband have made significant real estate investments over the years, looking for ways to grow their wealth in the real estate industry.

They do own additional California properties that average a value of just under $10 million and are shared assets.

Art and Photography

When you are discussing all of Jamie Lee Curtis' belongings and net worth, considering her ample art and photography collection is important.

She has always advocated that she loves art and has invested in photography from Southern California photographers over the years. It is estimated that her current art and photography collection found throughout her home and properties span several million dollars in value.

She has also taken her passion for photography and extensive knowledge to use when judging these competitions on television.

Moving Forward

With the amount of money that Jamie Lee Curtis has generated over the years, her significant net worth has allowed her to live a comfortable lifestyle in Hollywood. It should be noted that she is more conservative when making a grand comparison.

What she has done over the years is make sure to give back to charity as she makes her money and she has also been smart with her investments, choosing to spend her money on renovating her home, investing in quality art and real estate over the years.

It is expected that Jamie Lee Curtis will continue to generate a significant amount of wealth over the next decade, as she is in great health and shows no signs of slowing down in her personal ventures and with acting.

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