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How Sophia Bush Achieved a Net Worth of $11 Million

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush is an actress, director, producer, and activist who began her career in 2002. She is best known for playing Brooke Davis in ‘One Tree Hill’ and Erin Lindsay in the NBC police drama series ‘Chicago P.D.’ The actress has also enjoyed s successful film career. Due to her continued success in television and film, she is now a wealthy woman. Here is a look at how Sophia Bush achieved an estimated net worth of $11 million.

Bush’s Early Life

Sophia Bush was born in Pasadena, California, on July 8, 1982. While she was a student at Westridge High School for Girls, she was passionate about volleyball and a member of the school’s team. One of the compulsory requirements of the school was that students must take part in a production. Initially, Bush was annoyed as she felt it took her free time away when she could have been playing volleyball. However, she enjoyed the experience of performing, and it triggered a desire to pursue an acting career.

Sophia Bush’s Films

Bush began her career in 2002 when she appeared in the film ‘National Lampoon’s Van Wilder.’ In the same year, Bush was cast in the role of Kate Brewster in ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.’ However, the director decided to replace her with Claire Danes as he felt Bush was too young for the role, although he praised her acting. The actress then focused on her television career and did not appear in a film again until 2006, when she co-starred in the comedy film ‘John Tucker Must Die.’ In the same year, she starred in the supernatural thriller ‘Stay Alive.’ A year later, Sophia Bush played Grace Andrews in a remake of the horror movie ‘The Hitcher.’ Her next film tole was playing Kathy Popovich in the 2008 independent film ‘The Narrows,’ which is based on the Tim McLoughlin novel ‘Heart of the Old Country.’ Next, Bush co-starred in the 2011 romantic comedy film ‘Chalet Girl.’ Later that year, she appeared in the short film ’Mob Wives,’ then reprised her role a year later for ‘Mob Wives 2: The Christening.’ Bush’s other films include ‘Marshall,’ ‘Acts of Violence,’ ‘Hard Luck Love Song,’ and False Positive.’ She also provided the voice for Karen/ Voyd in the 2018 animation ‘Incredibles 2.’

Her Television Career

After a small role in a film, Sophia Bush’s early career predominantly involved minor television roles. Some of the early series in which she appeared included ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ and Nip/ Tuck.’ She was also in the HBO television film ‘Point of Origin.’ Bush’s break in television came in 2003 when she landed the role of Brooke Davis in ‘One Tree Hill’. She played this role until 2012 and appeared in 186 episodes. When ‘One Tree Hill’ ended, Sophia Bush played Ali Landow in ‘Partners’ until 2013. Next, Bush landed the role of Detective Erin Lindsay in ‘Chicago Fire,’ which she played until 2017. It led to her playing the same role in ‘Chicago P.D.’ from 2014 and 2017 and also meant she appeared in several episodes of the other spin-off series, ‘Chicago Med.’ Most recently, Bush has played the role of Veronica in ‘Love, Victor’ between 2020 and 2021. It has also been confirmed that Sophia Bush will play the lead role of Sam Griffith in the upcoming series ‘Good Sam.’

Her Work as a Director and Producer

Along with appearing in front of the camera, Sophia Bush has also worked as a director and producer. She directed three episodes of ‘One Tree Hill’ between 2009 and 2012. She was an executive producer for the documentary films ‘The Thousand-Year Journey’ and ‘A Girl Named C,’ and the documentary television series ‘Mother Truckers.’ In 2019, Sophia Bush was the producer for ‘Surveillance,’ an unsold CBS pilot.

Other Ventures

In addition to her work in film and television, Sophia Bush has also hosted several podcasts. Her first was ‘And Especially You,’ which she hosted in 2019. In the same year, she began presenting the ongoing podcast ‘Work in Progress,’ for which she is also a producer. In 2020, Bush narrated the ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ podcast.’ Most recently, Sophia Bush began co-hosting ‘Drama Queens’ in 2021. In 2013, Bush appeared in the music video for Passion Pit’s single ‘Carried Away.’ The actress also had a voice role in the 2018 video game ‘Lego The Incredibles,’ providing the voice of Karen/ Voyd.’ Due to her fame, many brands have used Sophia Bush to endorse their products. Some of these include Ocean Pacific, Kmart, Cingular Wireless, MasterCard, and Chevy Cobalt. Furthermore, the actress has appeared on the cover of magazines including Zooey Magazine, InStyle, Lucky, Glamour, Maxim, and Entertainment Weekly.

Sophia Bush’s Net Worth

The continued success of Bush’s career means she has become a wealthy woman. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sophia Bush’s net worth is $11 million. She has made most of her money as an actress. However, she has also made money as a director and producer.

Her Personal Life

Sophia Bush began dating Chad Michael Murray, her One Tree Hill co-star, in 2004, and they married a year later. Unfortunately, the marriage was short-lived, and they separated just five months later. The following year, Bush applied for an annulment on the grounds of fraud, but the annulment was denied, and a divorce was granted. After her marriage ended, Bush went on to have several high-profile relationships. Some of the people she has dated include actors Jon Foster, James Lafferty, Austin Nichols, and Jesse Lee Soffer. Bush also dated Dan Fredinberg, a Google program manager, between 2013 and 2014. Sadly, a year after they split, Fredinberg died from head injuries he suffered during an avalanche. Since 2020, Sophia Bush has been dating businessman Grant Hughes. The couple announced their engagement on Instagram in August 2021.

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