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How Mia Khalifa Achieved a Net Worth of $4 Million

Mia Khalifa

From growing up in a very conservative and catholic family to becoming the most popular porn star, Mia Khalifa is one lady who knows too well that every action has consequences. Mia can never go back to her home country, Lebanon, lest she is killed. Amid all her family woes, she has amassed an impressive amount of wealth. Mia Khalifa's net worth stands at $ 4 million and here are details of how she accumulated the amount as revealed on Wikipedia and The Daily Dot.

Adult Film career

It is hard to believe that a young girl who had self-esteem issues thought that shooting pornographic films would boost her confidence. However, that is precisely what Mia Khalifa did. At 21, Mia had already struggled with weight and had lost 50 pounds through exercise, but still, that was not enough. She, therefore, had her breasts augmented hoping that a bigger chest would somehow hike her self-esteem, but it seems like the issue was not in her body. Her answer finally came when she was approached to shoot a pornography video in Miami, at a strip club. Naïve Mia, as she wants us to believe, finally thought her self-esteem would rise so after two weeks of intensive thinking, she gave in to the idea. However, she realized later that it was the biggest mistake she ever made.

Net Worth$4 Million
NameMia Khalifa
Birth DateFebruary 10, 1993
Source of WealthFormer Pornographic Actress, Webcam Model, Commentator

Still, for her bank account, getting into pornography was the best financial decision Mia Khalifa made. At the time, her first video resulted in guilt and temporary validation. So she continued doing them thinking that since she was not on social media, everyone else was hibernating from the platforms too. Fortunately, or not, Mia Khalifa became a star in the industry. Pornhub soon announced that she had become the number 1 adult star on Pornhub, thereby taking the title from Lisa Ann. What followed were loads of congratulatory messages after only being in the pornographic industry for three months.

However, besides the enormous searches on the internet for the new queen of porn, the publicity resulted in death threats from ISIS. Mia Khalifa had disgraced the Muslim community by wearing a hijab during a threesome and to those who profess the faith, it was an abomination. The negative publicity only resulted in more popularity for the girl, and at 22, Mia was the most-searched-for porn star on Pornhub with over 1.5 million views. By 2015, the searches had increased by more than five times and the hijab scene led her to be ranked #5 in the list of the ten most notorious porn stars in the world.

Mia tried justified herself after receiving death threats saying that Muslims have been depicted in far much worse scenes. However, the fact that her family and her own country does not want to be associated with her is what bothers Mia, as reported in The Washington Post.

With the amount she got from filming the videos, perhaps she can comfort herself that it was worth it. According to sources, top models can get at least $40,000 per month, and with her highest rating, Mia must have received more. With options such as the Pornhub premium paying porn stars $45 per 1000 views, Mia’s 1.5 million views and more fetched her loads of money.

Webcam model

It is strange how a person will do something and not want to be associated with it, yet it is a significant part of their life. According to Reddit, Mia cursed out a radio show for introducing her as a former porn star. Mia might be ashamed of her former profession and even said she only did it for three months, but after leaving the pornographic film industry, she decided to be a webcam model. Webcam modelling was once described as the future of porn, so Mia was still reluctant to leave her former life only changing job titles to soothe her conscious.

Webcam models will do anything on camera to get paid, and since Mia had proven that she has no limits, her earnings were sure to soar. Besides, with her fame, getting started was easy, and since according to Quora, webcam model can spend about 3 hours and take home $1,000 per hours, that translates to more than a million in a year. Mia was still a webcam model as of May 2016 despite retiring from pornography in January 2015.

Social media personality

There is more to Mia than just her porn career. She said that she has taken after her mother, who cooked the family three meals a day. Her passion for cooking has led to her to aspire to be like Chrissy Teigen concerning cooking, and she went ahead to become a cookbook author. Mai hopes to tell her life story through recipes, and they do not come cheap.

According to Maxim, anyone who loves her cooking can buy the cookbook for $20. Alternatively, they can gift Mia through Amazon wishlist high-quality cooking pans that go for as high as $400. You can catch her cooking shows on Twitch TV and her earnings total to around $5,000 monthly as per her donation reported on UNILAD. Moreover she has a YouTube channel which is reportedly worth $8,000 while on FindRow you can find very provocative content.

Mia is yet to leave her naughty side, and through Patreon, she makes money on the side. Patreon has become the primary source of income for many creative content producers, including musicians and artists. When it introduced the three-tier subscription service, it enabled the users to make more money with premium level bringing in the most income. Mia has a tier going for $5,000 affording only one subscriber to be the “MVP”. Through the service, anyone willing to pay can access higher-end photoshoots, and with her popularity, she has to get lots of fans willing to pay.

Sports host

Mia admitted that she has always been a sports fanatic, so venturing into sports was the right way to go. At first, she co-hosted “Out Of Bounds” with Gilbert Arenas for a few months before quitting. She later joined Tyler Coe on “Sportsball,” after he was impressed with her grasp of the world of sports. Professional sports commentators usually get between $18,000 and $75,000 per year. Although Mia Khalifa is not a professional, her salary is still quite lucrative.

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