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A Buyer's Guide To Getting A Used Boston Whaler Montauk

Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler is a highly esteemed boat brand that is easily recognized. Fisher-Pierce began manufacturing the boats under the brand Boston Whaler in 1958. It's an established company that has been around for 62 years and it's still going strong. The most desirable features of Boston Whalers are their carrying capacity and their incredible stability. They're dependable in rough weather and they're generally lighter than most other boats. The Montauk is one of the more popular models that Boston Whaler has produced. If you're in the market for a Boston Whaler Montauk from the used market, it's important to know the facts about the strengths, weaknesses, and recommended selling price before you begin to deal with sellers. Here is the ultimate guide to buying a used Boston Whaler Montauk.

Features of the Boston Whaler Montauk

The Montauk rose to prominence within the brand because of its practical design, easy maintenance and its rugged utility. It's a tough boat that is built with a shallow draft for stability and a drier ride. It's made with a spacious center console layout that provides a great deal of storage space for gear, regardless of the activities you enjoy. It's versatile and suitable for fishing, or other recreational activities. This ultra stable boat has been called "unsinkable" after time has proven its buoyancy in harsh conditions.

Buying a used Montauk

The chances are you will buy a classic boat if you're looking for a used Boston Whaler. Since these boats retain their value fairly well, those that are in excellent condition may fetch a healthy reselling price. This doesn't mean that they're made of gold, however. It's important to have the ability to assess the established value of the model year that you're looking at, then making considerations for its age, condition, accessories and useful components. All of these things make a difference in the true value of the boat.

What does the boat come with?

Some features and accessories that might increase the overall value of the Montauk include the trailer, the package and any upgrades or customizations that have been made to the boat. Factors that will affect the value (not necessarily the price) include the age, condition, and the engine. It's important to distinguish the price and the value. You're looking for a good value for what you'll be getting out of the deal. In general, it's going to come down to assigning a value for a myriad of factors.

Age of the craft

The first consideration is the age of the Montauk under consideration. Older boats that have not been upgraded or insanely customized, but are in good condition can range from $6,815 on up to the new price of just over $40,000. Compare an older model with the price of a new Montauk, then assess its value by considering any components that need to be replaced. If it is less expensive than buying a brand new model after making necessary replacements, it may be a good value.


Boston Whaler Montauks do depreciate some with age, but don't expect the downward slope to be staggering. After the first couple years after pulling one off the lot, it's no longer brand new and the value will drop a few thousand. When the warranty expires, after 10 years generally, you lose the factory warranty on the hull, so figure in the cost of a new one and subtract it from the cost of a new model year. This is one of the steepest depreciation grades. This doesn't mean that the hull will need repair though. If it's well preserved the value may not lose as much ground, under some conditions. When the craft reaches the 20 year mark, the hull is classified as being older, and depreciation tends to slow at this point. Having said this, if a Boston Whaler Montauk becomes vintage, and it is in excellent condition, it may rise to the status of "collectible." The value may actually increase as it ages if it has been well taken care of. Another factor that can add value to an older Montauk is the story behind it. If there is historical significance, it can push the boat further into the higher collectible valuable category.

Average depreciation figures

A used Montauk that is 1 year old depreciates as much as 15% in value. This rate is 7% per year for the 2nd and 3rd years, an additional 4% for the 4th through 9th years, then it slows to 2% per year for the 10th through 20th, and 1% for years 20 through 30. When it exceeds the 30 year mark, depreciation ceases and the value may start going the other way. Bear in mind that a classic design can also become more valuable than a brand new Montauk. These figures represent the average depreciation rates if the boat is well-cared for without any significant damage or excessive wear. The major consideration for this section on depreciation is the condition of the hull, and its assessed value through the years.

Outboard engines and trailer

When it comes to the engine, the depreciation rate increases. The same applies to an aging trailer that has seen considerable use. Within a ten year span, the outboard engine is assessed at a small percentage of its price in new condition. The trailer follows suit with the engine. Used trailers are not assessed at nearly the value of a new one.

The Condition

Your assessment should also include the overall condition of the components of the used Montauk. This refers to the amount of wear and tear on the craft and how heavily it has been used. Has it been in any accidents or mishaps? Has the hull retained its integrity? Although Boston Whaler boats are designed to be rugged and durable, any watercraft is subject to the effects of age and mistreatment.

Integrity of the hull

The hull integrity is assessed by the condition of the uni-bond construction. It consists fo a liner, foam, and the hull which are all bonded together from 3 separate materials to form one bonded hull. If the lamination has been compromised in any of the layers, including the foam to liner or foam to hull, it's a problem. If the foam core has been saturated with water, this is another problem that can occur from damage or neglect. The best way to assess this is to visually inspect the hull for a smooth gelcoat and waves in this area. If you push against the hull and it gives, you can assume that there is damage.


De-lamination can occur when heavy equipment is improperly mounted, or damage occurs and it is not addressed in a timely manner. Water ingress saturates the foam and compromises the integrity of the hull. This usually leads to retention of water inside the boat. Also check for holes within the transom area and signs of water seepage. If the outlet drain is not properly sealed to the hole, it's a problem and will need repair promptly.

Gelcoat damage

The gelcoat used by Boston Whaler is heavy duty and when it is properly cared for, the fabricated coating should retain a like new appearance even on older boats that are up to 25 years old. If the gelcoat is oxidized, it may need to be replaced/restored. This may indicate that the boat was not properly maintained and cared for. Cracks in the gelcoat are common, but if they're so severe that they've allowed water to get in, they're a problem. This is characterized by dark cracks that are wide, and it could be a sign of hull issues. The problem could mean that you have a costly repair/restoration ahead of you if you purchase the boat.

Other issues to look for

Look for any sign of the foam layer being exposed through the top layer. It's identified as a tan color, and if this is the case, look for evidence of water seepage. This is particularly important for the portions of the boat that are beneath the waterline. Also assess the condition of the wood. Each Boston Whaler boat is made of fine grade teak and mahogany wood types. If some of the original wood is rotting, it will need to be restored and this type of repair can be expensive. Also check the condition of the trim because this can either add or subtract value. Also inspect the boat to ensure that the bottom is painted, check the canvas accessories if there are any, inspect the electrical wiring, and make sure that any modifications have been added correctly.

Boston Whaler Montauk Models

The Montauk models manufactured by Boston Whaler are the Montauk 150, the Montauk 179, the Montauk 190, and the Montauk 210. The 150 measures 15 ft in length. The 170 is 17 ft long, the 190 is 19 ft long and the 210 is the largest coming in at a length of 21 feet.

Montauk 150

The Montauk 150 may come with additional options added. These special packages are made available by the dealership a and may include teak wood at the starboard mid ship and port boarding steps. Teak is a premium wood that enhances the value of the boat. Other optional equipment that may increase the value are the fishing package with a 36 quart cooler set, tackle drawers and console-mounted rod holders. a live well and rod holders are also available. Also check for a Raymarine navigation and fishfinding module.

Montauk 170

The next size up is the 170.This model features a fishbox with overboard drain integrated into the craft. It also features an optional Fishing Package that is similar but comes with a cooler set that is 72-quart with a backrest and cushion. Check for the teak wood package for the boarding steps and swim ladder flooring. This increases the value of the craft.

Montauk 190

The Montauk 190 is available with a 60 gallon integrated fuel tank, and seating for the port and starboard aft with removable backrests and comfortable cushions. The 72-quart cooler seat with console to holders and tackle drawers in the Fishing Package, a helm console with Raymarine navigation and fishfinder features is also available as an add on. Boats with these options may be worth a higher asking price.

Montauk 210

The Montauk 210 is the longest of the line of boats. When assessing the value, some options that might increase the value is the Fishing package that features a 94-quart cooler seat, tackle drawers, and rod holders, the bow backrest for added comfort, and the Teak package. Teak is a stylish premium wood that is frequently added as an upgrade as material for the helm footrests, the swim ladder and the boarding steps.


The Boston Whaler montauk is a line of stable and reliable boats that has become a best seller within the brand. It's important to understand some of the outstanding features of the Montauk in its 4 models, and which elements can increase the value of a used craft, and what causes the value to decrease. Age, can either increase the value after a period of depreciation, or it can make the value lower. We discussed how depreciation rates are generally calculated, and what to look for when you're trying to assess the fair value of a used Montauk. Our guide is intended to equip you with the knowledge and tools to accurately estimate the value to increase the odds of getting a good value for your money, and a boat that you will be pleased with for years to come.

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