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Which is the Right Boston Whaler Skiff Model For You?

Boston Whaler Skiff

A skiff is a boat that has a flat bottom that makes it easier to handle and traverse through shallow waters. It sits higher and there is less chance of getting beached on sandbars. The bow may be pointed or curved, but the stern is usually squared. These boats are often favored for fishing, but the boats made by Boston Whaler are versatile and multipurpose. They're useful for yacht tenders, and some of the larger sized skiffs for cruising or water activities such as water boarding, water-skiing, and more. If you're not sure which Boston Whaler skiff model is the best or you, here are the most popular models and an overview of each to help you determine the most suitable for your situation.

What to consider before shopping

The main things you should determine before you start browsing for a Boston Whaler skiff, are the basics, including how many people will be on the boat at any one time, what it will be used for, and what kind of waters you plan to take the boat out in. Skiffs have weight limits that vary depending on the model. The next consideration is what you plan to use it for, e.g.., fishing, recreational cruising, water skiing, and so forth. This helps you to choose a boat that either comes equipped with the necessary outfitting you'll need, or it may be available through special order. Boston Whaler offers factory installed tow eye hooks, as well as fishing packages, complete with live well and rod holders. The final consideration is budget. How much do you want to spend, and do you want to buy new or used? Keeping these things in mind, let's look at the most popular Boston Whaler Skiffs.

Boston Whaler Skiffs: Overview

Boston Whaler's most popular skiff models, include the Super Sport, Montauk, Dauntless, and Outrage. All are crafted with the unsinkable hull construction, but there are marked differences in the design and layout. We went directly to the manufacturer to learn all that we could about what makes each unique, and the sizes available in each Boston Whaler model family. Here are some useful specifications.

Super Sport

The Super Sports are easy to trailer and intended for family use with built in safety features and easy piloting. They're rugged enough for use in salt water, ideal for yacht tenders or work boats, or for fishing in freshwater situations. These boats can be customized to tailor according to your needs for fishing, towing, or recreation. The 110 Tender is the most basic, 4 person capacity with a max weight of 845 lbs. It measures 11 ft 4 inches in length and accommodates an engine size range of 5 to 15 hp. 110 Sport- The length and passenger limits for the 110 Sport are the same but you can use an engine between 4 to 25 hp, and this edition is a bit sportier than the 110 tender. The 130 Super Sport is 13 ft 1" in length with a weight limit of 990, 4 passengers, and a max engine size of 40 horsepower. It's more spacious and can be ordered with an optional suntop and a cooler seat. The 160 Super Sport is 16 ft 2" long and can accommodate up to 6 persons with a weight limit of 1,529 lbs and a 90 hp engine. It's more luxurious and you can opt for the factory installed ski tow package, suntop or 2 console with drink holders and a fishing package.


The Montauk is valued for its shallow draft for stability, but the design ensures a dry ride without pray back. The center console allows for more walking room and passenger comfort with plenty of space for storing gear for fishing or water sports.These are not the best choice for luxury cruising, but rather for water sports including swimming, water boarding, skiing, and for fishing. Every inch of space is used efficiently for storage of gear, and passenger access. The 150 model is 15 ft 5 inches long with passenger space for 6, a weight limit of 1,250 lbs, and takes an engine size between 40 to 60 hp. The 170 is 17 ft 4 inches in length with room for 8, a weight limit of 1,900 lbs and an engine size between 90-115 hp. The Montauk 190 is the next step up with room for 8, a length of 19 ft 4 inches, a weight limit of 2,500 lbs and engine size between 115-150 hp. The largest of the Montauk family is a 9 passenger boat that is 21 ft 4 inches long with a weight limit of 2,800 pounds, accepting an engine size between 150 and 200 hp.

Dauntless family

The Dauntless is popular for offshore fishing and water sports. It's fully loaded with amenities to make fishing more efficient, with pedestal fishing seats available, an option for a live well, and a tower for maximizing water sports capabilities. It's most suitable for active families who enjoy a variety of water activities. The All Activities tower and swimming/casting platform are among the most versatile features of this boat family. The Dauntless 170 is 17 ft in length, the smallest with a 6 person 1,500 lb weight limit. The engine size range is 90-115 hp. The 180 is 18 ft 1 inch in length with a capacity for 8 passengers up to 2,000 pounds weight limit for passengers and gear, and it uses an engine range between 135 and 150 hp. The Dauntless 210 is 21 ft 3 inches in length with an 8 passenger capacity that holds up to 2,300 lbs of weight with a 200 horsepower engine recommended. The 240 measures 24 ft 8 inches in length and can accommodate up to 9 passengers with a weight limit of 3,000 lbs and it requires a powerful 350 hp engine. A Pro version of the Dauntless 240 is available with added features for pilot control and angling efficiency for sports fishermen. The largest Dauntless is the 270. This boat is 27 ft 4 inches in length and it can accommodate 12 passengers with a weight capacity of 3,349 lbs, taking a 600 hp engine.

Boston Whaler Outrage

The Outrage is designed for luxury and comfort. It's loaded with amenities that makes it one of the best for cruising, as well as off shore fishing or water sports. The electronics are state of the art with deluxe fishing packages available, and a kitchen for entertaining guests. The smallest outrage is the 190 in a 18 ft 10 inch length with room for 8 up to 2,200 lbs, and an engine range between 115 and 200 hp. The next size up is the 23 ft Outrage 230, seating up to 10 passengers up to 3,100 lbs accepting an engine size between 250 and 350 hp. The Outrage 250 is 25 ft 5 inches with roo for 12 up to 3,642 lbs an an engine requirement between 350 to 450 horsepower. The Outrage 280 is 28 ft long and seats 122 but takes a stronger engine between 500 to 800 horsepower with a weight capacity of 3,750 lbs. The largest in the Outrage family is the 330 model that measures 33 ft 1 inch in length with a passenger capacity of up to 14 persons, a weight limit of 4,140 lbs and it requires an engine size between 500 to 800 horsepower.

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