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How To Get Your Hands On A Quality Boston Whaler Menemsha

Boston Whaler Menemsha

The Boston Whaler Menemsha is now considered a classic in the fleet. You won't find them for sale at the Boston Whaler website. The manufacturer discontinued it some time ago, but the Menemsha is still in high demand. Those who are familiar with the unsinkable legend of Boston Whaler value this mid-sized vessel because of its versatility and quality construction. Because of its age, this is a rare model, but there are still plenty of them in circulation it is helpful to know where to look. Here is how to get your hands on a quality Boston Whaler Menemsha with tips on what to look for before you buy.

Know your history

You can find Boston Whaler Menemsha models for sale by some dealers and even more private sellers. The thing about this boat that makes it so rare is that Boston Whaler produced them from 1968 through 1972. According to The Hull Truth, there were an estimated 230 of them ever made.

What to look for before you buy

Construction and materials of the Menemsha hold fast to the Boston Whaler tradition in quality and workmanship. This is why there are still so many of them around. When possible, look for the most original restoration that you can find. Inspect the hardware and brightwork, and switches. Ask the seller if there have been any restorations, and if so, who did the work. Inquire about any accidents or repairs. Look at the condition of the hull to make sure that there are no cracks or signs of distress. It should have a smooth coating of paint with no signs of damage.

Take a walk through the boat to inspect the interior. Check out the electronics and hardware to make sure that everything is in good working order. Look for the sign of water damage or dry rot in the wood components. Inspect the seats and cushions and keep an eye out for rips in the upholstery. Boat seats or cushions may easily be replaced if needed. It's still an expense that can lower the overall value. Make sure that the fuel tank is not damaged, and check out the engine. These are the basics for ensuring the boat is worth the amount that the seller is asking. The motor can be expensive to replace, while the trailer isn't that big of an expense.

1. The Hull Truth

This is an online site that provides excellent information for potential buyers. We recommend giving this site a try to find out what private sellers are offering. There is also a forum for discussions about boats with other members. You can register to post in the "wanted" section of their advertisements if you don't find what you're looking for right away in the boats for sale category.

2. TDC Marine

TDC Marine specializes in the restoration of and sale of classic Boston Whaler boats. The company is constantly on the lookout for new project boats to restore and sell. You can see examples of the project boats they've worked on and completed and sometimes you can even find a classic Whaler for sale on the site. The staff is purists who stick with original components and hardware whenever possible. If substitutions are needed, they're transparent about that too.

3. Boats From USA

Boats From USA is a site where private sellers list the boats that they have for sale. What we like most about this online classified add site is that you can filter your search by the brand and model. The sidebar shows how many, if any, are listed on the site. We found a Menemsha listed from South Carolina. The format for advertising provides you with the price, location, if shipping is available, with the year of the boat, and details about the condition and specs. You can ask questions of the seller safely through the site. All of the questions posted are visible so you can find out what others have asked.

4. Yachts Boats List

Mostly private sellers advertise through this site. The site lists information in each advertisement with several photos of the boat. Other information that includes the price, condition, make, year, and location are there. A link allows you to contact the seller with questions.

5. SMG

Smart Marine Guide is another useful resource. We found 5 Menemsha models listed by private sellers on the site. You can learn the information about the boat that includes the year make, model, length, price, location, and description. There is a useful form for sending inquiries online to the seller. You can also place an offer through the site.

6. Highlife Yachts

Highlife Yachts is an advertisement site that lists boats according to the make, model, and year. You can get an overview of the condition and the location. We were impressed with the full descriptions we found. One seller was honest about the overall condition of the components, the work completed, and the restorations that still need finishing. You can contact sellers through this site online.

7. Antique Boat

This site provides buyers with high-quality photos and complete descriptions of the boats for sale. At the time we visited the site, there was one Menemsha available. A model sold was still available for viewing. The site provides you with the make, model, and year of the boat, the condition, price, and a description of the amenities and condition. There is a link you can follow to contact the seller through this site.

8. Continuous Waves

Continuous Waves offers a marketplace for finding any available Boston Whaler model for sale. Although this is a forum site, they do provide you with links to the boats listed for sale. It's a great place to find Menemsha models offered by members of the site. You can also learn a lot about a variety of boats that include where to find restoration parts if you purchase a Menemsha that requires repairs.

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