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The Best Chaparral Boats of All-Time


In 1965, Buck Pegg launched a small boat company named Fiberglass Fabricators. Just over ten years later, Fiberglass Fabricators became Chaparral. And thus, a legend was born. With over a quarter of a million of customers worldwide, Chaparral has become an international sensation, with an extensive catalog that’s lusted after by just about anyone with a penchant for boating. But which models are the best? Which should you be setting your sights (and credit card limit) on? Find out as we trawl through the 10 best Chaparral boats of all time.

Chaparral 250 Suncoast

Surf the waves with style on the Chaparral 250 Suncoast. With its sleek, crisp lines, agile sturdiness, precision handling, and out-of-this-world performance, it’s a boat that looks, feels, and handles like a dream. With one of the largest bow areas in its class and a deceptively spacious seating arrangement, it's also ideal for those who like to ride with plenty of friends on board.

Chaparral 267 SSX

Chaparral may be over half a century old, but it’s in no danger of falling behind the times. Not if the 267 SSX is anything to go by, at least. With its state-of-the-art dual multifunction 7" displays, ergonomic navigation, and u-shaped aft seating, it’s a spacious, modern boat that delivers exactly what it says on the can.

Chaparral 317 SSX

A veritable powerhouse that combines luxury with functionality to masterful effect, the Chaparral 317 SSX is designed for boater’s who know exactly what they want and aren't afraid to spend the big bucks to get it. Despite being a family boat at heart, it’s got more style and elegance than you'd credit.

Chaparral 23 SSi has a LOT of good things to say about the Chaparral 23 SSi, and little wonder. An upgrade on the much loved 21 H2O Sport, it offers the same great features that made the 21 Sport the best selling 21’ on the market, but with some very nice new features to boot. Expect a roomy cockpit, an extended swim platform, an extensive sun platform, a very stylish interior, plenty of storage, and enough space to seat a very impressive 13 people (something that’s especially impressive considering the Sport 21 struggled to hold more than 3). If you loved the Sport 21 but found it a little ‘lacking’ in some of the key areas, you're going to love the 23 SSi.

Chaparral 347 SSX

There are bowriders, and then there’s the Chaparral 347 SSX. Super functional, superbly laid out (expect a massive full beam cabin and seating capacity for 12), and with some stunning features (including a unified cabin that offers an entertainment console and comfortable overnight accommodation for two) this is a versatile boat that delivers on every promise. It might not be cheap, but if you're looking to blow the budget on something that’s durable enough to weather a good few storms while looking super stylish in the process, you’ll find it hard to beat.

Chaparral 223 Vortex VR rates the Chaparral 223 Vortex VR as one of the best boats for your money. It’s easy to see where the attraction lies. Everything that makes Chaparral such a coveted brand is on proud display here. Solid yet agile, family friendly but super luxe, functional yet stylish... if you’re looking for a vessel that ticks all the boxes, this could well be your ideal match. Special features worth a mention include the three-step boarding ladder that tucks neatly away in its own little hideaway compartment, the slip resistant nonskid surface, and the very kid-friendly swim platform area.

Chaparral 287 SSX

Fancy blowing a wad on something stylish, something new, and something that’s guaranteed to leave your friends with a severe case of the green-eyed monster? Then look no further than the Chaparral 287 SSX. Aptly described by as a trendsetter in the boating world, the 287 SSX is a stunning combination of classic good looks and 21st century technology. It's also a masterclass in craftsmanship: from the hand stitched vinyl seating to the dual 7" touch screen displays embedded within the helm, not a single detail has been overlooked.

Chaparral 30 Surf

Surf the waves like a pro with the Chaparral 30 Surf. Despite being one of the newest models to the Chaparral catalogue, it’s already attracted significant attention thank to its superb craftmanship, sleek good lucks, and outstanding functionality. With a length of 30’2 foot, it's a good sized option that's ideal for boaters looking to take along a big crew of friends and family for the ride.

Chaparral 297 SSX

Earlier this year, Chaparral introduced an all-new, all-singing, all-dancing Infinity Power Step to several of its models. Offering outstandingly easy on and off boarding and lowering at the press of a button, it’s a feature that Chaparral founder Buck Pegg is understandably proud. “The Infinity Power Step is a major step forward in making boating more accessible for everyone, including young children, seniors and even the family dog,” Pegg says via the “This feature will make it possible for the entire family to effortlessly enjoy the Chaparral experience on several of our top-notch boats.” It also adds yet another string to the bow of the Chaparral 297 SSSX, a vessel that offers everything you could possibly want in terms of design, performance, and style.

Chaparral Vortex 2430 VR

If you’re in the market for a jet that manages to skim that waves with maximum speed and agility while offering both you and your passenger’s the maximum amount of comfort and luxury, look no further than the Chaparral Vortex 2430 VR. Graceful, superbly crafted, and with the attention to detail that Chaparral is renowned for, it offers one heck of a bang for your buck. With a length of 24’3 ft and (in the 2021 model at least) a redesigned cockpit seating layout that comfortably fits up to 12 passengers, it’s a great option for those looking to entertain friends and family on the waves.

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