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The Five Best Double Decker Pontoon Boats Money Can Buy

Double Decker Pontoon Boat

If fun is what you’re looking for on the water this summer, try getting on a double decker pontoon boat. Pontoon boats are already known for being fun watercrafts, but imagine having another deck altogether—double-decker means double the fun. Double decker pontoons come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ve seen plenty with customizations such as slides and fishing rigs. If you can’t find anyone with a pontoon like this, it’s good to know that double decker pontoons are pretty good investments. So if you’re ready to get one for yourself, here are the five best double decker pontoon boats that your money can buy.

1. Jungle Float Sport

We’ve seen some pretty creative add-ons on pontoon boats over the years, but there’s truly nothing like the Jungle Float Sport. This double decker pontoon boat is the first one in the world to be outfitted with a trampoline and a water slide in one craft. It’s one of those things you’ll have to see to believe. This double decker is small and light and incredibly affordable. In fact, the company claims that they approve everyone for financing. The waterslide offers a total of 26ft of sliding fun, and the trampoline doubles as a cot when no one’s using it to jump. The Jungle Float is spacious enough with plenty of seating on the bottom deck and a couple of bucket seats on the top deck. There’s no shade on the top deck; but you won’t need it because once you’re next to either the trampoline or the slide, you won’t be sitting down.

2. Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship

If luxury is what you’re looking for, the Tahoe Cascade will give you more than what you need. There’s plenty of room for lounging on this pontoon boat. In fact, there’s seating on almost every corner and edge. There’s a decent sized table on the bottom deck that’s larger than some of the average ones we’ve seen. The upper deck serves as a sundeck, where guests can enjoy sunbathing or simply waiting for their turn to go down the slide. This double decker pontoon boat measures 26ft and 6in in length. It has a weight capacity of 3,070lbs. That means you can have a party with 14 to 17 of your favorite people and not have to worry about going over the weight limit. This Tahoe is also outfitted with other luxury details such as Infinity Stereo Speakers, soft touch vinyl seats, built in trash cans, and many more. The boat even has some incredible mood lighting for when you’re taking the boat out at night. As expected, the price reflects all the extra amenities on the boat. This pontoon will set you back $67,000 without any customizations.

3. Solid Craft Funship

Compared to other double decker pontoon boats, the Solid Craft Funship may seem as bare as ever. That’s done on purpose on Solid Craft’s part to give people more room to stand and more room to play. Although seating is basically non-existent on this pontoon, guests are able to bring their own comfortable beach chairs to set up on the boat wherever they prefer. In addition, Solid Craft will customize seats for you if that’s what you want. The sides are all open railing, which means you’ll get a nice breeze throughout, and the upper deck is larger than a lot of other decks out there. The upper deck is also open and empty, which means you can use it for a variety of purposes. You can bring chairs upstairs for a different view, or simply lay out on a towel for some sunbathing. Of course, you’ll also get access to go down the slide from the upper deck. Solid Craft has definitely crafted a solid funship with this pontoon. Able to hold up to 15 passengers, the boat offers plenty of room with its barebones design and wide-open build.

4. Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship

One of the most expensive double decker pontoon boats in the market, the Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship will set you back more or less $100,000. Spending that much money, you can guarantee that you’ll have the most luxuriously fun time. Coming in at 2 different sizes—27ft or 29ft, this pontoon boat has a ton of power. So even though it’s great for just lounging around in the water, it’s also an excellent cruiser. The Avalon offers plenty of comfortable lounge areas including the top deck, which is basically all covered with seating material. This means that you don’t need a chair or an extra layer of protection to sun yourself out. You can sit right on the deck and still be comfortable. The bottom deck has plenty of seating as well in addition to other extras. You also can’t forget the water slide, which basically turns this pontoon into a mini water park.

5. Premier Escalante

The way this pontoon boat breaks up into various seating areas is something we’ve never seen before. There are a total of four seating areas on this pontoon—there’s the huge lounge towards the front of the boat, a couple of lounge chairs next to the captain’s chair, another lounge area on the back of the boat, and another seating area on the top deck. The Premier Escalante double decker even has a small kitchenette, which means you can stay out on water all-day long. The upper deck on this pontoon offers shade for the bottom deck, but the upper deck also has a Bimini top set up for times when you’re not up for being in the sun too much. With a Suzuki engine, a fun slide, a crazy length of 32ft, and so many more features, it’s no surprise this double decker pontoon costs $135,000. We’d be shock if it cost any lower than that.

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