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The 10 Best Small Pontoon Boats Money Can Buy

Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats are becoming the latest trend in summer fun on the water. They're also superb for fishing on lakes and ponds to get from one hot spot to another without walking for miles. If you prefer going solo or with just a few friends or family members, there are some exciting new models out that feature smaller dimensions and a lower price tag. Here are the 10 best small pontoon boats money can buy.

10. Bennington 168SL Pontoon Boat

The S168L is moderately priced with a length of 17 ft 4.5 inches. At full capacity it holds up to 7 adults but it is also ideal for 2 to 4 passengers with plenty of room to move around. The L-shaped rear lounge seats are removable if you need more room for other activities. It's equipped with a bucket seat at the helm that is rotatable. This model is designed for an outboard engine of between 9.9 and 40 horsepower.

9. SunChaser 7518 Cruise Pontoon Boat

The SunChaser 7518 Cruise offers a maximum capacity of 8 adults and it's great for smaller parties as well. It's a smaller pontoon boat with a length of 18 ft 3 inches and a beam of 7 ft 6 inches. The maximum power recommended is a 50 horsepower outboard but it does fine with a 9.9 horsepower engine as well. It's ideal for taking out on lakes and ponds. Outstanding features include a wrap-around bow with stern lounge seats, a boarding latter at the rear with a swim platform, carpeted floor and a pedestal mount table that is removable.

8. Princecraft Jazz 170 Pontoon Boat

The Jazz 170 is one of Princecraft's newer small pontoon boats. It measures 17 ft 7 inches in length with a beam of 8 ft 1 inch. The maximum capacity is 7 adults. Notable features of this small pontoon boat include a strong boarding ladder, a rear swim platform for fun in the sun and a Bimini top that comes as standard fare to shield you from the mid-day sun. It's equipped with extra storage bins located under the lounge seats. The pedestal mount table is removable and it is designed with integrated beverage holders in the consoles. The maximum power capacity is a 50 horsepower outboard engine.

7. Harris Omni 160 Pontoon Boat

The Omni 160 measures 17 ft 3 inches in length with a beam that is 8 ft 3 inches. The maximum capacity is 6 adults but there is plenty of room to move around with its spacious configuration. The seating consists of two plush lounges at the bow. A rare boarding ladder, an aft bench seat and a swim platform allow for easy access to and from the water at the stern. The maximum power recommended is a 50 horsepower outboard engine with a low range of 9.9 horsepower. This pontoon boat has a broad range of available amenities including upgrades in flooring, a stereo system and more.

6. Cypress Cay Cambio 160 Pontoon Boat

The Cypress Cay Cambio 160 is a smaller pontoon boat with a 8 ft 3 inch beam and a length of 17 ft 3 inches. This boat works with a power range of between 9.9 horsepower range 50 horsepower. The seating is intended for a maximum of 6 adult passengers. This is one of the most highly maneuverable pontoon boats with a floor plan that maximizes space, a Bimini top and a Jensen stereo.

5. Lowe Ultra 160 Cruise

The Ultra 160 Cruise features an 8 ft beam with a length of 17 ft 10 inches. It's designed for a maximum of 8 adult passengers. This pontoon boat works well with 9.9 horsepower engines but it can accept a maximum power capacity of 50 horsepower outboard engines. The stern seat is full width with s flip flop passenger seat that can be placed in rear or forward facing positions. Twin loungers offer additional seating at the bow and the boat comes equipped with a 9 ft Bimini to to shade you from the heat of the sun.

4. Starcraft EX 18 F Pontoon Boat

The EX 18 F is a moderately small pontoon boat with an 8 ft beam and a length of 18 ft 10 inches. It can comfortably accommodate up to 8 adults with a setup that is ideal for fishing. Two pedestal mount fishing seats are placed in the bow with a full wrap around lounge seat and a pedestal mount table that is removable. Another notable feature is the wide swim platform and a boarding ladder that makes it easy to access the water. The maximum power capacity is 60 horsepower.

3. Sylvan Mirage 818 Cruise

The Mirage 818 Cruise is made for up to 8 adults with 3 wrap around lounge seat and a transom extension. The beam is 8 ft and the length is 18 ft 10 inches. Notable features are the pedestal mount tables with integrated beverage holders that are also removable, a rear swim platform with a boarding ladder and 3 entry gates for easy access to and from the boat. The helm seat slides and swivels. The maximum power capacity is 60 horsepower.

2. Pond King Rebel Pontoon Boat

This is one of the smaller versions of the Pond King. It is a mini-pontoon boat that measures 6 ft 6 inches in length.It's ideal for solo fishing excursions with 1 seat. The deck area is just 10 square feet and the maximum capacity of the boat is 400 pounds. This is the ideal one man fishing boat that can easily fit in the back of a truck and it only weighs 175 pounds.

1. Tahoe Sport Quad Lounger Pontoon Boat

The Sport Quad Lounger is ideal for use in small lakes and ponds. It's one of the best smaller pontoon boats that money can buy. It is equipped with a removable windshield, with a Viper steering wheel, and cadet II fiberglass Helm stand with Greywood Dash panels. It comes standard with an electric powered 12V Power Point engine, ideal for entering waters with gas powered restrictions. It comes equipped with an Infinity PRV250BT stereo system and 4 stereo speakers.

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