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The 5 Best Electric Pontoon Boats Money Can Buy

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The automotive industry is moving towards more environmentally friendly means of powering vehicles. The trend is picking up in popularity and demand by consumers who are becoming more aware of the need to protect the environment. Cutting down on the use of fossil fuels has become more important as our delicate environment has shown signs of damage due to the use of carbon emitting engines. This trend has extended to watercraft. Pontoon boat enthusiasts who want to do their part to help save the planet now have the option of electric powered boats. These craft are also quieter and more fuel efficient. They're seen more and more on lakes that prohibit the use of gas powered watercraft. If you're considering switching to this eco-friendly power source, here are the five best electric pontoon boats that money can buy.

5. Princecraft Brio E-17 Pontoon Boat

The Princecraft Brio E-17 pontoon boat is a 17 foot craft that is powered by a Torqeedo electric engine that generates up to 9.9 horsepower. This is a smaller sized pontoon boat that is designed to be lightweight to enhance its performance on the water. It's suitable for fishing or for partying with room on board for up to 7 passengers. It's ideal for use on lakes that prohibit the use of gas powered engines and it has better speed than some of the larger heavier pontoon boats. The engine runs quietly for greater enjoyment of your time out with friends and family.Princecraft also has a smaller version of this pontoon boat in a 15 ft size for smaller families. The company has established a reputation for quality and dependability in their product lines.

4. ElectraCraft Outboard Pontoon Boat 162TR electric

ElectraCraft's 162TR is a part of the next generation of electric powered boats. It's powered with an electric motor that provides hours of enjoyable cruising on a full charge. This pontoon boat is designed for 10 persons but the manufacturer adds that it can accommodate up to 12 adults with room to spare. Notable features include a total window enclosure, a spacious deck that is designed for a luxury cruising experience a high performance on the water. The roof is made of durable fiberglass that is maintenance free. ElectraCraft consistently improves the quality and performance of their products and it is becoming one of the most popular manufacturers of electric powered watercraft for this reason.

3. General Motors The First Pontoon Boat

This is the newest and perhaps most innovative electric pontoon boat that is made by the Forward Marine division of General Motors. It is an all-electric concept boat with a 24 ft aluminum tri-hulled pontoon design. It is made to be a party style boat for enjoyable cruising on lakes. The First features a larger sized pontoon in the middle for the motor and battery. GM used a modified Chevrolet Bolt hatchback motor designed for marine use, with a battery and electronics package that includes a 110 volt extension cord that can also be configured to use with 220 volt power sources.The acrylic hatch allows you to see the propulsion system. Because of the design of the motor and the battery system this pontoon boat is a bit on the heavy side. This new model is loaded with luxury features for the comfort and enjoyment of passengers. Although it's fairly new on the market, this electric pontoon boat is made by a company with decades of successful years in the automotive industry and a strong reputation for quality and reliability.

2. Mogarro Pontoon 500

The Mogarro Pontoon 500 is a boat that was created in Spain. It is powered by an electric outboard motor with quiet operation. The hull type is a tri-tube pontoon and the boat is designed for sport fishing. It is constructed with aluminum material and measures 32 ft 9 inches in length. The maximum occupancy recommendation is 12 adults. This is a pontoon boat that is a favorite with nautical tourism agencies and resorts. The boats are known for their tremendous stability and the comfort that it provides for passengers. The engine generates up to 50 horsepower for plenty of speed and excellent performance. The Mogarro company offers customization of the design and layout of the boats that it sells. This boat is also offered in a 600 edition with a longer hull length. Although intended for use as a sports fishing boat, it's easy to make this a custom party cruiser. If you're interested in creating your own layout, the staff at the company is happy to work with you to help design this eco-friendly pontoon boat to meet your individual needs and preferences.

1. Suntracker Bass Buggy 16 DLX ETelectricsport-fishing 7 Pontoon Boat

The Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 DLX ET is a pontoon boat that is powered with a Torqeedo electric motor with lithium batteries and an innovative battery management system that gives you more time in the water on a full charge. This is a deluxe model that features multi chambered pontoon logs. It comes with a built-in rail lock system and you can opt for a snapless mooring cover to protect the boat when not in use. The bow deck is designed for sports fishing with 2 fold down fishing chairs and a boarding ladder at the Port side with a pull-out feature. It contains an aerated live well. It's ideal for fishing on lakes where fuel sources are not easy to find. The motor runs quietly and it's loaded with padded seating and ample space with a maximum capacity of 7 persons. This is one of the best electric pontoon boats on the market today. It is well built from premium materials and it is designed with the comfort of the passengers in mind.

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