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The Five Best Boston Whaler Fishing Boats on the Market

Boston Whaler

There are literally hundreds of fishing boats out there. How do you begin to choose the one for you? Durability and dependability should be on the top of your checklist, and there aren’t many boating brands offer what Boston Whalers can. For one, Boston Whalers are the only ones that can give you fishing boats with the unsinkable hull. With that being said, there’s more to fishing vessels than just what you stand on. As an angler, you’ll need features and qualities in a fishing boat that will be unnecessary in recreational boats. Fishing boats are designed to make fishing even more enjoyable, and they’re also designed to equip you with what you need to keep fighting for your biggest catch.

Boston Whaler fishing boats have layout designs with that fight in mind. When you’ve got a fish on, you’re going to need the space to be able to maneuver around your boat. If you expect there’s a goliath at the end of your line, you also expect that your steel rod holders can handle that kind of pull. Boston Whaler fishing boats offer that and more. If you’re going to get yourself the best fishing boat out there, might as well get a Boston Whaler. Here are the five best Boston Whaler fishing boats you can find on the market.

1. 2020 Boston Whaler 405 Conquest

There’s truly no feeling like taking out your brand new fishing boat out on the water. Although it may not always be true, everything just seems when they’re new. This is why we’re starting off this list with the 2020 Boston Whaler 405 Conquest. The deep-V hull and wide beam of this boat makes it the perfect vessel for some serious saltwater fishing. However, there’s enough room here to entertain your fishing buddies too. You basically get the best of both worlds—the luxury amenities of a recreational Whaler and the best fishing tech and amenities as well. With this boat, you can go out and stay out on the water all-day long—whether you’re catching or simply fishing.

2. 1985 Boston Whaler Montauk 17’

As a point of contrast, here’s an older boat that can still perform like many boats that’s 20 years younger. This is really one of the marks of a Boston Whaler. They’ll last you forever as long as you care for them properly. The 1985 Boston Whaler Montauk 17’ will give you a bare boned fishing experience. You’ll have enough room for all your fishing gear, but that’s about the fishing amenities you’ll get on the boat. This boat is awesome for the very fact that it’s stripped down. It’s the fishing boat for the daily fisherman. It’ll take you out on the water and provide you space to enjoy your time. Clearly, the boat will also last you a lifetime. If you truly needed extra fishing amenities, you can always add them on. But most of the time, fishermen don’t really need much at all. They’re happy as long as they’ve got their rod, some bait, and their boat.

3. 1996 Boston Whaler Dauntless 20’

We absolutely love the name of this 1996 Boston Whaler: Dauntless. The Dauntless is a serious boat for offshore fishing. It slices through waves with confidence, and it looks cool doing it as well. This 20’ boat is a dual console model and features a 200HP Johnson Ocean Runner engine. It’s got a sturdy Bimini top to protect you from during a sunny fishing day, or it can keep you dry as well when it’s just pouring out. Real fishermen fish rain or shine, after all. This 1996 Boston Whaler model is the perfect family fishing boat. When you need a break from not catching anything, you can always take the boat on a water skiing run. The Dauntless also happens to be an incredible watersports boat. The versatility is something you’ll definitely appreciate.

4. 2001 Boston Whaler Outrage 260

When you think about a fully outfitted fishing boat, this is probably the kind of boat you have in mind. This 2001 Boston Whaler Outrage 260 offers fishing amenities galore. Many of these are added specifications, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The Outrage 260 is known for its extremely stable fishing platform. This means you’ll never lose your stance even when you’re going for the big fish. You’ll get a hard top instead of a Bimini, and on the floor you’ll find some hidden fishboxes or even converted tackle boxes. You’ll get plenty of room for all your fishing rods, and you’ll have some extra spaces for friends and family too. It’s a fun boat to take out simply because you can have everything you could ever need with you on the water.

5. Boston Whaler 380 Outrage

The Outrage line deserves another entry because Boston Whaler has done quite a bit of an upgrade to these fishing boats. Boston Whaler created a wave slicer with this one, angling the transom deadrise to 23 degrees; you’ll get to the fish sooner than expected. The 380 Outrage is also known for its massive space. You’ll get plenty of it in the cockpit, in the seating, on the walkways, and even in the special fishing room. The 380 Outrage also features a spacious sun deck for an entirely different view and positioning too. So many aspect of this Boston Whaler need only a slight adjustment in order to be rigged for fishing. It’s really got everything you could need in a fishing boat, but it’s so much more than just that. This Boston Whaler is a high-tech vessel that makes boating more attractive than ever. If you happen to not be a fisherman, you might actually pick up the hobby just to get in on this boat.

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