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The Five Best Lund Jon Boats on the Market Today

2019 Lund 1436L Jon Boat

Jon boats are made for a few specific purposes. The design of these watercraft features a flat bottom which allows them to go into shallow waters without a problem. This is almost a necessity for duck hunters and some fishermen, and it's ideal for marshy waters and ponds. Lund is one of the best known and reputable brands when it comes to fishing and hunting boats. We've put together a collection of the 5 best Lund brand Jon boats available on the market today for your consideration.

Why the Lund brand?

Lund has earned its reputation for manufacturing sturdy and reliable water craft. They employ riveting methods with strong construction materials which hold up under frequent use and the passage of time. The design of their boats is both practical and efficient and most models are available in multiple configurations. When it comes to their line of Jon boats, these flat bottomed craft are made specifically for duck hunting, but they do have a degree of versatility and can also be used for shallows and fresh water fishing. The design makes the Lund Jon boats easy to maneuver in and out of tight or brushy areas, which are frequently encountered when hunting for ducks. Lund is a solid brand and their boats are offered at reasonable prices. They offer a wide range of choices and these are just a few of the reasons why we recommend the Lund brand for your fishing, hunting and recreation needs.

5. 2019 Lund 1648 MT Jon - Price: $5,000-$9,999

2019 Lund 1648 MT Jon

The 1648 MT for 2019 is an affordable base model for traversing shallow waters. The boat is 16 feet in length and comes with a Karavan trailer. The light weight of the boat makes it easy to move from one pond to another and the flat bottom is ideal for moving through the shallows with stealth when you need to keep the noise down to a minimum. This boat is highly recommended for duck hunting and shallows fishing. This is one of the medium sized John boats that is ideal for accommodating 4 passengers comfortably.

4. 2019 Lund 1436L Jon Boat - Price: $1,000 to $4,999

2019 Lund 1436L Jon Boat

The lund model 1436L Jon Boat is a model that is smaller than the 1648 MT by 2 feet and it is best for smaller fishing or hunting parties and for getting into really tight places when you anticipate traversing shallow waters. The flat hull is ideal for duck hunting, bass and crappie fishing. This model features a wrap around windshield and comfortable seats in an olive color that blends in with most natural surroundings for a camouflage effect. It comes with a Karavan trailer.

3. 2019 Lund 1032 Jon Boat

2019 Lund 1032 Jon Boat

The 1032 model is the smallest made by the Lund boatbuilders. It measures just 10 feet in length with a beam width of 48 inches. This boat is designed for use in duck hunting and traveling through swampy areas or shallow water found in ponds and slews. The flat bottom makes it ideal for the shallows and the small length makes it easier to maneuver the boat in tight places, particularly when you're pulling into camouflaged brushy areas on the hunt. It's also useful as a small bass and crappie fishing boat and it's the ideal size for 2 to 3 passengers. This boat is constructed of heavy duty aluminum sheeting.

2. 2019 Lund 1448 MT Jon Boat - Price: $2,774.00

2019 Lund 1448 MT Jon Boat

The new Lund 1448 MT Jon Boat is among the most affordable and practical versions of this popular hunting boat on the market today. This model is 14 feet in length, with a square Bow and a flat bottom for navigating in and out of the shallows, which makes it the ideal duck hunting boat. It can also be used for shallow and freshwater fishing. The 1448 MT in NMMA Certified and comes in a standard Olive Drab Green color for camouflage. It also features formed in keels, a bow handle, 2 transom handles, formed in spray rails, transom drain plug to make it easy to drain any retained water out of the boat when on dry land, and oar locks. The beam measures 70 inches. The maximum recommended motor size is 25 horsepower and it can easily accommodate 34 hunters or fishermen comfortably.

1. 2019 Lund 1852 MT Jon Boat

2019 Lund 1852 MT Jon Boat

The 2019 Lund 1852 measures 18 feet in length with a 20 inch transom height. The total weight of the boat minus the motor is 475 pounds. The 1852 MT model is the longest Jon boat made by the Lund company. Important features of this water craft includes a flat bottom which makes it the best choice for traveling in shallow waters. It also has a modified V bow, formed transom corner caps, formed in spray rails, 2 transom handles, a bow handle, and formed in keels. Other features include a stainless steel bow eye, olive drab green coloring for maintaining camouflage when used for duck hunting, a handy transom drain plug, oar locks, pedestals and seats with a center seat with gravity fed live well for keeping the catch fresh and storage areas. We pick the 1852 MT as the number one best Lund brand Jon boat on the market today if you want a versatile Jon boat that is large enough to accommodate several passengers, and can be used for both duck hunting and fresh water fishing. This unit is fully packed and it even offers some handy storage areas as well as comfortable seating. It's one of the most deluxe models in the Jon boat line. If you're interested in finding out more about the price for the 2019 model, it's a good idea to call the Lund manufacturing company for a quote as the prices tend to vary depending upon what you request as options.

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