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A Closer Look at the Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40

Gulf Craft Silvercraft 40

The Gulf Craft shipbuilding company began in 1982 as a small open boat building venture between two brothers and a friend. The quality of their workmanship and the need in the UAE for more yachts and powerboats gave them the ideal opportunity to expand their operation into three factories which now build yachts up to 100 feet in length and powerboats. Gulf Craft has become a well-respected brand in watercraft, particularly because of their attention to detail and the quality of the vessels they craft. One of Gulf Craft's most popular models is the Silvercraft 40. This craft is considered a small yacht, although some refer to it as a boat, and it is built to perform multiple functions simultaneously. After touring the 40, it's not difficult to understand why it's such a big seller. To fully appreciate the benefits of this fine watercraft, suitable for sportfishing and recreation, requires a closer look and inspection.

The Silvercraft 40 at a glance

The Silvercraft 40 is a smaller fishing boat, with a center console design. This is a versatile and multifunctional boat, used both for fishing and for family recreation as a cruiser. One of the most functional features of the design of this cruiser is the walkaround capacity which is both convenient and expands the usable area of the boat. The Silvercraft 40 launched its first model in 2004. This is a cabin cruiser which has a covering that gives passengers a place to get in out of the hot sun and other weather elements. The enclosed cabin also provides protection from the wind and rain when the weather is turbulent outside, for greater comfort and safety.

Distinctive styling and purpose

The Silvercraft 40 was designed to fulfill a specific purpose within a niche. It is a cabin cruiser that falls under the category of a small yacht. The styling of Silvercraft by Gulf Craft is distinctive and fits the criteria for luxury with an attractive exterior and interior styling. The salon and galley under the hard top of the cabin, offer comfortable surroundings for passengers with the main galley, and an additional smaller sink and kitchenette which is located above the decks to the rear. The option of a teak deck is also available for a more luxurious and spacious environment for passengers. Comfort is to the fore, for those who prefer to lounge around, with easy access from the decks to the compartments below the cabin. There are two cabins for accommodating overnight stays with the option of expanding to a third cabin. The cruiser is made to comfortably accommodate 6 persons. One the outside, there is ample room for sports fishing, with an installed deck that serves multiple purposes for fishing or for diving. This versatile craft has the capacity for being used for multiple activities at one time.


The Silvercraft 40 is the second-largest member of the line of luxury watercraft. The length of the yacht measures 43 feet with a beam of 12 ft 6 inches, a draft of 2 ft 3 inches and a displacement of approximately 6 tons. The fuel tanks hold up to 230 US gallons of petrol with 50 US gallons of potable water. the maximum recommended horsepower for this craft is 900, with the standard use of (3) 300 horsepower outboard engines. The hull is made of fiberglass. On the interior, guests enjoy a wraparound seating configuration which may be altered to the preferences of the owner. There is ample luxury seating below deck and a full kitchen with cooking facilities and a dining/lounging area. At the rear of the craft, there is seating which may be used for lounging in the sun or for fishing or other recreational activities. A hinged door may be opened or closed and latched when the diving/fishing platform is used. There are multiple hatch areas on the upper deck towards the rear which may be used for storage or for the installation of live fishing wells. The upper deck provides plenty of space for walking around the circumference of the boat and there is safety railing around the entirety of the walkway. Owners may also install an optional canopy to protect occupants from the sun or rain.


The technology aboard the Silvercraft 40 includes a GPS for tracking your positioning and finding new locations, a recorder, and speaker system, and this can be upgraded to meet the needs of the owner with other gadgets. Sportsmen may appreciate the installation of a depth and fish finder to make it easier to discover where the schools of fish are swimming. This highly versatile craft can be customized to include a variety of technologies including WiFi and more.

The evolution of a small operation

Gulf Craft has come a long way since they first launched their small open boat building operation in 1982. Their largest Sivercraft vessel is the 48 with the 40 comings right in the middle, offering a wonderfully versatile small yacht for families who enjoy diverse fun in the water. While some family members are lounging in the well-protected cabins below deck, others can enjoy a variety of watersports such as diving or waterskiing, and the sporting enthusiasts have ample room for fishing.

Final thoughts

The Silvercraft 40 is a smaller luxury yacht that is completely set up for multi-tasking at any given time so one person's preferred activity does not necessarily need to interfere with another's. Both the interior and the exterior are stylish and attractive and the Silvercraft 40 is equipped with 900 horsepower, ample fuel tanks for longer excursions, along with spacious and luxurious sleeping quarters. It is Gulf Craft's solution for families who enjoy a variety of water activities, making it one of the top choices within their fleet. Whether you enjoy just going out for a day for a sportfishing or leisure cruise, or you want to take the family on a week-long adventure on the seas, the Silvercraft 40 is up to the challenge.

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