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5 of the Top Express Cruiser Yachts on the Market Today

Express Cruiser Yacht

Express cruiser yachts give you the best of both worlds when it comes to boating - fun and protection. You can enjoy hours of fun in the sun while having the added advantage of protection from the elements. You can take an express cruiser yacht out for one day of fun on the water, a relaxing weekend away, or an extended fun in the sun trip. Express cruiser yachts are available in many different shapes and sizes with lots of amenities and features to choose from. They have become a popular choice for family boating fun. Express cruiser yachts are powerful, comfortable motor boats that have a luxurious, built-in cabin.

With so many different options available, it can be difficult to narrow it down and choose just one, but we've got five that can't miss.

2016 Cruisers Sport Series 279 Sport Cuddy

2016 Cruisers Sport Series 279 Sport Cuddy

This luxurious high-class express cruiser yacht is both powerful and fast. With unique amenities, the construction of this boat has your ultimate comfort in mind This 27 foot long boat has a large, comfortable cuddy the whole family will enjoy. With speeds of up to 50 mph and a 430 HP engine, you will reach your destination in no time. The large, over-sized swim platform and spacious above deck area allows for hours of sun and water fun. The flip-up boolster seats are luxuriously comfortable. This express cruiser yacht is unique in that it has a built-in head.

Pricing varies depending on the options you choose. Average price for this innovate express cruiser yacht is $94,290.

Regal 28 Express

Regal 28 Express

This 28 foot 10 inch express cruiser yacht offers the added convenience of being towable by your truck or SUV. It offers s spacious and roomy cabin with lots of natural light. Unique to this boat is the 6 foot headroom, making this roomy luxury boat the highest and largest head-room in this LOA class. Drive your boat in style with a roomy cockpit that feature's the Ultimate Lounge with a four position backrest and can be used for tanning or as a bench seat for the family. Take your family out on the water in style with this dreamy express cruiser yacht. Listen to some tunes while you bask in the sun. The Fusion radio is fully integrated for your smart phone or iPod and is completely water-proof to avoid accidental water damage.

Pricing for this express cruiser yacht varies depending on the options you choose. Pricing is upwards of $100,000.

Viking Yachts 42 Convertible

Viking Yachts 42 Convertible

This innovative express cruiser yacht is fuel-efficient, roomy and comfortable for family days on the water, and doubles as an excellent fishing boat. You truly can have it all with this amazing boat. You can take the whole family out with this express cruiser yacht. It has not one, not two, but three cabins on-board. That makes this a great choice for overnight fishing trips with the guys as well. Or, take a romantic cruise on the water just the two of you or with your closest friends for a day of sun in the sun. The fuel efficiency of this boat doesn't take away from the power a bit. With two 440 HO Cummins MerCruiser diesel engines, cruise speed is 28 knots with a top-out at 30.

This unique boat is in it for the long haul and even salt water ready to go on those long trips with the family. The spacious cockpit is 122 square feet giving you plenty of room for comfort and relaxation. In the salon, an L-shaped lounge and cocktail table offer additional luxury and comfort, along with a flat-screen television and Bose stereo system. When you take this boat on the water, you are boating in high-class style. The unique master stateroom is huge and boasts another flat screen TV, queen-size berth, and plenty of storage space for those long boating trips on the water. This boat is made with family and fishing fun in mind.

Pricing for this boat varies based upon options chosen. Pricing is unavailable at this time. You would need to call the seller for pricing.

Prestige 620

Prestige 620

Measuring in at a massive 60 feet, this innovative new boat is a hybrid featuring the best of both worlds. The best features of the express cruiser are mingled with the best features of the flybridge boat. With a stunning sky light, roomy and spacious cabins, and a luxurious saloon, this unique express cruiser yacht is a dream. This is the perfect boat for a family weekend of fun and sun on the water, a week long honeymoon or romantic getaway, or a day relaxing and chatting with friends while floating in the sea.

This powerful boat has two 700 HP Volvo Penta D11 IPS900 engines and a cruise speed of 18,1 knots. This unique boat features a center-mounted helm, wide side decks, and galley on the main deck. The main deck is stunningly beautiful with lots of natural light flowing in. There is plenty of room for you to bring the whole family and not feel claustrophobic with three large size cabins. This unique and spacious boat could be the boat of your dreams.

Pricing for this boat varies based on the options you choose. Pricing can range anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000.

Grand Banks 43 EU

Grand Banks 43 EU

This beautiful express cruiser yacht is just the right size at 43 feet 4 inches. It's not too big, not too small, the perfect size. With a larger size cockpit, a second head, large staterooms, nice and roomy flybridge,and a stunning exterior. This powerful boat boasts a 480 HP diesel engine, a perfect cruising speed of 20 knots, and a max speed of 35 knots. This spacious luxury boat has lots of space and offers the comforts of home while on the water. This unique boat is perfect for a couples getaway or a day on the water with the little ones. The twin berth can be converted into one large berth, depending o how many are traveling with you. Everyone will enjoy the open, spacious living space, both on the inside and out.

As with any boat, pricing varies depending on the options chosen. Pricing can be as low as $700,000 or as high as $1,000,000 or more.

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