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Five of the Finest Yacht Designs by Andy Waugh


Andy Waugh is a famous yacht designer with an excellent eye for detail. His passion for design began at an early age which has transformed into the striking designs and images we now see today. Waugh has developed a broad skill set that allows him to manage every detail of the project beginning with concept sketches and ending with detailed production 3D models. After graduating from the prestigious Transport Design course held by Coventry University in 2004, Waugh accepted a position at KKG Catamarans in Vienna.

At KKG, he gained valuable experience which propelled him to the next level at H2 Yacht Design in 2008, back in the United Kingdom. His first major project at the design firm was the award-winning MEYA MEYA. During his time at H2, Waugh gained additional experience work on many live projects that ranged from 38 meters to 120 meters. His conceptual designs and visualizations continue to catch the eye of high-profile clients.

As a result of his eye for design, extensive experience with world-class yacht firms and excellent educational background that has allowed him to hone in his skills, he has created some of the most marvelous yacht designs ever conceptualized.

The following is a list of the five finest yacht designs by Andy Waugh.

Blommendal 65

Blommendal 65

The Blommendal 65 concept is a radical project that is based on an existing platform and hull. The hull form is traditional yet elegant and incorporated into a dramatic and radical superstructure to create a distinctive yet unique design. The clever graphical devices and diagonal lines exaggerate the yacht aesthetics while the proportions and layout have not changed from the original vessel. This minimizes the need for hydrodynamic and architectural modifications. This super yacht is a beautiful example as to how the naturally-flowing lines of a ship can blend with the beauty of nature and the surrounding environment.


Epiphany Andy Waugh

As a 130 meter super yacht, Epiphany features a unique silhouette that is inspired by simplicity and detailed with bold graphics. The idea of this yacht is simple but sophisticated derived from the classic design. This concept uses minimum styling lines and structures that create a dramatic and elegant effect but still falling within the practical realm. The bridge of the yacht is situated on the upper deck to deliver command views of what lies ahead. The aft of the bridge is also the main central lobby which provides an owners library and balcony overlooking the double height lounge. This design is one of Waugh’s finest because it offers a unique and distinct aesthetic while the layout limits crew areas on the upper and lower decks allowing for the optimization of guest accommodations.


Nouveau Andy Waugh

Nouveau is a concept that is meant to push the boundaries of yacht aesthetics to the extreme. The design utilizes sophisticated surface manipulation and management of a three-dimensional space. True to its name, Nouveau is inspired by the classical Art Nouveau architectural styles of Antoni Gaudi and Alphonse Mucha. The tense, diagonal lines create a dramatic effect while concealing a spacious interior with a 2.7 meter main deck head clearance. The bridge deck is elevated above the owner’s deck which features a full suite with balconies on both sides. Within the owners aft are sunbathing and informal lounging areas which are linked the decks above vial spiral staircases.

Nouveau is focused on the modern client that has a small entourage that prefers definition based on style and taste rather than simply focusing on the overall dimension of the ship. The efficient use of space and practicality are not primary concerns for this concept. Regardless of its radical looks, the Nouveau has the potential to be a fully-functioning yacht from the crew and owner.

Meya Meya

MEYA MEYA Exterior

Sharp and sleek, the Meya Meya super yacht looks like it can withstand the unforgiving ocean providing a comfortable journey. The design of the yacht adds speed to her stability in rough waters. Recently launched, the Meya Meya can achieve 26-knot speed with two MTU engines resulting in fast cruising and a stable journey with luxurious interior. The yacht features two full-beam owner’s suites, one of which is located on the main deck and the other on the lower deck. The entire yacht boasts minimalist design and efficient use of space that highlights neural toned linens, grey tabu timber and stained teak. The VIP suite impressively offers a comfortable desk area, sofa and en-suite, well-lit spaces with double bed and generous storage spaces. This beautiful masterpiece can now be chartered for a cool EUR 80,000 per week which includes full crew, food, fuel and all other amenities.



As an aggressively-styled 45 meter concept, the Revolution was designed to offer contrast with the conventional yacht style. It is unique, sophisticated with defined surfacing, strength and dynamism. While only an experiment at the moment, it pushes the boundaries of yacht styling but still maintains a feasible design. Although this design has a radical appearance, the levels of accommodation confirm to all conventional standards. The main deck has a master squire and main saloon with four guest cabins and crew accommodation located on the lower deck. The Revolution should appeal to clients who are tired of the traditional yachts and want to make a bold statement in the yachting world.

As you may have noticed, Waugh prefers a simplistic styling while effectively utilizing on-board space for an efficient design. Each of the aforementioned designs are practical with a radical exterior to inspire the mind and wow yacht enthusiasts. Waugh has designed many masterpieces over the years, some of which have found a home with an owner, others that continue to remain as concepts. However, as Waugh continues to grow his clientele and expand his dramatic designs mixed with practicality, many of these beautiful yachts will become a reality. Do not be surprised if you see one of the stunning ships in the harbor on your next vacation. Based on its intensive lines and unique design, you will immediately know it is the work of Andy Waugh.

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