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A Closer Look at Lurssen's Lady Kathryn V


One of the most amazing experiences that you can have in your life is to take a cruise aboard the Lady Kathryn V Superyacht. A trip ensures plenty of opportunities for relaxation as well as onshore trips to famed ports on the itinerary. You will get the best of both worlds for seagoing fun and adventure as well as seeing new locations and sights onland during the stopovers. This amazing luxury vessel is available for charter and offers Christmas season booking to the Caribbean. Here is a closer look at the Lady Kathryn V and what you can expect from an excursion aboard this seaworthy gem of a customized luxury ship.

Architecture and construction origins


The builder of the Lady Kathryn V is Lurssen Yachts under the direction of their naval architecture team. Espen Oeino was responsible for the exterior designn and Adam Lay Studio of the Interior design. Lurssen is a family operated shipyard in Bremen-Vegesack, North Germany. They were established in 1875 and take credit for their 1886 production of the first motor yacht in the world. The company is currently in its fourth generation of private ownership and continues to build some of the finest luxury yachts in the world. Their team of two hundred engineers and a thousand craftsmen take the notions of quality and performance quite seriously. Their end goal is to ensure that their customers are completely satisfied.

Specs on The Lady Kathryn V


She is a custom built luxury motor yacht which was launched in 2011. Lady Kathryn V is a 200' 1" foot vessel. The hull is steel and the superstructure is made from aluminum materials. This yacht comes equipped with a modern stabilization system. This effectively reduces the effects of the roll motion which in turn allows for smoother cruising and enhanced guest comfort for all aboard when cruising. The at anchor stabilizers function at zero speed which enables them to maximize the comfort of passengers when the ship is anchored in rough waters. Her cruising speed is twelve knots and her maximum speed is fifteen knots. The range of the Lady Kathryn V is five thousand nautical miles. The fuel tanks hold a hundred and sixty thousand liters which support the range. Performance in high for this luxury superyacht.

Interior design and layout


Designers for the interior are Adam Lay Studio with Jack Phillips. They collaborated with the owners to create an interior ambiance of warmth through the use of luxury woods of Oak, Walnut, Anegre and Maple. Handcrafted work shows detailed extravagance in the creation of the rooms which combine clean blues, creams and whites for a warm and sophisticated scheme with a maritime theme.

A main entrance to the yacht is located on the main aft deck and it connects to the lounging and alfresco dining areas. Upon entry you'll find large and elegant dining areas which are suitable for seating comfortably up to twelve guests for formal dining. After dinner, the large aft deck space is equipped with a full bar when called for. This amenity is portable with the capacity for fast set up and tear down, depending on what the space is needed for at the time.

Moving on, the main saloon area features a set of lounging areas complete with elegant arm chairs and sofas with coffee tables for an informal visiting area. The carpet color is cream with vintage furnishings with hi gloss shine and cabinet designs inspired by Chippendale. The character of this area is cozy yet lush and luxurious with a measure of restraint. The center of the area houses a grand piano by Steinway with an adjacent bar. This area is connected to the formal dining area which features sliding glass doors to separate the areas.This allows for the utmost in privacy for intimate dining experiences.

As you scan this area your eyes will focus on the amazing detail which went into the crafting of the dining area. It is suitable for the finest dining opportunities for people with the most discriminating of tastes. A dining lobby is also connected and allows for movement into the main deck saloon, lobby and pantry. Antiques are used unsparingly in the decor to reflect the exquisite tastes of the previous owners.

Guest and crew accommodation


The Lady Kathryn V has an interior layout that maximizes space for luxurious accommodations. There is room for a maximum of twelve guests in the six designated rooms. These include one master suite, one VIP stateroom and four double cabins. The crew's quarters are large enough to accommodate up to fifteen crew members. The furnishings feature timeless stylishness with elegant furnishings and ample seating to accommodate the whims of each guest aboard. The majority of the areas on the Lady Kathryn V are designed for entertaining and socializing with friends and family.

On board amenities


The Lady Kathryn V is equipped with a variety of amenities to make the cruise a haven for luxury relaxation. Air conditioning keeps the interior at the perfect temperature regardless of the heat outside. All guest have access to WiFi connectivity for keeping in touch with the outside world or for entertainment. A jacuzzi is situated on deck and a gym filled with a variety of exercise equipment is also available for working out. The at anchor stabilizers keep the ship at a smooth and even keel when waters are rough at anchor to maximize comfort and enjoyment.

Additional features


In addition to the luxurious surroundings and amenities, the Kathryn V is fitted with large elegant windows for some of the most spectacular views of the ocean and surrounding areas. Enjoy amazing sunrises and sunsets from the ample sized viewing windows.

Final thoughts

The Lady Kathryn V Luxury Superyacht is available for Christmas time charters to the Caribbean. Enjoy the vacation of your life with family or friends aboard this one of a kind customized luxury yacht. This high performing luxury ship is waiting to be reserved. Customized excursions are available for groups up to twelve people.

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