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A Closer Look at the $400 Million Superyacht Streets of Monaco

Streets of Monaco Superyacht

The country of Monaco has long been an isle of luxury and extreme pleasure. It's a premier destination for vacationers who prefer to take their holidays in grand style, and for the very rich and famous with a penchant for gambling, entertainment, and a hearty nightlife. A fair share of the jet-setting crowd enjoy spending at least a portion of their holidays on the streets of Monaco and one billionaire was so inspired that he ordered the commission of a superyacht to capture the opulence and extravagance of the locale in a recreation that is named for the country in the famed $400 million Streets of Monaco. To fully appreciate the splendor of this floating paradise, we take a closer look at this artistic and expensive rendition.


History of the superyacht Streets of Monaco

In 2015, the Streets of Monaco superyacht was just a concept. When news of its commission was revealed they were assumed to be rumors of wishful thinking, much like a fantasy that seemed unlikely to ever be realized. For a couple of years, there was the talk of a bold concept that would create a replica of many of the most famous landmarks found in the country of Monaco, captured on a large floating vessel, intended for the enjoyment of billionaires fond of locales such as the Hotel de Paris, La Rascasse, the Monte Carlo Casino, Cafe de Paris, Loews Hotel, and others. It was further rumored that the superyacht would cost an astronomical $1.1 billion to construct, but this, was an unsubstantiated rumor because when the ship was finally completed, much to the surprise of yachting enthusiasts who saw it as a pipe dream, the actual cost would be closer to $400 million.

Who's commissioning the Streets of Monaco?

To lend credence to the rumors, we did a fair amount of research and learned that this yacht doesn't actually exist, well, not yet anyway. The Island Design yacht company of the United Kingdom presented the blueprint for the yacht back in 2011. The design team from Island Design remarked that this vessel would be more like a floating city than it would a yacht. The billionaire backing the building of the Streets of Monaco is none other than Russian magnate Roman Abramovich, owner of The Eclipse yacht, according to this article.

The proposed specifications and amenities

Construction of the Streets of Monaco? couldn't confirm one way or another if it has begun but we do have information about the proposed specifications and at least some of the amenities. The ship is designed to be 500 feet in length with a replica of the streets found in Monaco with miniature replications of popular landmarks n Monaco including the Hotel de Paris, tennis courts and swimming pools. The Atrium will link the main living areas together including a network of seven guest suites with individual bedrooms, balconies, dressing rooms, bathrooms, and reception areas. The capacity of the ship will be 70 crew members for daily maintenance and operation and 16 guests. In addition, there will be a tunnel complex extending around the deck for the Monaco Grand Prix go-kart track. The plans also include an area for storing smaller yachts for VIP travel to and from the main ship.

The Streets of Monaco will also feature several casinos on board along with luxury resorts if you can picture this on board a yacht. Jacuzzi bars, a cinema, libraries, helipads, a submarine, underwater restaurants, and waterfalls are also included in the plans. There will also be recreations of a beach-inspired pool, cafe bars, barbecue facilities and interior opulence the likes of which this world has not yet seen, according to LuxeHabitat. There is also slated to be a basketball court, a dance hall, a full spa and hair salon and this is just what is known about the initial plans.

Will the fantasy ever be brought to life?

There has been a lot of speculation over the past eight years about the credibility of this design and as to whether or not it is even feasible. The Island Design company who currently holds the blueprints believe wholeheartedly that it is possible. The only element that is missing is a billionaire that is willing to commission the construction. There have been no concrete announcements about whether or not Abramovich has signed off on the construction, and according to the director of Yacht Island Design, Scott, Poxon, this requirement has yet to be satisfied.

Final thoughts

The Streets of Monaco is a lovely dream which one day may become a reality, but as of now, it's locked away in the minds of the designers in a set of blueprints waiting for someone to step up to the plate with the necessary funding to commission the building of this $400 million dream yacht. One thing is for certain, it would be the biggest and most expensive yacht on the ocean, but it could possibly be considered a floating city, given the amenities and onboard operations which would give it the full functionality of a city floating on the ocean. Resorts, hotels, casinos, restaurants, a Grand Prix in a miniature version, transportation via submarine, helicopter or yacht, and we're assuming that the communications technology would also be quite advanced. It's nice to dream but this is one dream that could possibly become a reality in the near future.

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