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A Closer Look at The New 4,000 HP Lamborghini 63

When you think of Lamborghini, you probably don't automatically think about a high-powered performance yacht. In fact, you're probably thinking of something that is reserved to operate on land, especially given the fact that they have long been known for their ability to produce supercars that can be identified from yards away, thanks to their unique appearance. While it is true that the company has also produced engines for offshore racing, they have never before ventured into an idea to create a boat that carries the same spirit as their automotive lineup, at least not until now.

You Can Tell It’s Special by Its Appearance Alone

Recently, Lamborghini teamed up with Tecnomar in order to produce the Lamborghini 63, a high-performance yacht that is probably capable of outperforming anything on the water. The truth is, you know that you're looking at something special the minute you lay eyes on it. It looks like a cross between a luxury yacht and a high-power racing boat, something that is capable of providing you with the very epitome of luxury while simultaneously giving you the thrill of your life. It's smaller than most yachts, coming in at 63 feet, hence its name. It also has the capability of outperforming any yacht on the water, thanks to its overall design and it's light weight. In fact, you can probably see the family resemblance between the Lamborghini super cars and the yacht simply by looking at it. It definitely carries some of that classic and distinctive Lamborghini styling that has become synonymous with the company over the years.


If you think that the yacht looks luxurious from the outside, consider its interior. Lamborghini wanted the boat to resemble the supercar in the sense that it would have the same geometric angles and super futuristic styling. They definitely didn't disappoint. The end result is a surprisingly roomy interior that looks like something straight off of the Starship Enterprise. There isn't a lot of varnished wood or any of the traditional materials that are used with most yachts. Instead, it all looks very futuristic, complete with the geometric angles that Lamborghini has become so famous for. It's rather minimalistic, but in an opulent sort of way. After all, it isn’t like they are going to cut back on luxury just because it’s a watercraft instead of a high performance automobile.

Sorting Out the Design

In addition, the designers somehow managed to conquer one of the major problems associated with this project. From the onset of its design, top designers at Lamborghini were worried about providing enough headroom for those individuals who were below deck. While most yachts don't have this problem, they struggled with it here because of the smaller, more streamlined design of this particular yacht. For a while, it was difficult to determine how they were going to make it work, as they essentially had to create more room inside the interior than it looked like there would be if you were looking at the yacht from the dock. They accomplished this with the geometric designs and a couple of well-placed staircases that allow you to go below deck into what amounts to a very luxurious and futuristic well that gives you plenty of room to stand up without practically knocking yourself out in the process.

Power to Please

If that isn't enough to pique your interest, consider this- the engine on this particular yacht produces a whopping 4,000 horsepower. Clearly, that's enough to outperform practically any other yacht in the water with power to spare. In fact, you wouldn't be wrong if you said that Lamborghini has essentially taken everything they've learned about performance automobiles and put it into a yacht that provides both the same level of luxury and the type of performance that Lamborghini customers have come to know and trust over a number of years. This may be their first outing with such a watercraft, but it's highly unlikely that it will be their last. In fact, this particular yacht has already made so much headway that it's outperforming sales of boats that have been on the water for far longer. By all accounts, it looks like it's on track to be at least as popular as the automobiles designed by Lamborghini, if not more so.

A New Era

There is no doubt that Lamborghini has created something special with this yacht. The idea was always to provide dedicated customers an opportunity to enjoy things in new ways. Lamborghini has always been considered a stamp of luxury, but the company is also known for its ability to create automobiles that can perform like nothing else on the road. It genuinely seems like a natural progression that they would eventually move into watercraft, thereby allowing their customers to have a completely immersive experience, exclusively with Lamborghini. In fact, it seems that their production of the Lamborghini 63 marks a new era in the company where they will no longer be known only for the production of their supercars. Today it involves the yacht, but who knows what the future holds? Whatever it is, it is bound to be exciting.

One thing is certain, anything that Lamborghini is involved in is going to involve high performance and luxury that is mixed together in a way that few other companies have ever managed to accomplish. There is nothing easy about marrying luxury with performance in order to get a finished product that is both functional and appealing to the public. That is precisely why so few companies have ever managed to do it at this level. It's something that Lamborghini has arguably cornered the market on. Obviously, they're now going after an entirely different demographic, but only as far as it relates to creating watercraft. Many of the same people that enjoy driving their cars also enjoy being out on the water, specifically in a yacht. Perhaps this is something that Lamborghini was able to identify years ago, but it is only now that we are seeing their creation come to fruition. It's exciting to see what they will do next as they expand their company and reach an even larger clientele.

Benjamin Smith

Written by Benjamin Smith

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