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The Top 10 Open Yachts Available Today

Couach 2800 Open

Open Yachts take cruising to a whole new level. An open motor allows smaller yachts to reach speeds of up to 36 knots while providing a smooth ride. Sleek and aerodynamic, open yachts are perfect for sporting and fishing. These are not just speed boats however, these yachts provide all of the amenities you would expect onboard a yacht. Luxurious and elegant interiors and plenty of deck space for entertaining and lounging in the sun allow you to enjoy a sophisticated and elegant experience.

With an open yacht, you can enjoy water sports including fishing, diving, paddle boarding and more while enjoying the comfort of a yacht as it cruises the seas. These powerful yachts have wide sterns and shallow hulls for a smooth cruising experience. If you enjoy water activities and relaxing and entertaining in style, an open yacht provides the best of both worlds.

Here are our picks for the top 10 open yachts available today

1. Mangusta 80m, Overmarine - $2.2 million

Mangusta 80

Overmarine's Mangusta 80 is the largest open yacht in the world. It was built in Overmarine's Italian shipyard and, at 250 feet, it is considered a "mega yacht". The sleek yacht has low and aggressive lines and several portholes giving it a powerful style. The Mangusta has a large elongated window in the front, and that is where the owner's suite.

This large open yacht has plenty of deck space for lounging. A large foredeck has built in seating, and there is a spa pool at the stern. This spacious yacht has plenty of room for 12 guests and 12 crew members. It is available in multiple layouts with attention to detail and elegant furnishings.

This sporting yacht is powered by 3 diesel motors and reaches maximum speed of 30 knots. There is a second helm on the crow's nest for maximum viewing. This powerful, sleek and elegant yacht makes for great sporting, entertaining and relaxing on the water.

2. Q Series 4300, Tiara - $900,000

Q Series 4300, Tiara

Tiara specializes in open yachts with power and luxurious amenities. The 4300 Q series combines propulsion and power packages. A deep V hull offers a safe cruise in a durable yacht designed for water sports and cruising in luxury.

The Q Series 4300 has a hard top with a sun roof and side enclosures. There is plenty of storage in the cockpit for fishing and other gear. The interior of this yacht is customizable. It features a large master stateroom with a pedestal berth and fine furnishings and wood décor.

3. 75 foot Open Yacht, Itama - $2.7 million

Itama 75

Itama has been a part of the Ferretti Group since 2004 and has built luxury motor yachts for 40 years. This series was designed by Mario Casali and the group's Strategic Product Committee. It is 75 feet and runs with 2 powerful motors to reach cruising speed of 37 knots and maximum speed of 42 knots.

The yacht's design is both sleek and spacious. The center canopy is lightweight and elegantly designed. The spacious interior hosts up to 6 guests in 3 cabins. Each cabin has an en suite bathroom. The master cabin features a chaise lounge and large elegant wardrobes. Amenities include deck umbrellas, a barbecue, a deck refrigerator, and ice maker and the latest quality electronics for navigation and for entertainment.

4. Pure One, Leopard - Charter: $180,000 - $195,000 per week

Pure One Charter Yacht

Leopard's sleek, strong Pure One open yacht is powerful and opulent. At 46 meters, it travels up to 28 knots cruising speed and 32 knots maximum speed. The large deck space features a fly bridge, 2 aft facing double sunbeds, twin dining banquets, sofas and a glass edged pool. There is plenty of storage space for the amenities that come with this yacht. These include a wave runner, rowing machine, a donut, snorkeling gear, diving equipment, water skis, 2 bikes, a floating trampoline and fishing gear.

The interior is decorated in a mixture of classic and contemporary style and has a fully equipped media room that links to a Kaleidoscope system. There are 5 cabins including the master cabin, 2 doubles, 2 twins and 2 Pullmans to accommodate 12 guests. The yacht accommodates 8 crew members.

5. Antelope III 43 meters, Leopard - Charter: $160,000 to $178,000 per week


The Antelope III was built in 2010 and designed by Adrea Bacigdupo. Thee interior design is by Christiano Gatto Design. The open yacht travels the Caribbean, Bahamas and Virgin Islands for sporting and cruising. The powerful yacht reaches maximum speed of 36 knots.

The deck is spacious and the interior features 3 double cabins, 1 twin and 1 Pullman to accommodate 8 guests and 6 crew members. The charter yacht includes several amenities. These include a jet ski, Seadoo, a paddleboard, 2 kayaks, inflatables, and snorkeling and fishing gear.

6. DB9 52 meter, Palmer Johnson - Charter: $210,000 - $240,000

Palmer Johnson DB9

The DB9 was built this year. The series was launched in 2011. At 52 meters, the yacht is spacious and reaches cruising speed of 22 knots. It has powerful twin motors. The DB9 features and outdoor pool and Jacuzzis on the sundeck and aft deck. There is also an open air cinema.

This yacht is perfect for water sports and entertaining guests. There are 5 cabins and a master cabin that comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests. The charter has 11 crew members. There is a piano and ample comfortable seating in the main salon.

7. 82 CMY, Viking - $425,000

Viking 82

Viking's model 82 CMY open yacht is 84 feet long and features a large cockpit. The yacht is great for fishing, diving, relaxing and entertaining. There is storage in both the port and starboard areas for gear. The yacht features an observation mezzanine and a companionway that leads to the crew quarters. The model comes with either an open or enclosed bridge and a molded teak plank swim platform.

The spacious interior has many elegant and comfortable features. There is a sophisticated entertainment system and elegant walnut décor in the main salon. A wet bar, refrigerator and both casual and formal dinette seating offers a lovely place to relax or entertain. There are 4 staterooms including a large full beam master suite, all elegantly furnished.

8. Blue Princess Star, Baglietto - Charter: $88,600 per week

Baglietto Blue Princess Star

Baglietto's Blue Princess Star was built in their Italian shipyard in 2005. The open yacht gives a powerful performance and travels at a cruising speed up to 30 knots and maximum speed of 36 knots. It is unique in appearance with its light blue hull. Amenities include a Seadoo, water skis, tow tubes, a wakeboard, and fishing and snorkeling equipment. The deck features a swim platform and space for relaxing in the sun and entertaining.

There are 4 suites including a large master suite, VIP suite, 2 twin cabins and a Pullman for children. There is room for 8 guests and 5 crew members. The interior décor is sophisticated and elegantly designed. This yacht was built for sporting and entertaining. Amenities include Wi-Fi connection, docking stations for cell phones and iPods, an X Box, a cinema screen, satellite television and LCD screens and DVD players. There is surround sound and even an electric piano.

9. 2800-04 Open Yacht, Guy Couach - Charter: $30,000 per week

Couach 2800 Open

Couach's 2800 series yacht was built in 2013 and is 93.9 feet. It is sleekly designed and has powerful twin engines. The yacht reaches speed of up to 40 knots and a cruising speed of 27 knots. The modern design is highly maneuverable and sleek.

The interior of this yacht is light and spacious. Natural light floods the salon which features blonde teak wood and natural colors for the leather and fabrics. The boat has 4 cabins including an owner's suite, a VIP suite and 2 twin suites. The yacht comfortably accommodates 8 guests and 3 crew members. For fun water sports, entertaining and relaxation, this yacht is perfect.

10. Casino Royale 108 feet, Sunscreen - Charter: $73,000 to $84,000 per week

Casino Royale 108 feet, Sunscreen

The Casino Royale is Sunscreen's Predator model. At 108 feet, it is a spacious, sleek and luxurious open yacht. Its powerful engines reach 45 knots maximum speed and 22 knots cruising speed. The yacht was built in 2004 and refitted in 2016. The yacht was designed by Don Shead Yacht Designs and the interior design is by Sunscreen. Perfect for sporting, entertaining and rela xing, the Casino Royale is well appointed.

The interior is elegantly decorated with rich woods and leather. Deck space is ample and there is a Jacuzzi. The yacht comfortably accommodates 8 guests in 4 cabins including a master suite, a VIP suite and 2 twin cabins. The yacht also accommodates 4 crew members.

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