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A Closer Look at Lurssen's Solandge Yacht


Superyachts are constructed in order to provide passengers with the ultimate cruise experience. They feature the utmost quality design, intelligent layout, comfortable accommodations, and pleasurable features. While most superyachts are impressive, larger units are able to provide almost unimaginable benefits. Greater deck space and more expansive cabins and lounge areas means that guests can enjoy all the benefits of a five-star hotel while cruising around the world.

While these yachts provide fantastic experiences, they are quite costly to charter. Thus, one should be fully confident in a brand before selecting a large superyacht. One ship building company that instills supreme confidence in potential charterers is Lurssen. Lurssen is one of the oldest and most storied ship building companies in the world, with a history of producing award-winning yachts since 1875.

Founded by Friedrich Lurssen, this company has gone on to construct record-breaking and innovative yachts that consistently raise the standard for ship construction. They are based in Germany and currently claim the title of the builders of the world’s largest yacht, which is a staggering 180 meters long.

One of their most impressive entries in recent years is Solandge. This superyacht is a gorgeous and elegant ship that boasts luxurious accommodations and a wide variety of entertainment options. It is perfect for both private charter and luxury group cruises. Lurssen’s impeccable design ensures that passengers will be able to enjoy a supremely comfortable cruise without feeling the motion of the water.



While building an 85-meter ship may be a daunting task to most shipyards, Lurssen is well-equipped for this type of task. The ship boasts five luxurious guest decks which include large cabins and expansive lounge areas. It also includes an incredible array of special features that separate this yacht from nearly all others. Guests will be able to have unforgettable experiences both inside the ship and out on the water.

With its striking exterior designed by Espen Oieno, Solandge manages to impress upon viewers a sense of confidence and elegance. It features sharp lines and sweeping curves. As well, its interior was designed by the talented Aileen Rodriguez. The interior is like something out of a movie, with unimaginable extravagance, gorgeous colors, and only the finest materials.

Accommodations and Comfort


Naturally, one of the primary features of a superyacht is its accommodations. Without comfortable sleeping areas, passengers will be uncomfortable and unable to enjoy the other benefits of the cruise. The Solandge offers eight incredible cabins that are spacious, tastefully decorated, and comfortable. Most impressive of all is its expansive Owner’s Suite, although the VIP cabin makes quite an impression as well.

In total, the yacht can comfortably accommodate up to twelve guests. In addition, there are fifteen crew cabins designed to accommodate up to 29 crew members. This ensures that guests aboard the Yolandge will want for nothing during their stay.

The Owner’s Suite is simply spectacular. It not only spans the full beam of the ship, it also boasts an abundance of individualized features. For instance, the suite includes his-and-hers bathrooms as well as a private dressing room. It also features its own private deck and spa pool. What truly makes this suite so impressive, however, are the 180-degree windows which provide an incredible panorama view. In addition to the Owner’s Suite, the VIP cabin also spans the full beam and the double cabins also feature en suite bathrooms. Each bedroom on the ship features its own unique color pattern.

Ideal for Lounging and Hosting Parties

Aside from the luxurious accommodations, the ship is ideal for lounging and hosting parties. It features a great deal of deck space and a gorgeous grand staircase. The upper deck hosts both a beach club and dance floor, as well as features like a jacuzzi tub and wet bar. As well, the bridge deck offers plenty of seating, making it perfect for al fresco dining. The outdoor decks are tastefully lit at nighttime, giving this yacht the magical feel of a high-class venue. There are also many indoor lounging areas, including an expansive main salon that comes equipped with its own fireplace and Bechstein piano.

In order to make the most out of this intelligent and spacious layout, the interior design employs only the finest materials. There are a staggering 49 different types of marble and 33 different types of wood used for the ship’s interior. Further, lighting is provided by gorgeous Schonbeck chandeliers. Most impressive of all, however, is the massive 50-foot illuminated sculpture in the atrium lobby. This sculpture, named “The Tree of Life,” is composed of 1200 illuminated Murano glass flowers. It is truly breathtaking.



The benefits of chartering the Solandge do not end with its impressive layout and interior design. Instead, there are a wide range of entertainment options available to keep guests entertained throughout their stay. Naturally, this includes ship-wide wireless Internet access for streaming movies, shows, and music.

However, the entertainment options extend far beyond personal devices. The ship also boasts its own indoor movie theater for watching films on the big screen. Further, its main salon offers a games room for guests to play in. There is a state of the art audio-visual system throughout the ship, as well as a DJ booth and dance floor on the Sundeck. This makes the yacht ideal for throwing parties. The ship also has a karaoke system on both the upper deck and main salon.

When chartering the Solandge, guests should never worry about running out of activities while enjoying the luxurious interior of the ship. Although its incredible interior design is enough to impress even the most particular passenger, the ship includes a wide array of entertainment options as well.



Although the accommodations, deck space, and entertainment features make life aboard the Solandge an incredible experience, no superyacht would be complete without offering ways to enjoy the sunshine and water as well. This is a superyacht that not only embraces this challenge, but goes above and beyond.

Perhaps most impressively, the ship includes four tenders. There are two 300 HP Diesel tenders available, as well as a Centurion Wake Boat. The ship also includes a Fassmer Rescue Boat.

However, what usually catches the eye of guests are the three included Yamaha Waverunners. There are also three Seabobs, and a Narwhal Jet Boat. Further, the ship includes an additional stand-up Jetski.

There are also a wide variety of toys for playing on the water. These include wakeboards, surfboards, paddleboards, and inflatable kayaks and tubes.

For exploring the water instead of playing on its surface, the yacht comes equipped with diving equipment and a certified dive resort. This includes eight full sets of diving gear as well as an additional four tanks.

It is impressive enough for a ship that features such elegant luxury to offer recreational options at all. However, the Yolandge clearly prides itself on providing endless options for fun and excitement to its guests.



Although having fun on the water, throwing parties, and dancing the night away are all excellent uses of the yacht, many guests seek pampering while on a yacht. For this reason, the ship is well-equipped with options for leisure as well.

This includes a large beach club and temperature-controlled pool, sauna, massage room, and even a gym for working out. All of these options are highlighted by trained staff who ensure both safety and peace of mind when using the facilities.



Of course, the incredible luxury and quality offered by the Solandge does not come cheap. Weekly chartering prices are at 1,000,000 euros, although the yacht can be purchased for a whopping 155,000,000 euros (approximately $165,000,000). For those with the means, this yacht offers an unforgettable cruise experience.



Lurssen Yachts is a company known for the incredible quality and innovative technology of its yachts. The Solandge is a ship that continues this tradition. It features an incredible array of entertainment, recreation, and leisure options to ensure that passengers enjoy every second of their stay. Further, its accommodations are spacious, and the interior design is simply spectacular. This yacht is the stuff of dreams, as it lives up to the highest possible standards of luxury.

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