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A Closer Look at the Martha Ann by Lurssen Yachts


The Lurssen shipyard of German origin has set high standards for producing luxury motor yachts. Trusted by Paul Allen and Larry Ellison, they put their hands and talented team of designers to work on one of the finest Superyachts to sail the seas. Their jewel of the Sea superyacht Martha Ann is currently up for sale. Featuring luxury accommodations with extra spacious accommodations, she truly meets the criteria for achieving the status of super yacht. She is in the same family as Apoise built in 2006 and Saint Nicholas, 2007 which were also built by Lurssen. Martha Ann was launched under the name of Shark with the initial launch date in 2008. We're here to take a closer look at Martha Ann to explore why she is considered to be such a special member of this elite family of motor yachts.

Design and build


Martha Ann is a seventy meter yacht that is designed for luxury yachting. She was built by the Lurssen shipbuilders. The exterior design was completed by Espen Oeino with interior design by Francois Zuretti. From a glance, the spacious yacht is sleek in appearance. Each of the staterooms were planned to allow for elegance and roominess. You'll find several areas which are the perfect size for accommodating seating so guests will always have an open set for relaxing or enjoying the sights and sounds of the destinations that the Martha Ann cruises. The deep blue hull and modern lines make her an attractive craft to behold.



The yacht is fully equipped with four large staterooms which are located on the lower deck. Guests will enjoy the full king sized beds. On the main deck is where you'll find the ample sized master suite measuring just over one hundred and thirty meters. The Martha Ann can accommodate up to twelve guests and eighteen crew members. Here is a more detailed rendering of the accommodation specs.

  • On the aft port ensuite with a king plus pullman and double vanity sinks, dressing room, closet, shower, arm chair, desk, flat screen TV and breakfast table.
  • On the Aft starboard a king plus pullman ensuite with the same accommodations as the aft port.
  • On the forward port, a king bed and ensuite with double vanity and sinks and shower, desk, dressing room and closet, sofa that is an L shaped corner type and flat screen TV.
  • Forward starboard room features a king, ensuite with a dual vanity and sinks and shower, desk, sofa and flat screen TV.
  • VIP Statemroom on the Bridge Deck features a queen ensuite with shower and double vanity sinks, occasional table, vanity, sofa, arm chair, mirrored closet and dressing room.
  • The staff cabin is available with three singles, ensuite with a shower, closet, desk and flat screen TV which is ideal for housing nannies, children and other staff.
  • The lower deck features a service corridor from the lobby to the crew's quarters to keep them separate from guest accommodations. The lower deck is where you find the central lobby that provides access to a circular glass elevator and it also houses a mini refrigerator and a service bar.



The Martha Ann measures seventy meters in length with a 12.8 meter beam. It has been designed with six decks which are connected by the circular glass stairway with elevator. On the bridge deck there is a full beam saloon. On this deck you'll find the enormous sports bar that is complete with a wet bar and a flat screen TV. The upper deck features a gym that is equipped with treadmill machines that are positioned to face the full length window for a magnificent view while working out. You'll also enjoy the large Jacuzzi on the upper deck for relaxation after an intense workout or a hard day of play at sea.

The ship was built with multiple areas for outdoor relaxation and some highlights include an integrated bar and large pool as well as an ultra stylish dining area that has the capacity for seating between twelve and fourteen guests. It may be enclosed or fully opened to allow guests to enjoy the fresh air.

The interiors are done in a classical style with state of the art systems for the most current and useful technology available. Additional luxury amenities include customized deck lighting, WiFi and iPod connectivity throughout the vessel and anchor stabilization for the smoothest experience possible.



Martha Ann is powered with two diesel engines manufactured by Caterpillar. She has plenty of power on board with a total of eight thousand and forty horse power and just 5 kilowatts under six thousand with twin screw propulsion. She has a cruising speed of thirteen knots and her top speed is fifteen and a half knots with a generous range of six thousand nautical miles at twelve knots. Her fuel capacity is over thirty five thousand US gallons with a potable water capacity of just under eight thousand eight hundred US gallons. She sails under the Cayman Islands flag.

Her overall length is two hundred and thirty feet and three inches with two hundred and eight feet and 2 inches at waterline. The beam is forty one feet and eleven inches with a max draft of twelve feet one inch. She can accommodate up to twelve guests and eighteen crew members with a total of seven cabins consisting of one master and six double for guest accommodation.

Final thoughts


The Martha Ann is one of Lurssen's finest superyachts and she offers an attractive exterior with extreme luxury on the interior. Her design has made provisions for extreme roominess for the comfort of owners and guests. She is a lovely sight to behold as her sleek and graceful lines glide gracefully across the seas. The addition of stabilizers make her a dream for cruising in smooth seas or at anchor in more turbulent conditions. She comes fully equipped with all of the amenities that make an excursion fun, relaxing and entertaining. She has recently become available for sale and promises to deliver high on luxury and performance to the fortunate new owner.

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