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The Top 10 Sport Fisher Yachts Available Today

Sport Fisher Yachts

For centuries, people have built and used boats made just for the purpose of fishing. While at first a necessity, these days recreational fishing boats are used by people all over the world. The most well equipped boats are sport fisher yachts, which are perfect for angling in comfort. Models called convertibles are equally designed for optimal cruising and use by sportsmen.  When you're done fishing for the day, you don't have to leave your vessel so quickly.  These boats are equipped with luxurious cabins and ample room.

Here are our picks for ten of the finest sport fisher yachts that you can buy.

1. Viking 55 Convertible - $2,291,000

Viking 55 Convertible

Th first iteration of the Viking 55 Convertible debuted in 1996, and today the sport fisher's performance is better than ever. The 17.2 meter vessel reaches a top speed of over 40 knots and has a fly bridge and cockpit that were designed to be efficient enough to be suitable for competitive fishing. Built-in conveniences include a split level cockpit with an observation mezzanine and a center console station.

Aesthetically, the Viking 55 Convertible's exterior is sleek and sporty with a modern edge. Inside it has three staterooms, a laundry area, and a semi-custom configuration that allows its owner to choose between a peninsula or island galley with an under the counter refrigerator.

2. Jarrett Bay 46' Grander - $1.675 million

Jarrett Bay 46' Grander

For the sea goer or sportsman who wants a custom sport fisher yacht, few options top the Jarrett Bay 46' Grander. This 46 foot yacht has Twin Cat engines that allow it to read a cruising speed of 39 knots and a top speed of 45 knots. The cockpit measures a roomy 122 square feet and features a central mezzanine seat that contains a cooler and an ice maker. Just steps below it are two easily accessible freezers and in-deck fish boxes, all arranged for maximum space and efficiency.

The Jarrett Bay 46' Grander has a primary helm with pilot and co-pilot chairs and a state of the art electronics suite, convertible bench that doubles as rod storage, and dry storage. The interior sports a contemporary mix of wood veneer and metallic hued fabrics. There's also a fully equipped compact galley with a fridge and freezer, microwave and convection oven, and wash basin, plus plenty of rod storage, a tackle storage station, and a wet hanging locker.

3. Cabo 44 HTX -$949,000

Cabo 44 HTX

The Cabo 44 HTX is built to be tough on the water and reaches a top speed of 38 knots, thanks to its twin 1,001 hp CAT engines. This vessel has plenty of power, but it's also very stable and won't knock you off your feet. A three hatch cockpit, with one in the lazarette and two located above the boat's fish boxes, are well designed and laid out thoughtfully. The cold plates on the Cabo 44 HTX are especially notable -- you won't have any problem keeping your catch chilled for hours even without ice.

Space for a mate is provided by a fighting chair on the deck, and the mezzanine can seat up to five passengers. The bait freezer, transom livewell, tackle locker, and washdown on this sport fisher all make it even more functional and excellent for serious anglers.

4. Bertram 54 Convertible - $399,000

Bertram 54 Convertible

The Bertram 54 Convertible is one of the most reputable sport fisher yachts on the market. The 18 foot 2 inch beam on this yacht makes the cockpit even more appealing for sportsmen, as it's much more comfortable than other boats in its class. Owners have the option of outfitting the cockpit with an extra freezer or a bait center.

This boat has a forward galley with a layout that's highly workable and outfitted with competitive anglers in mind. There's a variety of optional equipment that you can choose, including an Eskimo ice maker, Aquamatic 700-1, and zero speed stabilizer.

5. Maritimo 470 Offshore -$1,198,111


One look at the Maritimo 470 Offshore and you may think it has a modest exterior, but this is one serious sport fisher yacht. The 54 foot vessel is all about practicality and quality, and it effortlessly combines all of the essentials for competitive angling with the right mix of amenities for entertaining. The entertainment area aboard the Maritimo 470 Offshore is continuous and makes efficient use of space.

This vessel has one double room and a single room for sleeping quarters, and in the flybridge is a compact saloon and control station. The boat's interior layout is versatile, as you can switch between indoor and outdoor cooking and dining. A bar fridge, wash basin, and balcony overlook the cockpit.

6. Spencer 70 IPS - $1.5 million

Spencer 70 IPS

One of the most fuel efficient sport fisher yachts that you can buy is the Spencer 70 IPS. It has three engines that give it 2,700 hp, and this boat isn't just fast but quite a looker inside and out. The Spencer 70 IPS is one of the larger vessels in its class, and comes in at 70 feet. Multiple refrigerators, storage, and a grill are on the mezzanine, and the flybridge sports a decor that's decidedly modern.

7. Tiara 4300 Open - $907,990


Tiara Yachts' 4300 Open is designed to be an excellent vessel for fishing or cruising. Onboard is premium equipment and twin Cummins diesel engines that provide powerful performance. The upper and lower cockpits are strategically laid out for comfort and practicality. In the upper cockpit is an oversized actuated helm seat, storage, a companion lounge swivel seat, and mezzanine lounge seat. The lower cockpit holds two insulated fish boxes that are flush to the floor, a transom baitwell, and the option to add in extras such as a swim platform or sun pad.

8. Riviera 51 - $850,000

Riviera 51

This Riviera sport fisher yacht features a modern appearance inside and out. The Riviera 51 has an enclosed flybridge with an internal staircase, wrap around windows, and three windscreen wipers. It's smartly designed and features reverse cycle air conditioning for efficiency and maximum comfort in any weather. It's a great cruiser, but the pod powered vessel is primed for angling as well.

9. Huckins 45 Sportfisherman - Price Upon Request

Huckins 45 Sportfisherman

One of the more classic looking sport fisher yachts at sea these days is the Huckins 45 Sportfisherman. It does have a timeless aesthetic, but it's engineered with modern technology to make it speedy, powerful, and a pleasure to bring out on the water. It reaches speeds of over 30 knots and is plenty spacious inside.

10. Viking 92 Convertible - $7.36 million

Viking 92 Convertible

If you prefer to chase big fish or test your skills at tournament, the Viking 92 is one of the best sport fisher yachts that you can use. The 93 foot yacht proves that a bigger vessel can still pack plenty of speed and efficiency. Inside the Viking 92 is a host of lavish details and amenities, an L-shaped galley, and features that are perfect for entertaining once you're done angling for the day.

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