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A Closer Look at X-Yachts New X49E Electric Sailing Boat

X-Yachts New X49E Electric Sailing Boat

X-Yachts managed to accomplish what few yacht makers have done. The yacht maker has incorporated next-gen electric propulsion into an elegant sloop. X-Yachts’ yacht is a 49-footer futuristic yacht, and it is based on the X49 model. Instead of using the X49’s traditional diesel engines, it uses two Oceanvolt’s 10kW electric motors. Since this yacht is built with power in mind, it explains why this yacht is a hybrid-powered one. Other than the 10 kW electric motors, it is equipped with a lithium battery bank of 28.8 kWh and a DC generator with a restriction of 11 kW. Furthermore, the yacht’s hybrid concept is great for significant distance intersections, meaning you won’t be abandoned adrift. There is a lot more that can be said about this yacht. Here are other additional features about it below.

The Battery Bank

This yacht uses LifePo4 lithium batteries. According to X-Yachts, they have a higher available power reserve than traditional lead batteries. Due to the yacht’s high power reserve, you can sail as far as you like without worrying about running out of power. Its power reserve will depend on factors like sea state, boat speed, and wind. To further capitalize on the yacht’s long range, you can use its 11 kW diesel generator. As long as there is diesel on board, the yacht can run for a long time. A critical advantage of electrical propulsion is recovery. At the point when you sail with an electric drive framework, it produces power from the pivoting propellers. The X49E model can create up to 3.5 kW under sail (while cruising + 8 bunches). Subsequently, assuming you sail for something like 8 hours, you will charge the battery from void to full. Then again, driving with a motor will consume all the power without recovering it.


The yacht is spacious right from the entrance. As you get into the vessel, you will notice plenty of light and ventilation under the deck. For further comfort, the yacht has vacuum infusion technology on the hull construction, laminated teak handrails, a carbon frame over the keel, and the correct weight distribution of all the fittings. Then, the yacht has a 3-lodge design with two liberally measured WCs/showers. This yacht can comfortably accommodate six adults. However, according to X-Yachting, it can accommodate two more adults in the saloon area and two children or agile adults at the aft removable sea berths. Lastly, it has a standard full teak bathing platform that creates a perfect area for relaxing. Besides acting as a relaxing place, it offers easy access from the water or dinghy. The platform helps you to make the most of its swim stops or the short term visits to one of the perpetual safe ports of the Greek archipelago.


Most people think of the cockpit space on yachts as luxurious due to the vast space. However, the cockpit space also ensures safety by keeping the area uncluttered. Another safety measure within the vessel’s outdoor living is its deck shower which is fitted as standard. It has high backrests, which offer protection at sea, and a seating area that is comfortable, featuring fitted cockpit cushions. For the yacht’s exterior’s safety, it has a vacuum-mixed epoxy, full sandwich frame. It saves significant weight, in this manner boosting strength and solidness. The saved weight expands the yacht’s solidness which allows a more loosened-up time adrift. Another exterior safety feature is its galvanized steel frame. The frame is mounted to the hull’s inside and takes all the loads from the keel and mast. It, therefore, steady’s the yacht, keeping it strong and safe. According to Crossroads Galvanizing, galvanized steel is strong since it contains a thin zinc coating layer which protects the steel beneath it from rust. Additionally, for safety, the lead bulb features an encapsulated epoxy e-glass shell.

Techniques of Charging the Battery

Regardless of the technique you use to charge your battery, the recharging times range from 20-80% state of charge. The first technique involves charging the battery when you need to travel for long distances under power. In this instance, the generator will deliver all power (11 kW) to the two servoprops, with each running at 5.5 kW each. As a result, the yacht travels up to a speed of 6.7 knots without any wind or waves. Generally, the generator’s fuel consumption will be 3.8 liters per hour. Another case is when you need your battery bank to recharge while under generator power. That means you will have to decrease the servoprops power to a level lower than 5.5 kW each, e.g., to 4 kW. However, the generator will still deliver 11 kW (8 kW to the servoprops and 3 kW for recharging the battery bank). The vessel’s speed will be reduced to 6 knots, while the fuel consumption will remain at 3.8 liters per hour. After 10-12 hours, the battery bank will be recharged fully. Lastly, there is a case when you might need 15 NM miles for your destination. That means the crew must travel as fast as possible with a battery bank with 80% power to their destination under the engine. Assuming that both servoprops work at full power of 2 x 10 kW, the yacht will sail at a speed of 7.8 knots and take approximately 2 hours to reach the destination. Since the battery bank has 80% power, it will not have sufficient power to supply to the servoprops. In such a case, it becomes necessary to start the generator. The generator will deliver 11 kW to the servoprops, while the battery bank will deliver the remaining 9 kW, which means you will reach your destination with full power.

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