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A Closer Look at The Kardashian's Yacht Axioma

Kardashian yacht

People talk about sticking to your lane like it is a bad thing, but in terms of your choice of fun, you cannot spend money you do not have. That is the reason why income groups are divided into three sets: low, middle, and high, with each category having their own budget as dictated by the amount of money they earn. You cannot expect a person who barely makes $3,000 in a month to be hanging out in high-end joints where a bottle of champagne costs thousands of dollars unless they are looking to be living in debt for the rest of their lives. In light of this, imagine having so much money that you will take your friends on a cruise for a couple of weeks. Well, that is what Kendall Jenner did for her 19th birthday, and according to Elle, she invited Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Lewis Hamilton, and Hailey Baldwin to share in the fun. Kendall Jenner decided to celebrate her birthday in style by taking a vacation in Monaco on a yacht named Axioma.

The fact that such a celebrity was ready to charter it should inform you already that the amount is not one that we, the ordinary citizens, can afford. Kendall was willing to fork out $500,000 per week to rent the boat which makes you wonder what is so special about it, so here is all you need to know about Axioma.

What features does Axioma have to offer?

The most important thing on a yacht is the amenities it offers its guests since people will spend lots of time on it and it should be able to handle all their needs. Axioma is one yacht that does not disappoint, which could be the reason why the likes of Kendall do not mind taking their friends on board.

Swimming pool and Jacuzzi

You may wonder why you need to have a swimming pool in a yacht when you can swim in the oceanic waters surrounding you, but the answer is that it may not be too safe out there. Creatures like jellyfish and rough conditions in the seas can limit your fun but with a swimming pool around, taking a dip to beat the hot weather is all you need.

If you prefer outdoor spaces, the Jacuzzi deck will be the spot you might want to rush to, and since it has a bar, then you can have the water massaging your muscles as you take a sip of your favorite wine.

Gym and steam room

Being on a yacht can make you forget about your fitness routine but not with Axioma whose gym is well-equipped. Immediately after a workout, the steam room next to the gym is where you need to go to start your recovery after exercise and perhaps detox. Those who are comfortable with their bodies and would rather have a massage can step into the massage room.


The designer of Axioma knew precisely what he was doing because the 3-D cinema in the lower deck gives movie lovers the ultimate cinematic experience since the room does not get much light. If you are in the mood for a barbecue, then the exquisite snacks will delight your palate while you can hold a private gathering in the media room as Yacht Charter Fleet reports.

What sets it apart from the rest?

Regardless of how good a yacht is, if the service offered is horrible, not even the features are enough to make you want to stay. Axioma boasts of a full-time crew of 20 people according to Boat International  with two working on rotation. They must be well taken care of because some worked on the owner's previous yacht, and they have developed a family-like bond since recruitment is done by word of mouth to avoid bringing strangers on board.

The crew comprises professionals who are ever ready to serve no matter the time of day or night as reveled on Spear's where Chef Stephens did not mind waking up at 4 am to make a late-night snack for a guest. Additionally, he can make whichever dish you want, and the best part is, they do not store ingredients for months on end. Instead, meals are made from fresh ingredients obtained from the islands, and those that are not available are flown in and taken to the boat.

Treating guests like royalty

It can be disappointing to spend half a million dollars hoping to have the time of your life only to be told that the areas you want to visit are impossible to reach. Fortunately, on Axioma, guests are given the privilege of planning the itinerary and selecting the destinations they want to visit on their trip. Once you have settled on where you want to go, Captain Mark Giblin and his colleague Chief Stewardess Suzy Sawers ensure you visit all the places you hoped for, according to Luxury Travel Magazine.

Who is Axioma's owner?

Most people may not be aware of who owns Axioma given the endless photos of celebrities flaunting their time on the boat. Axioma's owner is a Russian named Dmitry Pumpyansky whose net worth is $2.3 billion. According to Super YachtFan, Dmitry is building another boat measuring 100 meters in length as opposed to Axioma's 73 meters. He is, therefore, looking for someone to buy Axioma whose price has been set at 68 Million Euros so if you would like to own the boat instead of chartering, it is time to talk to Dmitry and maybe the next time Kendall wants to take a holiday with her model friends, she will contact you.

At the time of purchase, the yacht was called Red Square, and it was the first superyacht to be launched in Turkey by Dunya Yachts. Red Square was sold during the Monaco Yacht Show, and after a few days, the name changed to Axioma.

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