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A Closer Look at the Benetti Classic Supreme 132'

Each yacht that has been created for luxurious comfort and cruising extravagance is designed with special features that set it apart from the others. Benetti has been around since 1873 as a premiere shipbuilding company that offers some of the finest vessels on the waters. They craft each ship with a distinct personality and the Benetti Classic Suupreme 132 is no exception. This fine yacht is now for sale and it is so impressive that we are going to take a closer look at the things that make her so very special.


The Benetti Classic Supreme 132 was built by the famous ship builders and naval architects at Benetti Shipyards of Italy. Their skill and experience through the decades have attributed to the solid reputation that they have established in the industry. She is built with state of the art technology and innovations which make her an ultra modern craft. She is fast, aesthetically pleasing and packed with a load of amenities that practically guarantee a good time for all guests aboard.

The Classic Supreme 132 Superyacht

The Classic Supreme 132 is Benetti's newest Class yacht. This series features yachts ranging between ninety three to one hundred and forty five feet. She is a motor yacht that has gained inspiration from the Benetti Customs and the rationale for her name is that she embodies the definition of both the classic and the supreme.

Special features

The main deck is large and extends beyond the full beam of the vessel. It only takes one push of a button to watch the whole of the portside of the state room extend outwards. It transforms into an alfresco balcony complete with a table and comfy chairs resting upon a teak plank sole. It has the capacity for accommodating ten guests for open air dining. This feature makes it a better choice for reaching warmer destinations. In addition, the outdoor living rooms come complete with chairs and couches on each deck. It also possesses a fold down beach that offers chaise lounges and umbrellas for putting off the midday sun. The windows offer some of the most amazing views from indoors when inclement weather is about.

Main deck dining offers a formal dining venue with total protection from the sea breeze. It is also equipped with air conditioning to maximize the comfort of guests.

Interior design

The exterior designer for the Benetti Classic Supreme 132 was Stefano Righini. The yacht features a sleek appearance with a helter skelter arrangment of large windows that delight guests. The interior design was performed by Francois Zuretti and presents itself with an airy and bright format. The skylounge on the upper deck includes a game table and features an open concept feeling.

Additional amenities

The full length upper deck is full beam using the twenty seven foot width for a shading of the walkways and natural cooling of the salon. There is a push out that originates fro the master for additional space on the port side. In this same area, the foyer for entry greets arriving guests. She is also designed with space for storage for personal watercraft and in addition, workout and dive gear. Customization of this yacht is simple because of her space loving layout.

A gym is located on the upper deck and includes a massage table for soothing sore muscles after a day of fun and activities. A spa is also included to help further relax sore muscles.


The Benetti Classic Supreme 132 accommodates ten guests with five guest cabins. The master suite is spacious with a combined entry and office area, his and hers bathrooms, a bathtub in a common area, individul shower, walk in closet and dual vanities. Guest rooms located on the lower deck offer two VIP staterooms aft. Tile heads featuring large sized showers and sinks and desks. at the forward of the foyer is located two guest staterooms with twin beds and ensuite showers. There are four crew cabins which can accommodate up to seven crew members.


Benetti Exclusive Sea Technology brings a state of the art electronics system that is housed in an integrated unit. The systems are linked and include televisions, radar, telephones, Apple airPlay system for mobile devices and WiFi connection for keeping in touch and accessing various forms of entertainment.


The 132 is powered by two MTU 12V 2000 diesel engines that delivers one thousand four hundred and fifty horse power. The cruising speed is 14.5 knots and the maximum speed is 15.5 knots. The range is thirty five hundred nautical miles when cruising at twelve knots. She is also equipped with 2 x 5 fixed blade in nickel aluminum bronze propellers by Benetti Design and two Kohler eighty kilowatt generators. Naiad VT stabilizers offer a smooth experience when at anchor even in rough waters.

The infrastructure and hull is made with composite materials built to RINA classification. The LOA is one hundred and thirty two feet. The LWL is one hundred and nine feet and one inch. The beam is twenty six feet 8 inches with a full load draft of seven feet six inches. The full load displacement is two hundred and seventy five tons with gross tonnage of three hundred and forty six tons. Fresh water tanks hold seventy two hundred liters and the fuel tanks hold forty five thousand liters of diesel fuel. She was launched in 2012 and is once again available for sale.

Final thoughts

The Benetti Classic Supreme 132 is a yacht that has a definite personality of her own. She features a unique design with large sized windows that are different than traditional designs, but this is part of her charm and glory. She is easily recognizable on the sea. This luxury yacht is designed to offer guests an environment of elegance and supreme comfort. She is fast and provides all of the amenities that you would expect from this elite class of marine motorcraft. The Classic Supreme 132 is one of Benetti's finest accomplishments in the series of superyachts they have built for those who prefer to do things in class and in style.

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