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The 10 Finest Benetti Yachts of All-Time


There are several things that are bound to spark discrepancies among experts, but one thing’s for sure: Italians do know their way around luxury yacht making. As they say, everything good comes from Italy. The country is a buzz of luxury goods such as yachts, and Benetti is at the top of the game in that department. Since it was formed in the 60s, Benetti has proved to be a forceful impact in the world of yacht-making. The company engages the finest Italian craftsmanship and the best of modern technology to manufacture some of the most iconic yachts in the world. As a result, Benetti yachts are sleek, stylish, and instantly recognizable.

Without further ado, here are the 10 finest Benetti yachts of all time.

1. Benetti Giorgia Yacht

Benetti Giorgia Yacht

Benetti Giorgia features a remarkable 36.6m length plus a 7.92m beam. Designed by renowned Lynn A. Cullen in 2009, this luxury yacht comes with five cabins – two twin and three double – that can accommodate up to ten guests. The boat has an impressive speed as well, cruising at a dazzling 13 knots.  For $10,070,802, this luxury yacht can be yours.

2. Benetti Quid Pro Quo

Benetti Quid Pro Quo

Made in 2007 and designed by the popular French interior designer Michael Sagbini, the Quid Pro Quo is 30.2 meters in length and can hold ten guests in three twin cabins and two double cabins, making it slightly extravagant than its previous counterpart. Its cruising speed is a good 11 knots, which will ensure you enjoy a smooth and trouble-free trip. The starting price to charter the Quid Pro Quo is $61,578 per week.

3. Benetti Ayouchka

Benetti Ayouchka

Ayouchka is one of the earliest Benetti mega yachts that solidified the yacht company’s status in the industry. With 11 knots cruising speed and a length of 28m, this contemporary super yacht is easy on the eyes with a very pretty design. It can accommodate up to ten guests with a spacious five-cabin layout that is guaranteed to give you a relaxing experience while chartering the boat. What’s more, after it was refitted in 2009, all the features were updated to please even the pickiest of guests. The boat is estimated to be about $3,347,604.

4. Benetti Farfallina


Completed in 2008, the Farfallina is arguably one of the finest Benetti yachts of all time, complete with fitting luxuries and equipment. Every room comes with a large flat screen TV with satellite channels to keep you and your guests entertained throughout. The yacht also features a wide range of water activities thanks to sporting toys such as water skis, and many more. The experience is further enhanced with a power-plate, a SEABOB, and the chance to explore the warm waters by snorkeling or kayaking in a two-man kayak. Farfallina is also one of the most secure Benetti yachts ever, as it is integrated with CCTV and full night- vision security system. The boat is currently not available for charter.

5. Benetti Wild Thyme

Benetti Wild Thyme

Wild Thyme is probably the most enjoyable mega yachts in the Benetti line. The boat offers activities for both kids and adults, guaranteeing fun times throughout the experience. There are five cabins on the Wild Thyme, which feature preloaded music in iPods as well as docking stations and 20” plasma televisions with satellite channels. The sky lounge, master cabin, and saloon boast even more luxury, as they are integrated with 40” plasma TVs and Apple TV systems. On top of that, the boat offers luxurious toys and water activities on the outside, from a u-tubes and slalom skis to a Yamaha GP800R Wave runner, a powerful chaseboat, and a Castoldi 17 jet tender. Benetti Wild Thyme weekly charter is valued at about $117,558.

6. Benetti Panthera

Benetti Panthera

The entire manufacturing process of the Panthera took place in Italy at the company’s shipyard in Livorno, before the boat was delivered to its owner in 2013. Designed by Zuretti, the yacht’s accommodation can hold up to ten guests, in addition to nine crew members for a relaxed yachting experience. It has an aluminum superstructure and a semi-displacement aluminum hull. With a pair of 16V 4000 M73L MTU diesel engines, Panthera can achieve 3,650hp and a maximum speed of 24knots and a cruising speed of 22.5knots. The last record put this yacht at $33,532,020.

7. Benetti Ocean Paradise

Benetti Ocean Paradise

Completed in 2013, Ocean Paradise is a symbol of the finest and most amazing advances in modern yachting. It comes with a bold, sleek profile with athletic lines that give her a stylish, but revolutionary sensation. The interior was done by the company’s in-house designer Mauro Izzo, featuring trivial Asian influences and almost all Italian-based resources. The main saloon has an open plan arrangement that offers flexible living alternatives, as well as a sophisticated formal dining area and spacious lounge area. Full length windows facilitate natural light into the yacht, while the accommodation includes six staterooms. The VIP suite, which is located on the upper deck, embraces a décor of relaxing creams and blues while the guest staterooms come with a warm color scheme.

8. Benetti Seanna

Benetti Seanna

At 65 meters length, Seanna is a picture of style. With a combination of Susan Young interiors, Redman Whiteley Dixon styling, and Benetti craftsmanship, the Seanna is truly the ultimate charter yacht. Stunning entertainment. Her simple, informal ambience on the other hand, lends itself to relaxation and recreation for families and groups of friends. A dining room and four guest saloons ensures complete satisfaction at any time of the day. Notable amenities on the inside include the CLUB SEANNA disco, an elegant library with a working fireplace, and an indoor/outdoor gym. Charter prices for this beauty are $485,906 per week in summer and from $462,000 in winter.

9. Benetti Delfino 93

Benetti Delfino 93

This 28.5m vessel is a world class super yacht. It can accommodate up to ten charter guests in five beautifully decorated suites, each containing a glamorous en-suite bathroom. The interior design was done by Carlo Galeazzi while Stefano Righini was responsible for the exterior styling. Delfino 93 was the first Benetti Class line model, mirroring the characteristic Benetti style and experience. She comes with a compact dimensions surround the technical equipment, design solutions, and comfy, practical spaces synonymous with larger yachts. This has been enabled by the seven-meter wide mid-ship segment offering sufficient comfort even below the deck, where there are two guest cabins and two voluminous VIP cabins. Her asking price is $4,198,500.

10. Benetti Veloce 140

Benetti Veloce 140

Mega yachts, whether semi-custom or fully custom, tend to adhere to a certain pattern when it comes to interior layouts. The master suit is situated at the front of the main deck to utilize the beam completely. As a result, there is plenty of room below the decks for a private cinema, gym, or just more floor space for guests. However, creators of Veloce 140 decided to go a different way , with the hull providing fuel efficiency and ride comfort reminiscent to those of a full-displacement style. Benetty claims that she is 30% more efficient than a conventional planning yacht. Of course, it comes with the sharp design associated with Italian products and sufficient alfresco areas. It can reach a max speed of 20 knots and maintain a cruising pace of 12 knots. The current price tag is about $23,623,560.

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