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A Closer Look at David and Victoria Beckham's Yacht SeaFair


For years, David and Victoria Beckham have been photographed visiting their celebrity friends' luxury yacht boats and renting a luxury yacht for various trips. In fact, the Beckhams are often seen hanging out on yachts with their children in Miami, the Mediterranean, and even as far as Bali. 

It's not unusual to see people like David and Victoria Beckham hanging out on their celebrity friends' yachts, particularly if they can't afford their own yachts. However, the former Posh Spice and MLS team player definitely make a high-earning pair among their social group.

Perhaps that's why it's not surprising that the Beckhams aren't content to play on other people's boats – and who can blame them? They finally purchased a SeaFair yacht of their own, and it's a doozy. This commercial yacht can transform a life and is the kind of boat you'd love to see on a photo shoot.

Here's a look at David and Victoria Beckham's yacht SeaFair, and the other yachts they've vacationed on. The Beckhams are known as doting parents, so do they spend a lot of quality time on their yachts with their little ones? Let's take a quick look at David & Victoria Beckham's yacht SeaFair to learn more.

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Examining the Beckhams SeaFair Yacht

No matter why you're interested in this subject, we can provide you with in-depth information about Victoria and David Beckham's SeaFair yacht. It's the kind of topic that provides a fun and engaging read to certain people. For instance, it's common to see people interested in lifestyle topics browsing through articles like these to learn more about how the richest people in the world live.

Who are David & Victoria Beckham?

David and Victoria Beckham have amassed an estimated net worth of $1 billion and have no problem spending money on their family, their friends, and themselves. When the couple isn't running their fashion and other brand companies, they're vacationing with their children and celebrity friends, often on a yacht. But who exactly are these people? Let's start by talking about David Beckham.

Let's Check Out David Beckham

David Beckham is a former soccer player who's competed in many leagues. Throughout the 2000s, he was the standard bearer for British football and the kind of person you just knew would buy a yacht one day. David retired from the Manchester United Football team in 2013.

Since then, he's had many different roles. He is a UNICEF Ambassador and is co-owner of a new MLS team based in Miami, Florida, as well as an English non-league club. This new MLS team has taken up much of his time, but he's also become something of a fashion designer in recent years. 

In fact, David Beckham has his own fashion and footwear lines and is a co-owner of several companies. Though perhaps not a fashion designer in and of himself, he has hired some of the best in the world to maintain an attractive and appealing look that makes David Beckham popular even now.

The Inside Scoop on Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is primarily known as a member of the former 1990s band the Spice Girls. Victoria Beckham was one of the most popular of these singers and was known as a sophisticated lady. In fact, this sophisticated lady was named "Posh Spice" while she performed with the band. 

Victoria Beckham earned the nickname for her sophisticated style with the band. Since then, Posh Spice has kept up with that reputation and become a fashion designer of note. In fact, Victoria Beckham owns her own fashion line and is a constant figure in the fashion world. 

David and Victoria Beckham, Power Couple

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham both have several endorsement deals. For David Beckham, these include a lot of soccer endorsements, as well as fashionable lines. We already know he works with UNICEF, though he already provides support for other charitable organizations. 

Victoria Beckham has multiple endorsements, including Armani, Estee Lauder, and Dolce. She has capitalized on her time as Posh Spice with the Spice Girls to cultivate an image of a cultured and sophisticated lady. It's helped them stay financially solvent and worth a lot of money.

What makes them so interesting is that they've stayed together for over 20 years. In fact, they celebrated their 24th anniversary while on vacation with their four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper. They've been seen traveling throughout the Mediterranean and other areas for years.

Furthermore, the Beckhams have homes in Beverly Hills and London. They split their time between these houses, focusing on things like their photoshoot gigs and their appearances elsewhere to stay current and exciting. But what exactly is the deal with their SeaFair yacht?

The SeaFair Yacht

David and Victoria Beckham have enjoyed vacation time with friends and family on so many luxury yachts that they decided to purchase their own rather than renting. Victoria and her husband David wanted to find luxury yachts that they could show off to their friends rather than always renting.

Apparently inspired by the SeaFair Miami mega yacht that they've partied on and David shot a commercial on in 2016, the Beckhams purchased a smaller SeaFair yacht. Victoria and her hubby showed it off to their friends for over a week, renting out visits with friends and family members.

The yacht is nicknamed "The Sophisticated Lady," no doubt in reference to Victoria, formerly known as "Posh Spice" when she performed with the Spice Girls in the 1990s. We love that nickname because it highlights the fun atmosphere that Victoria Beckham and her hubby David like showing off. 

The yacht was purchased for a reported $4 million and is similar in design to the SeaFair Miami. It features plenty of deck space and a roomy interior. There is a gym, galley, and salon. Like many a luxury yacht on the market, it provides more than enough room for friends and family members. 

Furthermore, there is plenty of room to host up to eight guests in four guest suites. There are also two cabins for crew members. "The Sophisticated Lady" is 94 feet long and cruises up to 40 mph.

As Victoria Beckham and her husband David tour the world in their luxury yacht, they often spend more than a week with each group, including friends and their children. The Beckhams are known as doting parents who decided to provide their children with a fancy life they didn't have growing up.

When examining a photo of this large commercial yacht, you'll see a few things right away. First, it matches the physical beauty this power pair poses: it simply looks fantastic. Furthermore, this popular pair has been seen on their luxury yacht in London, Florida, Paris, and many other parts of the world. 

The SeaFair Miami

No doubt the Beckhams were inspired to purchase their SeaFair yacht when David Beckham chartered the SeaFair mega yacht in Miami in 2016 to shoot a commercial for his company Haig Club Whiskey. This beautiful yacht made Victoria's hubby jealous and clearly excited.

Beckham chartered the yacht in 2016 to film the commercial, which showcased the epitome of luxury with a party aboard the SeaFair Yacht with beautiful guests. Since then, he and Victoria enjoyed it before and after their wedding and explored the coast of many parts of the world. 

Each of their trip destinations included summer fun along various coast areas, including their amazing, record-breaking wedding. Obviously, the two eventually decided to cut out the middle person and buy a yacht so that they could handle each trip themselves. In this way, they could get lots of sunshine.

Furthermore, David and Victoria took their youngest children out on this yacht regularly, getting them used to spending time on a lavish yacht. But what exactly makes the SeaFair such a lavish yacht? Let's take a deep look at this amazing yacht to get an idea of why David and Victoria loved it. 

Amazing Amenities The Beckhams Couldn't Forget

The Beckhams not only got a lot of sunshine while on this boat. They also spent time with their family, including Brooklyn, Harper, and Cruz. David and his wife Victoria loved taking their family out to Italy, Florida, Spain, and other parts of the world while booking the biggest SeaFair lavish yacht.

If you've ever been on the SeaFair mega yacht, you'd understand why. It is a charter yacht that can be used as a luxury venue for multiple occasions and events, from business conferences to parties. The supersized yacht was designed by Luiz de Basto and underwent a multi-million dollar makeover.

It received this makeover just before former soccer player David Beckham used it as a venue to film his Haig Club Whiskey ad. After he visited it, he told his wife all about it and told him that they had to get their family on it, even if they wouldn't be buying it. After all, the yacht is worth $40 million. 

Think about that for a minute: a power couple that has over $1 billion to their name couldn't afford this yacht but had to rent it instead. It's not just a boat; it's an adventure. The SeaFair has a unique design and plenty of room to party, especially if you have lots of friends you want to hang out with on the water. 

The SeaFair is 228 feet long and features four deck floors, including a sky deck. There are 11,000 square feet of conference space and $10,000 square feet of entertainment space. Let's face it: there's so much to do that you and your 300 best friends probably couldn't get enough. 

In fact, the SeaFair mega yacht can accommodate up to 600 guests in two dining rooms and seven bars. The huge yacht is mainly docked at the InterContinental Hotel in Miami but travels up the coast of Florida to host events. It's no wonder that David Beckham chose SeaFair for his hit commercial.

Recent Trip to Miami

The Beckham family recently took a much-needed break vacationing in Miami, Florida, and enjoying time on their yacht. While not quite as big as the massive SeaFair, their smaller version is definitely perfect for Cruz, Harper, Romeo, and Brooklyn. It's a fun and unforgettable way to vacation. 

While in Miami, the family was invited to stay at singer Marc Anthony's estate. Anthony is a good friend of the couple and lives in a posh Coral Gables neighborhood of the city. While here, Victoria and David spent time swimming, exercising, and enjoying Marc Anthony's outgoing personality.

For example, they spent time in Anthony's 12-bedroom Mediterranean estate, as well as enjoying time on their yacht, cruising Biscayne Bay, and spending time in the Everglades. Exploring this exciting city has always been something they've enjoyed doing, including spending time with Lionel Messi.

Clearly, the two love their yacht and plan on spending as much time on it as possible. Wouldn't you? Along with Cruz, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Harper, it seems like they're poised to travel the world. And with their children getting old enough to get married (Brooklyn specifically), it's likely even more members will join them on their big yacht.

Easter Celebration with Marc Anthony

Their most recent trip isn't the first or last time they've visited Anthony in Miami. For example, they visited Anthony in Miami in the spring of 2018 to celebrate Easter. They brought along their children (as usual) and had a lot of fun on their yacht with the Latin American singer.

For example, they enjoyed the break relaxing and playing on a yacht. There is plenty of space to relax and play on the 120-foot yacht. The interior features natural wood and white and blue accents. That natural beauty creates an attractive style that makes it an appealing and modern boat. 

Within its expansive interior, there is a salon, galley, and dining room, as well as two full bars and five guest suites. There's also plenty of deck space with a wide swim platform, lounging areas, and a Jacuzzi. All these amenities make it very comfortable and enjoyable for visitors.

This trip is also not the first time that the Beckhams celebrated Easter together. They often post pictures of their kids, including Cruz, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Harper, highlighting their growth and development. Their children seem well-adjusted and not at all spoiled by their parents' wealth.

Other Yacht Excursions

The Beckhams are no strangers to spending vacations on yachts. Back in 2009, they were spotted on fashion designer Roberto Cavalli's yacht, Freedom. Obviously, their time on Cavalli's yacht must have worn off, and the two are now enjoying their own yachting experience with their family. 

Furthermore, during one long summer, the Beckhams visited the south of France and were invited to join good friend Elton John, his husband David Furnish, and their children on their 164-ft mega yacht Wabi Sabi. John is well known for his warmth and generosity with people he loves. 

As a result, the families had a great time exploring the Côte d'Azur. They checked out plenty of shore destinations, had some fun at various concerts, and spent time exploring the region together. Like all doting parents, they even brought along their kids to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Will there be even more reports of these two enjoying their boat together with friends? Well, the celebrity world is a small one and famous people often spend lots of time together on vacations and beyond. Clearly, it's likely that we haven't seen the last of Victoria or David Beckham and their fantastic and unforgettable boat.

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