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The 10 Finest Riva Yachts of All-Time


The story of the Riva boatyard reads like a fairytale. After a sudden and devastating storm hit Lake Iseo in Sarnico-Italy in 1842, it subsequently left the boats of the local fishermen irreversibly damaged. A young craftsman and shipbuilder, who had just migrated from Laglio, saw this as an opportunity to try and repair most of the vessels, winning the trust of the locals in the process.

This marked the beginning of a legend, and that of a man who became a master of his own destiny immediately after settling in Sarnico. It is here that the very first boats signed by Pietro Riva were unleashed. They were unique in terms of style and character, gaining Riva tremendous respect and recognition. Since then, the company has continued to produce noticeably high-quality yachts, up to the latest luxury mega boat.

Here are our picks for the 10 finest Riva yachts of all time.

1. Riva Aquariva Super


Current price: $394,000

Riva is best known for its Aquariva and Aquarama range of strong, elegant, and superbly varnished wooden motorboats developed during the 50's. Thanks to passionate advertising by Petro's great grandson, Carlo Riva, these roundabouts gained favor with such names as Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor, who endorsed the company by association and contributed to its success on an international scale. Aquariva Super is a direct descendant of this range of yachts, and can best be described as a modern classic.

While it still made use of timber in the production, Riva switched to fiberglass in the 1960's for the hulls, much to the disappointment of purists but allowing the brand to create much bigger vessels. The 10m Riva Super will leave you grinning during each luscious mile as you advance through Lake Iseo - or any other waters for that matter. It is powered by a twin 6.69-ton engine.

2. Riva 63' Virtus


Current price: $2,657,210

Class, elegance, and refinement are the most significant elements of the 63-feet Virtus, the biggest open yacht. It was developed after a close collaboration between the Centro Stile Ferrettigroup, AYT - Advanced Yacht Technology, and Officina Italian Design. it features cutting edge technological equipment and runs through 1360mhp MAN 12V twin engines. This helps it deliver excellent performance, reaching a maximum speed of 40.5 knots and a cruising speed of 35 knots. The interior and exterior fittings were tested to achieve the finest on board and space comfort, while the master cabin features a leather-coated bed. The overall yacht is characterized by a distinct design and an unmistakable Mediterranean personality.

3. Riva 63 Vertigo


Current price: $1,127,700

The Riva 63 Vertigo was introduced to immerse acclaim, with its harmonious and contemporary lines. Riva incorporated its unique magic into the sport cruiser concept and ended up with one of the most gorgeous yachts in its class. The middle helm station boasts the newest control instruments and generation navigation, as well as a power seat that is immediately reminiscent of the Riva Rivarama. On the other hand, the interior exudes luxury and spaciousness, with sufficient natural daylight thanks to the gigantic side windows. Wedge wood and light oak give the yacht an undeniable atmosphere of chic modernity, elegance, and style.

4. Riva 68' Ego Super


Current price: on Request

Skillfully balanced volumes and harmonious shapes on the 68-feet Ego Super combine with a profound, accurate analysis of every detail and solution. The yacht adheres to the core of Riva's tradition of remarkable innovations and absolute elegance. The large hull is one of the most notable new features, accommodating the aft full beam master cabin that offers panoramic views and plenty of natural light while cruising.

5. Riva 88' Domino Super


Current price: On Request

The 88-feet Domino Super strikes the eye immediately due its slim, streamlined profile that is further accentuated by the dark grey hull, which has been dubbed "London Grey". This creative color shade has also been incorporated in some deck components and produces a harmonious contrast with the light grey (named "Moon Grey") of its superstructure. In addition, the yacht sports a new sun deck that highlights its sporty personality while providing extra comfort. The exterior pilot station, on the other hand, has been relocated to the middle region of the yacht to a very limited size, subsequently making space for a big sofa at its bow. The substantial uninterrupted hull glazing, which features an extremely aggressive design, protrudes through the yacht like an arrow to the furthest bow. The Riva log is engraved on a stainless steel plate, right at the center of the glazing.

6. Riva 122' Mythos


Current price: $14,995,000

The new addition to Riva's flagship, the 122-feet Mythos, is an aluminum construction at more than 35 ton, 7.6-meter beam, and 37-meter overall length. The boat is inspired by the 86-feet Domino, but with evolved stylistic features. It was the result of a collaboration between the CRN's Interior Design and Technical Department, the research, design, and product development center of the Ferretti Group, and yacht designer Mauro Micheli. The flagship is one hundred percent Riva, as is evident with its clean lines, carefully articulated details, and the selection of vintage but "evergreen" materials such as leather, wood, and steel.

7. Riva Sportriva 56'


Current price: $2,994,613

When Riva undertook the development of the Sport Riva 56', it came with a new challenge: producing a boat with a completely unprecedented concept. The yacht integrates the concepts of a sporty open boat and a fly yacht into a "sporty glamor" and Riva style philosophy. The model was designed to the meet the requirements of clients who want to enjoy the comfort of an interior, air-conditioned upper saloon while still preserving the sporty lines of an open yacht. The yacht stands out because of its slender, aggressive profile that combine with numerous innovative solutions to make it the ideal example of modern design.

8. Riva Iseo


Current price: about $378,672

The Iseo is a 27-feet, trailer tow-able open yacht perfect for those who enjoy cruising on both sea and lake, thanks to its user-friendly maneuverability. It comes with the characteristic Riva design style, featuring an exclusive tender with water jet propulsion that allows cruising even in extremely shallow waters. The yacht is the first in its class to boast a GPS charting and infotainment system based on Apple iPad platform.

9. Riva 75' Venere Super


Current price: $3,032,571

Making no. 9 on our top ten finest Riva yachts is a super-boat that was born from a restyling of the company's most appreciated models. The Venere Super fly-bridge was specifically developed to provide the utmost comfort via a luxurious sofa accommodating up to 6 people, which is accompanied by a contemporary, slim hard top leading to incredible livability and versatility. The aft door opens up to a majestic swimming platform, ideal for relaxing and practicing sea sports. There is a wide hull glazing on the lower deck that provides an unusual view right at the sea level, facilitating plenty of sunlight into the full beam master stateroom and guest cabins. These are all integrated with a walk-in wardrobe, an office area, and a vanity.

10. Riva Domino 86


Current price: about $5,021,100

The Domino is an upscale version of a tinier boat that was inspired mostly by the 68' Ego and 63' Vertigo. She has a low and sleek profile, remindful of previous Riva sports boats, while her beam is almost 2' less than that in the Duchessa. Any designer will affirm that this difference means less weight and volume, a bigger beam:length ratio, and the anticipation of better performance. The yacht delivers in spades, achieving a max speed of 38 knots. It is certainly a luxurious yacht, but looks significantly more like its mahogany speedboat ancestors than its larger sisters.

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