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Five Incredible Yacht Designs by Espen Oeino

Espen Oeino

Espen Oeino is one of the most prominent designers in the luxury yacht industry. A yacht on its own is impressive, but Oeino manages to turn the cruisers into veritable works of art. Espen Oeino earned a degree in naval architecture from Glasgow's Strathclyde University and went on to work for eight years as a consulting engineer and project manager. He was famously involved in the creation of the Enigma, an eco-project.

In 1994, Espen Oeino established his own design studio, Espen Oeino International. The firm has been praised around the world for its innovative concepts, and the boats that come from EOI are simply stunning. His ability to masterfully maneuver design, aesthetics, engineering, and space planning is unmatched.

Here are five of the most incredible yachts that Espen Oeino has designed.

1. Royal Denship Pegasus V

Royal Denship Pegasus V

In 2003, Espen Oeino designed Royal Denship's Pegasus V luxury motor yacht. This particular yacht is truly grand in both styling, performance, engineering, and its exterior design. The Pegasus V has six decks and is one of the most opulent yachts that Espen Oeino has ever developed.

It has two main engines that give it a maximum speed of 17 knots. The Pegasus V is 76.91 meters long and accommodates a party of 12 guests. One of the most prominent features of this yacht is its beach club, which can also be used as a tender garage. When filled with water, the area can transform into a 12 meter swimming pool enhanced by underwater lights and a step entry. The Pegasus V's hull wall can be lowered to sit right above sea level, revealing an extra space for sun lounging.

Pegasus V's cabins are truly remarkable and comprise an owner's suite, two VIP suites, one twin cabin, and two double state rooms. The owner suite has its own sea balcony, a plush king size bed, private spa and steam room, and two showers. All of the cabins onboard have high tech televisions and opulent details. As if that weren't enough, the Pegasus V has a cinema, fitness room, spa, several deluxe seating areas, and a party deck. The latter contains a barbecue and kitchen area, pool, two bars, a dance floor, and a grand piano. Pegasus V's helipad can convert to a gold driving range, and there's also a 1,000 bottle tequila cellar onboard. For entertainment there are water toys, including Wave Runners and Jet Skis, tucked away inside. All of these amazing features and details come with a steep price tag, but for those who can splurge on a yacht it is one of the best. The price of the Pegasus V is nearly $180 million.

2. Danish Yachts Moon Goddess

Danish Yachts Moon Goddess

Espen Oeino designed the exterior of Danish Yachts' Moon Goddess in 2006, and it's the epitome of distinctive. The Moon Goddess is a 35mm motor yacht that stands out in a crowd due to its attractive styling. It has two beautiful teak decks, can reach a maximum speed of 53 knots, and has a cruising speed of 25 knots. The Moon Goddess hosts up to six passengers as well as an onboard crew of five. There are three suites in total, comprised of one owner cabin and two twin cabins. Having both an upper and lower deck provides plenty of room to play, relax, and have the ultimate yachting experience. Each element of the Moon Goddess' design was thoughtfully chosen, and it sports a very modern look. The cost to buy the Espen Oeino designed Moon Goddess typically tops $500,000.

3. Hanseatic Marine Dragonfly

DragonFly 1/9/2012

Espen Oeino designed and engineered the Dragonfly, a custom built yacht for Australia-based Hanseatic Marine, in 2009. It features an aluminum frame and drips sophistication and class. For a mega yacht, the Dragonfly's lines are quite slender, and its beam measures just 10 meters. A lighter weight allows this yacht to reach a speed of 27 knots. It can accommodate a crew of 16 along with 18 passengers, and the cabins have just about every amenity that one could dream up. The deck of the Dragonfly has a landing pad for a helicopter, beach club, dance floor, workout center, outdoor theater, a separate enclosed movie theater, a Jacuzzi, and a sauna. The cost for the Dragonfly is about $100 million.

4. Danish Yachts Shooting Star

Danish Yachts Shooting Star

The 55 meter long Shooting Star was designed for Danish Yachts in 2011. It has a 38mm motor, a composite hull, and a composite superstructure. If any yacht could be called sleek, the Shooting Star definitely fits the bill. It has excellent performance, a cruising speed of 35 knots, and a maximum speed of 50 knots. This luxury yacht can carry a crew of up to six onboard, and it can also accommodate up to 10 guests. The five suites on the Shooting Star are definitely impressive. Sophisticated details and a high class feel make this yacht worth its price of $187,000. Espen Oeino oversaw the design of the Shooting Star's exterior, and the project was a collaboration with design firm Art Line, which developed the yacht's interior styling.

5. Silver Yachts Silver Fast

Silveryachts Silver Fast

The Silver Fast, created for SilverYachts in Australia, is one of Espen Oeino's latest designs. It's a beauty that's all about giving each passenger a relaxed yachting experience. It has a 77m motor and EOI designed the exclusive exterior. In addition to an aluminum hull it has a high tech stabilization system, which creates a smoother and more comfortable cruise due to reducing roll motion effect. Espen Oeino added bow thrusters to the Silver Fast as well to make it easier to maneuver at low speeds.

The performance of the Silver Fast matches it's name. It's not only gorgeous, but the $85 million yacht has the fastest speed of any cruiser in its class. It has a maximum speed of 27 knots, a cruising speed of 25 knots, and a range of 6,000 nm. The Silver Fast was a collaboration with Vain Interiors, which styled its interior. It hosts up to 18 guests and has 8 luxurious suites: one owner cabin, one VIP cabin, a double cabin, three twin cabins, and two pullman cabins. The Silver Fast can carry a crew of up to 18 members.

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