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Steven Spielberg’s The Seven Seas: The World's Most Expensive Charter


How much would you give to spend a week aboard Steven Spielberg’s $184 million super yacht? Few people expected the famed film director to open his yacht’s doors to strangers. However, even fewer people will afford to hire this sweet yacht considering the fact that it is the world’s most expensive charter; Steven Spiegel is chartering off his super yacht for a whopping $1.3 million per week. But, is a week on The Seven Seas worth that much? Here is a comprehensive review of everything that goes into making the world’s most expensive charter.

A Brief Overview

The Seven Seas was custom built to suit Steven Spielberg’s high standard of comfort and luxury. It was custom built by Dutch Shipyard Oceanco, and it is considered one of the renowned yacht making company’s best projects. Its opulent and elegant design is courtesy of Nuvolari & Lenard, but much of the layout has been conjured by the renowned director’s custom requests.

Expectedly, The Seven Seas has hosted some of the biggest names in Hollywood; in fact, this is one of the reasons why people are surprised about Steven Spielberg’s decision to charter out the yacht. Some of his visitors include Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio. Apparently, this super yacht is so inviting that the dedicated director spent his first holiday in years on it during the summer of 2015, in spite of describing himself as ‘not much of an ocean lover’.

Exterior Design Review

The Seven Seas’ exterior is all about good looks, and it easily gives hints of the opulence and comfort that lie within. The super yacht measures 282 feet and features a sleek and flashy appearance typical of super yachts in its category. The platforms hosting the upper decks are white in color, and they blend in well with the blue hull. The steel hull also features an aluminum super structure with a 14m beam and 4m draft.


Interior Design Review

The interior of this super yacht is everything and more you would expect. Its designers collaborated with Steven Spielberg is designing the interior, and, as you may imagine, it almost pushes the boundaries of luxury to the limit. The walls is every room in the super yacht are lined with rich rosewood, walnut, and teak planks that give it an exotic look and feel. The organic wood, coupled with the exclusive décor and rich colors, makes the interior of this yacht every bit serene and gives it a homey feel.

What’s more, the rooms are spacious so that movement is easy, but there are rumors that Steven Spielberg may be setting his sights on an even bigger super yacht. The highlights of The Seven Seas lie in its numerous amenities that are designed solely for luxury and comfort. The biggest highlight is an infinity pool as it is fitted with a 15-foot dual-purpose glass screen that gives unhindered access to movies on a large HDTV; it is not a common feature in super yachts, but it reflects the dedication that one of the world’s greatest directors has to his career.

The infinity pool is also convertible to a helipad. Additionally, there is an indoor cinema room with an even bigger screen, and this, too, comes as no surprise. The mega yacht also features a fully equipped gym with floor-to-ceiling glass windows for panoramic views of the sea. There is also a spa and massage room where guests can get full-body pampering for utmost comfort. Of course, this mega yacht features a fully stocked bar where visitors can unwind over a drink or two.

The Seven Seas also comes with a wide range of water sport toys in case one wants to get intimate with the ocean. The water sport toys include wetsuits, snorkeling equipment, laser picos, inflatable kayaks, sea bobs, inflatable toys, water skis, as well as a knee board.



There is plenty of room for visitors as well as crew members aboard The Seven Seas. In total, the mega yacht can house up to 35 people: 12 guests (plus owner included) and up to 23 crew members. The guest rooms are spacious and fitted with high-end décor. Expectedly, the owner’s cabin is the biggest and most exotic of all the rooms as it features such amenities as a study room and private Jacuzzi.

The other six double cabins are also spacious and fitted with high-end décor fit for Steven Spielberg’s Hollywood friends. The crew rooms, on the other hand, are not as large but nevertheless comfortable especially considering that super yachts in The Seven Seas’ category carry a handful crew members.


The Seven Seas is just as powerful and fast as it is luxurious thanks to its powerful engine. It has a cruising pace of 15 knots and can achieve a maximum speed of 20 knots. What’s more, this mega yacht comes fitted with a special stabilizing system that prevents a bumpy ride even at top speed; apparently, Steven Spielberg is highly prone to sea sickness. Its range, on the other hand, stands at 5000 nautical miles.


Chartering The Seven Seas

The Seven Seas is no longer exclusive to Steven Spielberg and his inner circle of actors and film directors, but it will still remain a reserve for the rich considering its charter price. The Hollywood mogul recently announced that the mega yacht is available for higher for a steep price of $1.3 million per week with all expenses accounted for. This figure has stirred a lot of buzz, but it has not kept ardent super yacht admirers from spending some time, and having some fun, on one of the world’s best super yachts.

Recently, the famed film director has stirred even more buzz in the media after he hinted that he may upgrade to an even bigger mega yacht. There are rumors that Steven Spielberg may sell The Seven Seas and buy a new yacht measuring 300 feet, which is only 18 feet more than his current gem. However, while the difference in size might not be significant, it is expected that the new super yacht will pack even more comfort and luxury as it will cost a cool $250 million. In the meanwhile, most people cannot get enough of The Seven Seas, and many more cannot wait to see Steven Spielberg’s rumored new yacht.

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