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A Closer Look at U2 Frontman Bono's Yacht Cyan

Bono's Yacht Cyan

U2's frontman Bono is a multi-millionaire and well-known philanthropist. It's not surprising that he purchased a luxury yacht in 2008 for his family and friends to enjoy in the Mediterranean Sea. Being that Bono is well known for his charity and support of humanitarian causes, it's not surprising that the world famous rock star has kept his ownership of the Cyan yacht quiet. He allegedly purchased the yacht for about $11.5 million and added his own special touches including a state of the art sound system and on deck theater. The Cyan which Bono named "Kingdom Come" is the epitome of luxury entertainment.


Paul Hewson was born in 1960 in Dublin, Ireland. He would meet his future wife Ali and future bandmates at Mount Temple Comprehensive School. Hewson's friends nicknamed "Bono Vox" which means "beautiful voice". Eventually, he would simply be called Bono. He and his friend formed the band U2 in 1976 and they would go on to achieve worldwide success over the next several decades. Hewson married Ali in 1982 and they have four children. Bono is as well known for his activism as he is his music. He leads causes including DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa), EDUN (a fashion brand that supports African trade), Product Red (which supports the prevention of AIDS, TB, and Malaria in developing countries) and the ONE Campaign (which supports developing African countries). Aside from touring and philanthropy, the multimillionaire likes to spend some of his money on himself, his family and his friends. Bono owns several cars, a Ducati 916 sport bike, a private jet and homes in Dublin, New York City, and France. Perhaps inspired by his friend and fellow bandmate The Edge (David Evans) who also has a French villa near Bono's villa and owns a yacht, Bono purchased the Cyan yacht in 2008. He and his family had spent the previous summer renting the yacht. It makes sense since Bono and his family have a French villa and enjoy sailing their summers in the Mediterranean Sea.


The Cyan was built in 1997. It was built by the Italian shipbuilding company, Codecasa. Codecasa is one of the most renowned builders of yachts along the Mediterranean coast. Codecasa was founded by Giovanni Battista Codecasa in 1825. Its state of the art shipyard is located in Viareggio, Italy. The 1997 Cyan yacht is 140 feet long and reaches top speeds of 19 knots. The yacht's previous owners named it Diana II and Nara. The yacht was completely refitted in 2005. Bono and Ali Hewson would purchase the Cyan in 2008 and add their own touches to the yacht. It's believed that Bono purchased the Cyan yacht for more than $11.5 million.

Kingdom Come

When Bono purchased the Cyan yacht in 2008, he and his wife added their own special touches. Aside from furnishing the yacht and painting some of the interior blue, they added a bespoke stereo system and an outdoor theater. They also rechristened the Cyan yacht as "Kingdom Come". Kingdom Come six large cabins that comfortably accommodate twelve guests. There is also room for up to seventeen crew. Kingdom Come is lined with rich, elegant oak and mahogany woods. The interior is decorated comfortably to ensure the Hewson's guests an enjoyable visit. The main salon features a baby grand piano and a bar and large windows to enjoy the Mediterranean views and fresh air. There is a large dining area and several comfortable sitting areas both inside and on the expansive deck. Each cabin is fully appointed. The large master suite has a nautical themed décor and is well appointed. It includes a full en suite bath.

Kingdom Come's stately yet comfortable interior doesn't stop there. The large deck is where Bono, his family, and guests like to hang out during the days when they are sailing the yacht. The deck has plenty of space to lounge, dine and socialize. There are a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. There is a storage area for sea toys including wave runners, seabobs and kitesurfer. The yacht also includes snorkeling gear and fishing equipment. Bono and Ali added an outdoor theater to Kingdom Come. We can imagine guests enjoying the evening air while watching a film with an incredible sound system. It's not surprising that Bono and his family would decide to purchase the Cyan yacht. When not touring or spending time at their Dublin mansion or New York City apartment, the Hewsons have long spent their vacations on the Mediterranean Sea. They love the French Riviera and spending time on Pampelonne Beach and St. Tropez. Bono and his family also own a home in the quaint French seaside village of Eze-sur-mer. Their four-story luxury villa sits on the beach and is close to the village. It's also close to the vacation villa of Bono's close friend and bandmate The Edge. The Hewsons have been known to entertain close friends at their French villa including Sacha Baron Cohen and his wife Isla Fisher and Oasis founder Noel Gallagher and his wife Sara.

Surely Bono and his family are enjoying this summer on the Mediterranean Sea. They must be entertaining their friends on their luxury yacht, Kingdom Come, and in their French villa at Eze-sur-mer. They are certainly traveling the Mediterranean and enjoying spots like Pampelonne Beach, St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo. What better way to live if you're a multi millionaire rock star than to cruise the Mediterranean Sea on your luxury yacht.

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