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The 10 Most Expensive Tequila Bottles in the World

One of the most popular liquors enjoyed all over the world is tequila. Depending on what type of brand you choose, you could pay a pretty penny for it. Not all tequilas are made the same, and some brands are more expensive than others.

If you are wondering what the most expensive tequila bottles are in the world, keep reading for the bottles you should spring for on your next night out.

10. DeLeon Anejo Tequila - $1200

Depending on where you're purchasing the DeLeon Leona Anejo Tequila, you will pay between $1000 to $1200 for this glass-crafted bottle. With the large D right in the middle of each bottle and the DeLeon emblem decanter at the top of the bottle, it is a recognizable bottle of expensive tequila

. It is also one of the most smooth tequilas on the market, as it is a blend of the best barrels that have also rested in French casks for nearly a year. It does age in American oak before being moved to the French casks and carries those oak undertones through each taste.

9. 250th Anniversary Jose Cuervo - $2000

When the 250th-anniversary bottles were released for probably the most popular brand of tequila, they came out with one of the most historic designs. This blue agave aged tequila was barreled longer than its standard tequila and then bottled to showcase its presence.

At $2000 a bottle, there is 750 ml of tequila in this clear bottle showcases the different tones that the tequila underwent in the different barrels before being perfected at 80 proof and distributed. These bottles are shaped from melted glass and formed specifically to hold this particular blend of tequila.

8. Clase Azul Tequila Ultra Extra Anejo - $2500

Each year, Clase Azul releases its exclusive Ultra Extra Anejo tequila to its customers, allowing only one hundred bottles to be made available. They do keep releasing this tequila annually, but because there are only so many bottles, the prices start around $2500 and can increase depending on the demand for the tequila.

The bottles have all the following in their decoration: gold, platinum, and 24-carat gold found throughout the bottle and celebrate each new year they are released.

7. Barrique de Ponciano Tequila - $3500

If you are looking for a bottle of expensive Anejo tequila that is still expensive but not too rare, then the Barrique de Ponciano Tequila may be the right option.

There have been only a few thousand of these bottles produced, and real gold is found in the lettering on these long but sophisticated bottles. The last time a new bottle was produced for this particular tequila was in 2001, but there are some expected to be around still for purchase.

The current price is set at $2500, but some owners could easily up that price to $3500 for higher demand.

6. AsomBroso Reserva del Porto Tequila - $4000

Because this tequila is no longer made, the price of this rare find has started to go up as the demand rises. The tequila from AsomBroso went through a double-barrel process, and those port barrels used give this tequila a sweet flavor, unlike others on the market.

This tequila stays barreled for over five years before being bottled exclusively and sold. Unlike many tequilas on this list, these bottles are made in Italy.

The bottles are also handcrafted, with a crystal decanter designed for the top of each bottle once it is sealed and ready to be shipped. The bottles go to Mexico to be filled, and then they are sealed with aged tequila.

Like many of those tequila options, there are only so many produced based on the amount of tequila in the barrels, and currently, the next wave of these is being aged.

5. Patron and Guillermo Collaboration - $5500

At $5500 a bottle, the Del Toro Anejo tequila collaboration between Patron and Guillermo, the Mexican film director, developed one of the most expensive tequilas that have become more expensive with time.

While its original price was only $500 when it was originally released, the rarity of this tequila blend has increased its price ten times, making it one of the most expensive tequila bottles on the market.

The tequila within the bottle has been aged in oak for over five years, but the bottle itself makes it a high demand purchase. With red and black colors and the mural that opens up, this box includes the entire ritual that comes with true tequila and its experience.

Candles, the altar, and the tequila are all included in the box to give the full experience.

4. El Lalique, Series 2, Patron - $7500

One of the most common brands associated with tequila is Patron, so it should not be any surprise that they have their own bottle making the list of the most expensive tequila bottles in the world.

The second series of Patron El Lalique is a blend of tequila and French Lalique that has aged for over eight years. The blend is aged in French Oak, American Oak and sherry barrels during this time to create the taste and flavor that is unmatched.

The bottle for this Patron tequila is cut in a crystal shape, with a gem decanter at the top. The gem is holds the signature Patron bee in the middle, lined in white gold.

It is secured in a thick wooden box, reminiscent of the barrels that is has aged in for the better part of a decade. These are rare purchases but can be found at high-end liquor sales and ordered through Patron directly.

3. 15th Anniversary Clase Azul - $30,000

As a special edition, only 15 bottles of the Clase Azul anniversary tequila were made, priced at $30,000 each for the most valuable customers. They were initially offered to customers in Mexico first, and then when the remaining bottles were left, they were an option to customers worldwide.

The tequila inside the bottles is the same Clase Azul high-quality tequila that customers love and enjoy.

However, the bottles for the 15th-anniversary edition were designed with a 24-carat gold inlay across the bottle, each hand-crafted by local artists in the area.

These bottles are one of a kind and will not be produced again, so those customers who have these bottles carry a spectacular bottle in their collection. Some customers could purchase one of each of the 15 unique designs by purchasing 15 bottles for nearly a half million dollars.

2. Tequila Ley Ultra-Premium .925 - $225,000

Designed in 2006, the Tequila Ley Ultra-Premium .925 held the record for the most expensive tequila. Aged at six years and pure agave blue sap added, this tequila had the highest price tag because of both the ingredients in the tequila and the hand-crafted bottle housing this delicacy. This tequila was some of the longest-aged tequila in the world, and

The bottle, made of a combination of gold, was designed to create a beautiful design. In this bottle is all the following: white gold, yellow gold, and a layer of platinum. An emblem in the middle of the bottle made of platinum binds these different metals together and brings it together. In order to obtain one of these bottles, a request must be made, as there have only been less than one hundred produced to date.

1. Tequila Ley Diamente - $3.5 million

If you want the most expensive tequila, that bottle will cost you approximately $3.5 million. The bottle itself weighs over five pounds and has over 4000 white diamonds embedded on the bottle. Each bottle of Tequila Ley is hand-crafted and designed manually before it is shipped and sold. Long after that bold tequila taste is gone, this bottle will remain.

The tequila found in this bottle is also some of the best quality in the world. Each drop has been aged for seven years, developing that unique taste that you are seeking in an Anejo tequila.

If you are questioning the quality and claims made by this company, check the Guinness Book of Records to see that they are now the most expensive tequila and the techniques have been verified. This tequila is bottled by request, so you would have to place an order to have a bottle designed before you can receive it.

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