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How The Jager Bomb Got Its Name

Jager Bomb

Very famous at the bar, you will often find groups of drinkers enjoying Jager bombs together. You will love Jager Bomb or hate it; there is no middle ground with this shot. But one certain thing is that this is a drink each bartender should know. It needs no mixing, and it's very easy for anyone to prepare it. The Jager bomb drink is a bomb shot prepared by dropping a shot of Jägermeister into a pint glass of Red Bull. here is an exclusive review of how the Jager Bomb got its name, origin story, recipe, and possible variations.

The History of The Jager Bomb

There is some controversy over the origin of the Jager Bomb. While it feels like the method of dropping a shot of Jägermeister in a Red Bull energy drink is as old as time, the Red Bull drink has not been in existence forever, and someone somewhere had to prepare it first. According to SideshowPete, the original Jager Bomb was first prepared around 1997. It's claimed that two bars, Humpty bar in Tahoe City, CA, and Mulligans in Lake Tahoe, CA were the first to pour the first Blaster. According to the origin story, one evening, Scott O'Neil and his bartender friends were relaxing at Mulligan's bar, taking Red Bull, a new product at that time. Scott and his friends got a crazy idea that they love the energy drink the same as they love Jägermeister, so why not mix them? They went on to pour a can of Red Bull into a pint glass and added a 2-ounce of chilled Jägermeister. They also added a Cranberry splash and lined up four of these drinks on the bar. Bam! The Jager Bomb drink was born. You can imagine what it was like in Tahoe City, California, in 1997. When the sun sets, everyone heads to the ski resorts and bars to enjoy dropping a shot of Jägermeister into a Red Bull Pint. Unfortunately, none of these bars exist today, but we can give credit to Lake Tahoe as the origin place and Scott O'Neil and his bartender crew for coming up with this Jager Bomb legendary drink. Today, the Jager Bomb has evolved into a half Red Bull Can, a 1 ½ ounce liqueur, and a splash.

So, How Did the Jager Bomb Get Its Name?

While this drink is often known as a 'Bomb,' its nothing to do with the destructive nature of bombs. Of course, 'Jager' comes from Jägermeister liqueur used in preparing the drink. However, its 'Bomb' name results from the explosive effect when the Jägermeister shot is dropped into the beer. The drink also gives an explosive and refreshing feeling after taking it. According to Drinkies, most people love Jager Bomb because it keeps them renewed and awake and helps to lessen drunkenness.

The Classic Jager Bomb Recipe


  • 1 1/2 ounces Jägermeister Liqueur
  • 1/2 (8.4-ounce) can of Red Bull energy drink


  • Get all the ingredients.
  • Fill a shot glass with Jägermeister. Put half a can of Red Bull into a pint glass.
  • Set the shot glass containing Jägermeister into the tall glass that has the energy drink.
  • Drink the Jager Bomb immediately and enjoy.

However, some individuals prefer pouring the shot of Jägermeister directly into Red bull, skipping the 'bomb' altogether. This often makes it easier to drink and does not change the drink's taste. But if you opt for the drop Jager Bomb, you should be careful that the shot glass does not hit your teeth hard and crack the tooth while drinking. Another exciting option is using a Quaffer double bubble glass. This is a unique style shot glass featuring two bulbs stacked. This design, when filled with liquor, produces layers. Start by filling the bottom with an energy drink, put the Jägermeister on top, and drink it in a single gulp.

Jager Bomb Recipe Variations

A Jager bomb is normally sold with a Red Bull Can put into a Pint Glass and escorted by a Jägermeister shot glass. The Jägermeister shot is dropped by yourself or the bartender in the Red bull drink. If you have another favorite energy drink, you can use it as a Red Bull substitute when preparing your Jager Bomb. However, when ordering a Jager Bomb drink from a club, keep in mind that it will be made of a Red Bull energy drink. If you enjoy an interactive play or a drop shot, you should try out the Irish Slammer. This drink drops a shot of Irish cream and Irish whiskey into a Guinness half-pint.

How Strong Is a Jager Bomb?

Although it has a notorious status, the Jager bomb is not a highly strong drink. The alcohol content is about 7% ABV (14 proof) or relatively stronger than the average beer. And while the drink is not extremely high in alcohol, it should be chugged instead of sipping, which compounds the effects. However, most people say Jager Bomb can cause a vicious hangover. Jägermeister is a potent liqueur with a little anise taste. The depressant alcohol effects are offset by the Red Bull energy drink that you drop the Jägermeister shot into, which will help keep the party going. According to, Jager Bomb has a reputation for making people drink continuously until they have drunk too much. Nevertheless, this isn't a shot for the faint-hearted, and you can easily drink too many without even realizing it. So, take it easy when it comes to taking Jager bombs. Most of the drink's reputation for getting individuals too drunk is because of drinking excessively. Also, combining the energy drink with Jager's herbs is very intense. Hence, it might result in a negative effect on the body for some individuals or make you feel worse than you may with straight alcohol.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this guide has given you a good insight into how Jager Bomb got its name, history, recipe, and possible drink variations. Ultimately, the Jager bomb results from mixing the two most notorious college beverages. The drink does what it's supposed to do and is tastier than expected. So, go forth and enjoy this drink. But enjoy it responsibly.

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