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The Five Best Fishing Pontoon Boats Money Can Buy

Fishing Boats

Pontoon boats are some of the most versatile watercrafts in the world of boating. There are different pontoon types and customizations that can serve a wide variety of purposes. Many anglers opt for pontoon boats as their vehicle of choice exactly because of this reason. Fishing pontoon boats could basically be rigged exactly for the type of fishing you prefer—whether you like to go out to the lake, the river, or even out on the open ocean. If you’re looking for a better way to catch and not just fish, it might be time to get on the pontoon craze. Here are the five best fishing pontoon boats your money can buy.

1. Lowe Boat Sport Fish 232

The Lowe Boat SF232 offers a multipurpose angle. This pontoon boat is an excellent fishing vessel, but it can also be your typical watersport and lounging boat. With an overall length of 23ft 7in, this Sport Fish pontoon can carry a fishing party of up to 13 people. With plenty of chaise lounge seating space, the pontoon is set up for rest and relaxation in the front with the party in the back. There are only a couple of pedestal seats in the back, which will allow a couple of anglers at a time to get serious about casting and catching. But there’s no reason why you can’t use the rest of the boat for some leisurely fishing as well.

The Lowe Boat Company guarantees some of the best boat construction in the industry, and they also offer some incredible prices. The Sport Fish 232 sell for $25,105, but you can easily get this for low monthly installments. The Sport Fish 232 is also available for customization and quite a number of color options.

2. Outcast Pac 1200 Pontoon Boat

Outcast Boats are known for building fishing-specific boats. You get a few advantages when you’re going with these kinds of boats rather than multipurpose pontoons. For one, portability will never be a big issue. Fishing pontoons are usually a lot smaller and lighter than pontoons with full decks. This whole rig only weighs about 144lbs. At 13ft 25in in size, the Pac 1200 pontoon is outfitted for 1 to 2 anglers. Even if you wanted to take this boat out on a solo fishing trip, you simply have to pull out the removable front seat. There’s a small aluminum standing deck on the front part of the boat to give you some relief from sitting and some leverage when you’ve finally caught the big one. For only $3,500, you can really have an incredible boat for all your fishing adventures.

3. Premier 220 Cast-A-Way

If you prefer to fish in comfort, the Premier 220 Cast-Away offers that and more. It’s true that this pontoon is quite an expense for more or less $50,000 depending on the model year. However, this pontoon is equipped with two incredibly comfortable fishing chairs on the aft section of the boat. There’s a bait prep station specifically designed for easy central access, and it hides a built-in live well to keep your bait fresh regardless of what you use. If you plan on going fishing all day, there’s an additional live well located at the helm to keep all your bait alive and fresh. This pontoon is also equipped with a sink, a useful station that not a lot of pontoons have—even fishing-specific ones.

The built-in rod holders come in especially handy when you’re taking a break from fishing, or if you just want to rest your rods after a cast. There are even tackle trays on the pontoon to help you organize all your fishing gear. For the avid fisherman, the Premier 220 Cast-A-Way has an incredible fish finder to help you steer where the fish are jumping. Pontoon fishing really can’t get any better than this.

4. Lowe Boat Sport Fish 234

The SF232 model was a multipurpose boat, but the Lowe Boat Sport Fish 234 is definitely and undeniably the ultimate fishing boat. With a total of 4 fishing chairs—2 on either ends of the boat, this pontoon is made for angling. At 23ft 7in in total length, this Lowe Boat has ample of room for your best fishing friends. There are plenty of storage spaces for your rods, tackle, and bait, and there’s also an optional sink area if you want it. There’s extra seating on this boat for those who want to lounge around or those who came to just hang out. This lounge area is equipped with a small table for drink and/or tackle prep. The pontoon has a Bimini top to give you some shade during the hottest time of the day, so you can be sure that you’re recharged for your next big catch. The Lowe Boat Sport Fish 234 sells for the base price of $24,790.

5. Outcast Fish Cat Panther

Designed more for river or lake fishing, the Outcast Fish Cat Panther is the biggest fishing pontoon capacity of its kind. It’s actually relatively light and small compared to others, and that’s why it’s not made for the ocean. However, you can outfit this fishing pontoon with enough gear to last you an entire 2 days of fishing out in the wilderness. This Fish Cat pontoon is also the most affordable one on this list for only $1,300. What you get with that amount is everything that a simple fishing trip could ever require.

First off, this is a solo boat. If you want to go with a fishing partner or group, everyone will just have to bring their own boat to the party. Next, this boat is spacious enough to carry all the fishing gear and/or camping gear you might need while you’re out. Weighing in at only 63lbs, this pontoon boat is easy to bring wherever you want to take it, but even at its size the Fish Cat can hold up to 400lbs. The Outcast Fish Cat Panther may be small and affordable, but it’s definitely a mighty fishing pontoon.

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