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The 10 Best Pontoon Boat Covers On The Market Today

Pontoon Boat Cover

Pontoon boats are becoming one of the more popular style for 2020. They've come a long way in the past few decades and the trend is towards versatility, increase in speed capacity, and ample space aboard for guests. It's important to take good care of your investment. When you're not out on the water, it is best to cover your pontoon boat to protect it from the elements, especially the destructive properties of the UV rays produced by sunlight. There are quite a few different covers out there and the vast number of choices can make it hard to know which one to get. With this in mind, we offer a few recommendations with a review of the 10 best pontoon boat covers on the market today.

10. Maxiii Boat Cover

Price: $79.99

The Maxiii Boat Cover is one of the most affordable high quality pontoon boat covers on the market today. The cover is available in either blue or silver and in two sizes. This cover is compatible with pontoon boats ranging between 17 and 24 ft. It is made of aluminum film material featuring a non-abrasive lining and oxford fabric. The material is breathable and treated with PU coating for waterproofing. It is resistant to dust and ultraviolet rays. The seams are reinforced with double stitching with a bottom hem that has elastic sewn in for achieving a snug and secure fit. It also comes with a tie down rope, adjustable straps for security and a storage bag when the cover in not in use. This cover comes with a 1 year warranty.

9. Classic Accessories Stellex Pontoon Boat Cover

Price: $149.99-$321.10

The Stellex Pontoon Boat Cover is available in a variety of sizes. It is made of durable 100% polyester material that is resistant to fading. It fits most pontoon boats between 17 and 20 ft x 102 W. The Stellex fabric is either resistant marine grade fabric that is also treated for UV and mildew resistance. The transom flap is adjustable with an elastic cord for a custom fit. This cover comes with a 4 year warranty.

8. Rocky M Ranger Pontoon Boat Cover

Price: $45.47

This is the best cheap pontoon boat cover on the market today. It is available in green-gray and fits most pontoon boats between 17 and 20 ft in length. It is made of 240 denier woven polyester fabric with PU coating for waterproofing. The fabric is durable, lightweight and easy to wash. It folds easily for fast and space efficient storage when not in use.

7. MSC Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover

Price: $119.98=$155.98

This pontoon boat cover is made of 300 denier marine grade polyester canvas material. It is treated with double PU coating that makes it waterproof. It comes with adjustable straps and a handy storage bag for when the cover is not in use. It is available in grey, pacific blue, or beige colors. It comes with a 1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

6. Budge P-1200-2 Pontoon Cover

Price: $265.72

This pontoon boat cover is made of high-quality marine grade 1200 denier polyester material. It is strong and durable for resistance to snow, dirt, dust, tree sap, rain, pollen, bird droppings, and more. It is waterproofed inside and out with waterproofing at the seams to seal out moisture. It's breathable with air vents sewn into the cover to prevent condensation, mold, and mildew. The seams are reinforced for extra strength and it is UV resistant. The bottom hem is elasticized for a custom fit with security straps and buckles that secure the cover to the boat for trailering.

5. Vortex 1200 Ultra 3 Pontoon Boat Cover

Price: $166

The Vortex Ultra 3 Pontoon boat cover features elastic at the bottom hem and straps to achieve a snug and custom fit. It is made with heavy-duty 1200 denier fabric that has been treated with waterproofing. This versatile pontoon boat cover covers a triple purpose for use as a cover for mooring, trailering and storage. This product comes with a 7 year warranty.

4. Wake Pontoon Boat Cover

Price: 289.99

The Wake brand pontoon boat cover is made of 600 denier marine grade polyester fabric. The cover is double stitched with interlock seams for strength and it is treated for all-weather protection from the elements. It is easy to install for a custom fit with an over and under boat strap system for security when trailering. It comes with a moisture resistant storage sack to pack away when not in use. This product comes with a 2 year warranty.

3. Silver Shark Pontoon Cover

Price: $199.99

The Silver Shark Pontoon Cover is made of 300 denier polyester material. It is one of the better affordable pontoon covers on the market today. It's an entry level cover that features breathable fabric that stops the development of mildew, musty odors, and mold. It's designed with a buckle system and a top and bottom strap to ensure a snug and secure fit to your boat for trailering. The cover is 100% waterproof and it is resistant to UV rays. The shock cord system allows you to achieve a snug and secure fit with both top and bottom strapping for additional security. This product comes with a storage bag and a 3 year warranty.

2. Triton Pontoon Cover

Price: $239.99

The Triton Pontoon Cover is high quality in materials and construction. It is made of marine grade 600 denier polyester fabric that has been treated to resist the deteriorating effects of ultraviolet rays. It holds up well in all weather conditions from continued exposure to bright sunlight, snow, rain, and wind. The material is breathable and allows enough airflow to prevent the development of mildew, mold and musty odors. It is also waterproof. Top and bottom straps and a buckle system ensure that you can achieve a snug fit for safe and secure trailering. Protective sleeves are built-into the cover to hold it securely on the pontoon boat. This cover is blue in color and it comes with a 4 year warranty. A handy storage bag is included for when the cover is not in use.

1. Aqua Armor Pontoon Cover

Price: $279.99

The Aqua Armor Pontoon Cover is offered in blue. It's ideal for all-season covering because of its heavy-duty 1200 denier polyester construction. The fabric is breathable and it is designed to resist the development of mildew and musty odors. It protects the pontoon from snow as well as driving ain and hot sun because the fabric is strong and durable. Special UV treatment helps it to hold up under years of exposure to the sun and other elements. The cover is also 100% waterproof and keeps moisture from passing through to the underside. The seams are also waterproof and reinforced. Straps and a buckle system on the top and bottom add security when trailering the pontoon.It comes with a shock cord hem to adjust the snugness of the fit and a storage bag is included for when the cover is not in use. There is a 5 year warranty on this cover.

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