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The Five Best Pontoon Boat Anchors That Money Can Buy


Pontoon boats have continued to evolve in the past few decades. Now there is a huge selection of different models. Some are being designed in a miniature styling with others getting larger to accommodate more passengers each year. The larger boats require a dependable pontoon boat anchor to prevent them for being moved with the current. We've researched to find the five best pontoon boat anchors that money can buy. We offer reviews of the high points to let you know what makes these highly recommended anchors good options.

5. Slide Anchor Box Anchor

Slide Anchor's Box Anchor is designed for offshore boat anchoring. It's one of the highest recommended anchors for keeping your pontoon boat firmly in place. These anchors tend to sell out quickly because of their reputation for dependability. The unique design of the box anchor gives you greater control of its placement in the water. It's a marine anchor that will sit and hold in any kind of bottom conditions. It can be lowered and retrieved manually and there are no special mechanical power mechanisms required. It will set within twelve inches of its landing. When it's time to retrieve the Box anchor, simply pull the line to ring the boat over the top of the anchor location. This makes it easier to pop the anchor off the bottom and pull it to the surface. The anchor also folds flat for compact and easy storage. It comes with a handy and convenient storage bag. The Box anchor is made of Lage galvanized material with a stainless steel stabilizing arm for durability.

4. Shoreline Marine Vinyl-Coated Mushroom Anchor

This anchor is manufactured by the Danielson company. It's an excellent anchor for docking your pontoon boat to the bottom of a river or a lake. It's ideal for lighter watercrafts. The anchor available in weights between 8 and 15 pounds and it extends into a mushroom cup that olds well in mud and weeds because of the spreading action. It is solid and sturdy. This is an anchor that is made to hold up for years, thanks to its vinyl coating. This protects it from rust and abrasion for longer life. If you are the owner of a smaller or lighter pontoon boat, then this is the recommended solution. The most common drawback associated with this anchor is that it is prone to shifting or moving, and not suited to larger pontoon boats.

3. Digger Anchor Marine Freshwater Boat Anchor

The Digger Anchor Marine Freshwater Boat Anchor is recognized as one of the most reliable of the dig-in style anchors for pontoon boats. It's valued for its ability to hold firmly even in strong currents. This anchor is heavy-duty and made of strong metal materials with zinc plating on the loops and eye hooks, and powder coated castings. This gives it reinforcement and strength. It is also weather-resistant. The fluke rids the water of weeds as it goes down and it instantly digs deep into the weeds. It holds your pontoon boat firmly in place. The release is made easy with a simple sudden and hard jerk on the rope.The anchor is resistant to rust and it is recommended for pontoon boats up to 30 feet in length, and other type vessels up to a length of 40 feet. The only real drawbacks associated with this anchor are the high price, and the lack of proper user instructions in the box.

2. Danforth S-600 Standard Anchor

The second most highly recommended anchors for pontoon boat use is the Danforth S-600 Standard. The anchor is made of strong materials with a galvanized coating. This makes it sturdy, and resistant to corrosion and rust. The anchor is lightweight, at just 9 pounds, but it is made with a shank design for maximum penetration of the bottom of the lake or river. It has tremendous holding power in areas with sand or mud bottoms. This anchor is intended for use on smaller pontoon boats. It's one of the more budget friendly pontoon boat anchors but on the downside, it may shake during shifts in the current or strong winds. It's not the best option when it comes to rock, grass, or gravel bottoms.

1. Extreme Max 3006.6560 BoatTector River Anchor

The number one most highly recommended boat anchor for pontoon boats is the Extreme Max BoatTector. It's best for use in lakes and ponds. The anchor earned a reputation for gripping hard and holding fast regardless of fast currents or strong winds. It's an ideal supplement to the primary anchor for larger pontoon boats. It's best for holding the stern fir when the wind is blowing hard. The anchor is heavier than most weighing about 30 pounds. The biggest drawback associated with the anchor is that it is a bit expensive, but I does the job. It's effective on hard bottom surfaces with rocks, as well as grassy or muddy bottom surfaces. It is constructed with a combination of weight and flukes to give it the amazing holding power that it has. It might be a little difficult to get the anchor to bite initially, but when it does, it holds the vessel firmly in place.

The Extreme Max Tector River Anchor is great for pontoon boats as well as other vessel types. It is an investment in reliability, maximum performance, and quality. Pontoon boat owners appreciate the additional safety factor that this boat anchor provides. You can find this anchor for approximately $72 online and it occasionally is featured in a sale event so you might even find it for less.The anchor represents a good value for the degree of reliability nd safety that it offers.That's why it's our number one choice.

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