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The Five Best Pontoon Boat Kits on the Market Today


Pontoon boats are some of the most versatile forms of water transports out there. Not only are pontoon boats more affordable cost-wise, they are also some of the most customizable. There are many ways to customize a pontoon boat. Many people opt to draw up their own designs and build their pontoon out DIY style. However, there’s a much easier way to deck out your pontoon, and that’s through the use of a ready-made pontoon boat kits. Most of these kits come in parts and will have to be put together by you. If you’re interested on how you can build out your pontoon boat, here are the five best pontoon boat kits on the market today.

1. U-Fab Standard Pontoon Boat Kit

U-Fab Boats is a Canadian boating manufacturer that specializes in custom boat kits. They service the global market, and they’ve been doing so since 1999. U-Fab’s Standard Pontoon Boat Kits are made with an aluminum/magnesium alloy. That’s resistant to corrosion from exposure to either fresh water or saltwater. Depending on what you’ll be using your pontoon boat for, you can choose from a variety of sizes. U-Fab’s pontoon boat kits can be customized as houseboats, utility boats, party boats, and so forth. The basic boat kit comes with everything you’ll need to build a flat deck on two aluminum pontoons. If you wish to build further customizations on your boat, you can order a specialized kit as desired. The U-Fab Standard Boat Kit is excellent together with U-Fab’s Work/Utility Kit. The end result is a heavy-duty utility boat that can be used to carry workers or supplies or both.

2. Perebo Mobile Houseboat Kit

German company Perebo offers a few customizations on a pontoon boat, but our favorite is the Mobile Houseboat Pontoon Kit. First off, there’s really nothing cooler than a houseboat. This particular pontoon boat kit has several main components that vary depending on the load capacity you want.

They can offer up to 5 pontoon hulls if needed. Perebo allows customers to order kit components individually or get everything as a package deal. Fortunately, Perebo can assist and provide you with any additional framework you might want to add to your pontoon. Just give them the dimensions and they’ll add the estimated cost to your kit. The space for the Houseboat Kit will allow you to customize as desired. You can finally get the houseboat of your dreams using Perebo’s pontoon boat kit.

3. Rettey Pontoon Boat Kit

If you just want a basic pontoon boat, your best option is the Rettey Pontoon Boat Kit from This innovative kit will give you everything you need to build a basic pontoon boat without any extra customizations needed. It’s also one of the most affordable complete kits you can find anywhere.

Rettey claims that it’ll only take several hours to complete this kit. If you can start building it today, you might be able to take it out on the water tomorrow. You can choose from several different sizes of pontoon boats and there are a few customizations when it comes to color, decking, and some material options. Otherwise, you can order the Rettey Pontoon Boat Kit with knowing that it will probably the least complicated build you’ll ever do in your life.

4. J’s Upper Deck Aluminum Deck Kit

If you already have a solid pontoon boat and you want to simply add a deck onto it, the only thing you’ll need is an aluminum deck kit from J’s Upper Deck. Located in Cornville, Arizona, the company has over 30 years in manufacturing experience. The upper deck kits come in 8 sizes, but the company will work with custom sizes as needed. What’s great about these deck kits is you can add as much flair as you want. You can cover half your pontoon or cover the entire length of your boat if desired.

You can add shade to your deck or leave it completely bare to serve as a sundeck. Upper platform decks add so much more room to any pontoon boat. This room can serve as extra seating area or simply as utility space—it’s totally up to you and your needs. J’s Upper Deck recently added slides to their kits. Imagine how much fun you can have in the water when you can slide down into it from the top of your deck. There’s just so much unlimited fun potential when you get a pontoon boat deck kit.

5. Perebo Leisure Boat Kit

When people hear pontoon boats, most think about fun and leisure—party pontoons. Perhaps that’s one of the best ways to enjoy a pontoon boat. We go back to German company Perebo to explore another pontoon boat kit, the Leisure Boat. The leisure boat can have 2 or 3 pontoon hulls depending on your need. They can be completely open or they can have a canopy. You’ll have to decide whether you want a fixed roof or a Bimini top—each one will have its own advantages.

You can also choose between a flat roof and a curved roof; this one is all up to preference. Any other details you might think of having, from a bathing ladder to railings or motor support, you’ll just have to let Perebo know. They’ll gladly add parts to your kit as you need. You’ll surely have fun putting together this Leisure Boat Kit, but the fun won’t end there. Once this kit is put together, you can be assured that you’ll have plenty of safe fun on a long-lasting pontoon boat. Given that this leisure pontoon is so wide open and spacious, you can totally live up to its name with as many fun people as it can hold.

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