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The Five Best Boston Whaler Boat Covers Money Can Buy

Boston Whaler

There’s a reason why seasoned and beginner boaters alike choose Boston Whalers. Boston Whalers are some of the most versatile boats you can have on the water, offering both recreational and commercial options and features. Boston Whalers have also become legendary over the years because of its unsinkable hull. They’re safe and meant to survive decades of use. Of course, that feature is helped much by how you take care of your boat. Boat care is a tedious process, but it can very much be sped up by the use of boat covers. Your Boston Whaler can last even longer with the use of one of the five best boat covers your money can buy.

1. Seal Skin Covers

If power is what you’re looking for in a boat cover, Seal Skin Covers will give you all the power you could ever need. For instance, the Seal Skin 1200 is made out of excellent 1200 denier polyester fabric polyester fabric. This Boston Whaler cover is designed to never shrink nor stretch. This is an important feature because you want your boat cover to always be as perfectly fitted and tight as possible. The strength and durability of this material will protect your boat from the worst the elements could throw your way—sun, rain, wind, or snow. It’s also worth noting that this boat cover is breathable. Because your Boston Whaler is constantly exposed to moisture, it’s also subject to mildew, mold, and musty odors. The breathability of Seal Skin Covers prevents the buildup of unwanted mildew. The company creates covers for a variety of Boston Whaler models, and they also provide a choice of colors between gray, navy blue, and ocean blue.

2. Storm Pro

Storm Pro provides water repellent covers for your Boston Whaler. It’s useful for all-weather protection, especially if you live in an area that experiences all the elements or if you keep your boat parked outdoors. Storm Pro Heavy Duty boat covers provide protection for UV rays, but they also serve as great covers for long-term storage. Many people make the mistake of leaving their Boston Whaler uncovered when stored in a garage. This still exposes your boat to dust and moisture in the air. The water repellent cover resists mildew no matter where you keep it. Storm Pro also comes with a support pole that’s designed to prevent water pooling in any part of the boat cover. This brand has a US-based customer service team and offers its buyers a five-year warranty. That warranty alone is enough to make us buy one of Storm Pro’s covers for Boston Whalers.

3. Carver Industries

You should only want the best boat cover for one of the best boats in the industry, and Carver Industries has been designing some of the best covers for Boston Whaler. The company has been creating many boat covers for the boat brand for many years now, and one of their most popular boat cover design is that made specifically for the Boston Whaler Montauk 17. The company offers a choice out of three fabrics, and one of these fabrics is the durable Performance Poly-Guard. If you choose this particular fabric, you’ll also get a five-year warranty along with it. The boat cover is not fitted; but it does feature double-reinforced tie down loops every 2-3 feet, which is more than enough to fit it perfectly to your Boston Whaler. Carver Industries is a trusted brand that manufactures all their products in the US. They even offer longer warranties if required.

4. Sunbrella

Perhaps no other boat cover company offers a wider range of Boston Whaler covers compared to Sunbrella. Every single Sunbrella can be custom-fitted to suit your particular boat, but in truth the company already makes so many Boston Whaler model-specific boat covers to suit your existing needs. All of Sunbrella’s covers are UV resistant and mildew resistant. These may be some of the more important features you’d want on your boat cover, but Sunbrella takes it just a step further. These boat covers protect so well from the sun that they’re actually endorsed by The Skin Cancer Foundation. You’d probably be hard-pressed to find a boat cover company that has that kind of endorsement. In addition to these incredible features, Sunbrella’s covers are also resistant to fading and rotting. This means that once you get a Sunbrella, you’ll likely not need another boat cover again—at least not until you upgrade your Boston Whaler to latest model. Sunbrella is made in the USA.

5. Taylor Made

Offering a wide variety of custom and semi-custom boat covers for Boston Whalers, Taylor Made is one of the industry’s best brands. Taylor Made products offer exceptional coverage for your boat—whether it’s on land or on water. All their products are mildew and mold-resistant. You can buy a Taylor Made designed specifically for your Boston Whaler model, or you may choose to buy a custom fit cover. This would be a good option if you have specifications on your Boston Whaler that are your own personalization and do not exist on other boats. One of Taylor Made’s best boat cover fabric is the Hot Shot. It’s breathable and designed for all types of climates. The Hot Shot is made with a 6. 25oz acrylic coated polyester. This cover offers the most variety of colors we’ve seen for boat covers: pacific blue, hunter green, cranberry, teal, navy, gray, and black. Another popular boat cover fabric is the Ultima, which is made out of 7oz urethane coated polyester. The Ultima is water, mildew, and UV resistant. Whichever one you choose will give you excellent protection, but the Ultima is Taylor Made’s best boat cover offering for Boston Whalers. Either way, you can't go wrong if your boat cover is Taylor Made.

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