A Closer Look at The Jeanneau NC 895 Sport

When you’re looking for a recreational boat for getting away from it all and relaxing, the new 2020 Jeanneau NC 895 Sport has a lot to offer. If you’re into a smaller craft, this model is a lot of fun packed into a mere 29 feet. Don’t let the length put you off. It’s a luxurious sport boat that is loaded with amenities. Here are 10 things about the 2020 Jeanneau NC 895 Sport that you probably didn’t know, but they might make you want to know more.

1. It’s an all-weather craft

The NC 895 is equipped with a fully enclosed cabin so you can get in from the weather when it’s windy or rainy. It’s designed for comfort aboard whether it’s cold outside or hot and humid. It’s rugged enough to endure all types of weather while you stay comfortable inside.

2. Large enough for a small party

The capacity of the NC 895 is 10 persons. It gives you ample deck room for guests to gather at various parts of the boat for rest and relaxation or sitting in the comfortable folding bench seats and enjoying the sunshine and breeze. There is a large opening sunroof in the salon that provides natural light in abundance and there are 4 to 5 berths depending on the configuration you choose.

3. It’s easy to board and debark

Getting on and off the boat is easy thanks to the access gate that is located on the starboard side of the boat. This makes it simple to dock in port and go ashore for excursions on land when you reach your destination and to board when it’s time to move on to the next port. Most of us have had experience with boats that are difficult to board. It can be scary for those who are new to the experience. Jeanneau engineers designed the access gate in a way that eliminates the need for jumping to bridge the gap between the boat and the dock.

4. It’s great for meal preparation

While you’re cruising you can prepare an entire meal for your guests in the galley. It’s equipped with a 17-gallon refrigerator to the starboard, a forward galley that features a built-in gas stove and sink and areas to prepare food to serve your guests. It’s fully self-contained so you can survive very well and in style on the supplies that you store in the fridge. If necessary there is more storage space under the pilot seat.

5. The sleeping quarters are comfortable

This boat has the capacity for sleeping up to 4 persons so it’s ideal for cruising on overnight trips or longer. You can order this boat in a variety of versions with 2 cabins and either 4 or 5 berths. The 2 staterooms each have doors for your privacy. Although the boat capacity is 10 persons, this refers to the areas for seating and walking around the deck. When it comes to overnight accommodations, the craft is designed for sleeping, 4 persons with dining accommodations for 4 at a time as well.

6. The showers are roomy

The NC 895 Sport features a shower for freshening up when you’re on an extended trip. What we found to be impressive about the shower space is that it is designed with 6 feet of headroom. Unless you’re taller than that, you won’t need to bend over to take a shower. The bathroom quarters are not huge, but they offer enough room for you to move around comfortably to attend to issues of hygiene.

7. You can alter the configuration

The cockpit comes with a sliding bench seat that allows the outboard engines to tilt clear of the water. There is also optional seating and space here to place an alfresco table. This is perfect for guests who want to visit over a glass of wine or a snack. There are a lot of ways that you can utilize the spaces to create setups that maximize the potential for entertaining guests.

8. There is room for four at the dinner table

There is a compact galley in the pilothouse. This area features a dinette with four seats for casual dining for up to 4. The forward seat in the pilothouse converts into a companion seat while the craft is cruising so you can sit with the pilot of the boat when the dinette is not in use. This makes the Jeanneau NC 895 Sport the ideal boat for a family of 4 or for cruising with 2 couples.

9. It’s powered with 2 engines

The Jeanneau NC 895 Sport is equipped with 2 engines that give it the power necessary to cruise at a comfortable speed. When you place your order you have the choice of 2 Yamaha engines that are each rated with either 200 horsepower, or the more powerful versions of 250 horsepower for a total of either 400 or 500 horsepower. The fuel capacity is 158 gallons and there is storage for potable water up to 26 gallons, along with a holding tank capacity of 26 gallons.

10. The Jeanneau NC 895 Sport is a dual-purpose craft

Although the NC 895 Sport is an ideal recreational boat for cruising and relaxing, it is capable of much more. The craft is also loaded with other amenities that make it great for use as a fishing boat. It’s equipped with a lived bait tank and 7 rod holders on the roof. It can either be used for leisure or for fishing, but if you prefer, it can be used for both at the same time. If you’re into water sports there is also room to store kayaks, paddles, and other types of recreational equipment. This is a versatile boat that is loaded with features that makes it a good choice for sportsmen as well as anyone who just loves leisure cruising.

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