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10 Great Options to Buy a Used Boat Online


When it comes to opportunities to engage in recreational activities, one of the all-time favorites tends to include spending time in the water. Aside from swimming, there is also boating, jet skiing, and riding Seadoos that continue to be among the primary reasons why people choose beachfront properties and lake resorts as the ultimate vacation destination. The experience is even better when one happens to be a boat owner that can do more than just access the shore of some lake, river, sea, or ocean. If one happens to be in the market to purchase a boat, one of the best options to go about buying one is to do the research online and find out where you can either buy a new or used boat online. While buying a brand new boat nobody has ever used before is simple enough, when it comes to buying a used boat online this is now another matter. Brand new boats come with warranties some used boats won't, especially when it is a private sale between the buyer and the seller. When dealerships are involved, sometimes there will be some kind of warranty to go with the used boat purchase, especially if it's still a relatively new model. Sometimes, there are boat owners who trade in their watercraft just often as annually trading in their automobile, which means there still may be some warranty left on it that hasn't been used up yet.

1. Boat Finder

Before buying anything online no matter what it is, doing as much research as you can before spending your money on it is the best move you can possibly make. If there is a specific brand and model of boat you're interested in, scour the internet's resources of review sites that are proven to be trustworthy, like This site also has a Boat Finder page that will want to determine what sort of boating activities you prefer before finding out what is your spending allowance. From there, it's all about the size, the makes, the models, and who happens to have what and where. This is a favorite site to find used boats online for a reason.

2. Boat Quest

Boat Quest is nothing short of awesome as a great online resource to learn more about whatever watercraft it is you happen to be interested in as a buyer. If you don't know exactly what you want, the search options can help you narrow things down. If you have a set price range in mind, this alone will make a big difference to find out what will your spending dollar allow you to buy. Another great feature of this site is the opportunity to go over reviews by people who have personally experienced all the ups and downs of a boat they either owned or rented.

3. Boat Test

With Boat Test, you have access to quality reviews, as well as opportunities to track down a used boat that best suits your needs as a buyer. A site like this won't list any type of watercraft without knowing at least a thing or two about it. This is great for someone who wants to make an informed decision before parting with any kind of money to make a purchase.

4. Boat Trader

Boat Trader is just like Auto Trader but has a specified niche in the world of watercraft. Right off the bat, the ball is in your court to narrow down your search perimeters so you can find the right boat for you, for the money.

5. Craigslist

Craigslist has become a favorite online resource for buyers and sellers for a very good reason. When it comes to finding a used boat online, especially in your neck of the woods, this is the place to go. You have the option to choose between a private seller and a dealership. As always, do some research first before spending your money. Don't just research the boat. Also, research the seller as sometimes they have reviews from previous customers who've dealt with them.

6. Kijiji

Kijiji is an online classified site that connects buyers and sellers together through its multitude of listings. Region for region, Kijiji lets buyers decide how much are they willing to spend on a boat, as well as any desired makes and models that suit their fancy. Private sellers and dealerships tend to put a listing on Kijiji in addition to other related sites, like Craigslist, as they know it is one of the most popular online classified sites there is. Again, it is highly advised to research the boat you're looking at, as well as the seller if possible. Read the reviews and find out as much as you can before directly dealing with whoever it is you intend to buy the boat from.

7. Soundings Online

Soundings Online is a review site that also has a listing of used boats for buyers to look over should they be in the market for one. This is actually a subscription site that does more than simply review boats. It has a classified section that takes you to a page that will have used boats, as well as whatever gear you need in order to make the most out of your watercraft ownership. If you're serious about owning a boat and want to stay in touch with any boating-related news, Soundings Online is a worthy enough site to help you do that.

8. SpinSheet Chesapeake Bay Sailing

Although the location of SpinSheet is located in Annapolis, Maryland, their website is a great source of information to learn more about some of the boats that might be of interest to you as a buyer. It really is about doing the research first before deciding to spend the money on something you intend to use as your own. The site offers a great listing of used boats you can view as you hunt down the right one that's perfectly priced for you.

9. Top Boats

On the landing page, Top Boats first offers the option to narrow down your search as a potential buyer of watercraft. This is a great site that offers a big roster of boats that may have something of interest for you listed at a location not too far from where you live. If you happen to live outside the United States, not a problem. This site has listings catering to buyers and sellers on a global scale, much like the majority of the best online buyer and seller sites on the internet.

10. Yacht World

Consistently mentioned among review sites as one of the best online options to hunt down and find that perfect boat is Yacht World. If you know exactly what it is you're looking for, this is the site to go to figure out if anybody has one that's just right for you. Should you be simply in browsing mode, the ability to narrow down the search so you can at least eyeball the favorite options might be enough to elevate your interest into buying mode.

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