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The 10 Most Expensive Cigarette Boats in the World

2022 Cigarette 59 TIRRANNA

Cigarette boats are among the most powerful watercraft in the world. They're designed for competition racing events. They have an interesting past in history. Cigarette boats were once used during prohibition to run rum from distributors to paying customers. The smugglers needed a sleek and fast boat to outrun local authorities. Cigarette boats are still in style, but for a much different reason.

They're currently used for rating competitions and for boaters who enjoy the feel of speed. Engineers have put a lot of thought and effort into designs for bespoke models with price tags that are often prohibitive. We've put together a list of the ten most expensive cigarette boats in the world for your enjoyment and consideration.

2006 Cigarette Rough Rider

10. 2006 Cigarette Rough Rider Price: $229,000

Even in the used condition the Cigarette Rough Rider still fetches a handsome price of nearly $230,000. The length of the speedy craft is 46 ft with an 8 ft width and a V-bottom hull. It's powered with twin 925 horsepower Zul Racing engines with a Mercury Racing dry sum No 6 with Hering five-blade propellers. The top speed is 86 mph.

2010 Cigarette 46 Rider XP

9. 2010 Cigarette 46 Rider XP Price: $302,614

The 2010 Cigarette 46 Rider XP is an older model but it is still one of the most expensive watercraft made by the boatbuilder. The XP has a deck length of 45.93 ft and a maximum speed of 80 knots. It operates on gas fuel. Amazingly there are still several of these models for sale on the used boat and yacht market. This is a high-performance Cigarette boat that is known for its speed and versatile handling.

Mercedes-AMG Cigarette 41-ft Nighthawk AMG Black Series

8. Mercedes-AMG Cigarette 41-ft Nighthawk AMG Black Series Price: $325,000

The Nighthawk is one of the newest models released by Mercedes-AMG for 2021. This beauty is inspired by many of the design elements of the GT Black Seris sports car. It's equipped with five 4.6-liter V8 Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines. This sleek and capable cigarette boat achieves a top speed of 90 miles per hour when you turn her loose on the open water.

2009 Cigarette Grand Sport 49

7. 2009 Cigarette Grand Sport 49 Price: $432,306

The Cigarette Grand Sport 49 is a 5 9.54 ft vessel classified as a sports cruiser for making fast time in between the islands. It's diesel-powered with a composite hull. This sleek speed boat has a top speed of 100 mph.

2020 Cigarette 39 GTS

6. 2020 Cigarette 39 GTS Price: $600,000

This model is a 39 ft version of the famed Cigarette boat with a fiberglass hull, powered with three Mercury 400R racing motors. A few of the best features of this boat include a hardtop design that grants passengers a 180-degree panoramic view. The windshield features aircraft styling with a hard coat applied. The GTS offers lounger seating with Garmin chart plotters and a multi-function seat at the helm for the ultimate in control, convenience, and comfort for the pilot.

2020 Cigarette 42 ft GTO Reserve

5. 2020 Cigarette 42 ft GTO Reserve Price: $799,900

This is a 42 ft version of the Cigarette boat with the driving dynamics of the Huntress and exceptional maneuvering capability in rough water. It features an open enter console in the deck design with tall hull sides to keep the ocean spray on the outside. The hull is made of composite materials. It's powered by Quintuple or quad Mercury 350 Verados or Mercury Racing 400 Verados with a deep Vee hull for cutting through the water smoothly. The 180-degree panoramic view is a luxury feature that makes it feel more like a yacht.

2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Cigarette Boat

4. 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Cigarette Boat Price: $1.2 Million

Mercedes-Benz developed the SLS AMG Cigarette Boat model in 2010. The boat measures 46 feet and has an engine that claims 1,350 horsepower. The maximum speed of this sleek and flashy speed demon is 117 knots or 134.6 mph. Its average cruising speed is 95.6 knots/110 mph. It's a fast boat for those with a need for speed and a pocket full of cash they don't mind parting with. Mercedes equipped it with a Mercury racing twin-turbocharged, quad-cam 4-valve engine that runs on 92 Octane pump gas.

2020 Cigarette 42 Huntress

3. 2020 Cigarette 42 Huntress Price: $1,211,186

The Huntress is a model that merges performance with entertainment with a luxury cabin and deck that doe not sacrifice its capacity for speed. It's powered by quintuple or quad Mercury 350 Verados or Mercury Racing 400 Verados, features a twin-step deep-vee hull made of composite materials, and accelerates rather quickly. The interior is designed for lounging in yacht-like luxury with a walk-around deck and numerous amenities.

2020 Cigarette 50 ft Marauder GTS

2. 2020 Cigarette 50 ft Marauder GTS Price:$1.8 Million

The 50 ft Marauder GTS is a collaborative effort between Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing It's based on the 2016 road car, the Mercedes AMG GT S 2016. This is a Deep Vee hull made of composite materials. It's powered by two Mercury Racing 1550 horsepower engines with a top speed that exceeds 135 mph. Older versions of the boat are selling in used condition for up to $990,000.

2022 Cigarette 59 TIRRANNA

1. 2022 Cigarette 59 TIRRANNA Price: $3,890,000

The 59 Tirranna is now accepting reservations from its sales headquarters in Bremerhaven, Germany. It's a 62 ft Cigarette boat that is all-new for the 2022 model year. This version is not available for sale to United States residents while in US Waters. It's a motor yacht class craft that features a fiberglass Deep Vee hull and a total length of 62.43 feet. The estimated delivery time is between 15 to 20 months if you're interested in a 2023 edition of the boat. It supersedes the cost of its predecessor the 2021 model of the 59 Tirranna by $890,000.

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